Is Regency Furniture Good Quality? (Explained For Beginners)

Regency Furniture Good Quality

Regency Furniture designs and delivers stylish furniture to its customers at an affordable price.

But are customers getting value for money?

Despite offering quality and functional pieces, some Regency Furniture customers complain about some issues with their furniture. This begs the question, is Regency Furniture the ideal place to buy your items?

Is Regency Furniture good quality?

Regency Furniture enables customers to buy beautiful furniture while making great savings. The quality is generally good. However, there have been issues with the items falling apart or breaking a few weeks or months after purchasing.

If you plan to buy items from Regency Furniture, here’s what to expect.

With this information, you can decide whether spending your furniture at this store is worth it.

Common Problems With Regency Furniture: What Do The Reviews Say?

To know whether Regency furniture is ideal for you, you need to know the common problems other customers have.

However, when looking at these reviews, you need to remember that each customer has different experiences. While this is the case, some problems are pretty common for most customers.

These issues make it easy for customers to know what to avoid when shopping for furniture pieces.

We’ve checked online reviews on Regency Furniture:

  • Yelp
  • Consumer Affairs

We found 57 reviews on Yelp from customers who have bought furniture from Regency and 74 reviews on Consumer Affairs. On average, the customers rate Regency Furniture 2/5 stars.

This rating is relatively low for a brand that claims to sell quality pieces.

Let’s look at the most common problems people encounter with Regency Furniture.

Furniture Breaking Too Fast

When customers buy furniture, they expect it to last. However, one of the most common problems with Regency Furniture is that some of the pieces fall apart even before the warranty period expires.

This is a bad reputation for a company that offers stylish and quality pieces.

Customers are advised to contact the customer service team when their furniture gets damaged. They have technicians responsible for fixing these problems; therefore, they can even send someone to your home.


Another common issue with Regency Furniture is delaying, especially when delivering products to customers.

When you order an item, the store gives you a delivery date to get the furniture to your home. However, Regency Furniture is known to have delivery delays that inconvenience most customers.

However, amidst these problems, the company delivers some pieces on time. If your furniture is running late, you can reach out to the store to follow up. 

Poor Customer Service

Customers report that Regency Furniture has poor customer service. Based on the reviews, staff has a reputation of being rude, unprofessional, and unorganized.

While some clients have experienced good customer service, a majority could not get the necessary assistance from the Regency Furniture employees.

Due to poor customer service, some buyers had delivery delays could not get their refunds or follow up on their order status.

How Well Do Regency Furniture Items Hold Their Value?

Most pieces from Regency Furniture will keep their value when taken care of. However, as the furniture ages, it starts losing its value.

Therefore, when buying furniture from this store, it’s essential to get items that are designed well to last long.

Tips For Buying Regency Furniture Products

Although Regency Furniture has a bad rap, there are still some good things about the company. The negative experiences should not discourage you from buying some of their stylish pieces.

To find the best quality, you have to visit their stores or check their website. The staff can advise on the best pieces for your home.

If you are unsure about where to start, here are some great tips to get you started when shopping at Regency Furniture.

Target the Discounts and Offers

Shopping at Regency Furniture comes with the best deals. Some of their furniture has discounts up to 80% off. Buying your furniture during this time saves you money.

In addition, furniture prices fluctuate throughout the year. For instance, Regency Furniture has offered such as Winter Sale on some of their pieces. Take advantage of these discounts to buy quality items at a good price.

Regency Furniture also offers financing deals starting at $12 per month for customers who need a boost to purchase some of their products.

Before buying any item, take time to research or ask whether there are discounts.

Check Customer Reviews

When purchasing Regency Furniture, the other technique you can use is to check customer reviews.

Customer reviews provide first-hand experiences about products that come in handy so that you can know what to avoid.

You’ll easily get information about the items and their quality just by checking the comments. However, keep in mind that all experiences are not the same.

Check For Quality

One of the most important tips is to check the quality of your products. Regency Furniture has a wide variety of items for your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Therefore, the quality should align with the budget.

You can check for quality by knowing what the item is made of. This way, you can avoid pieces designed using poor material.

In addition, quality items will last for longer and will not have breakage issues. Therefore, if the item is delivered broken, it’s advisable to return it to the store immediately.

Always go for the best quality, even if it’s costly.

Final Thoughts

All companies make mistakes. Regency Furniture is no different. While the furniture brand has low ratings, you have to check the positives. Some of their items are of excellent quality and are affordable.

If you still need more convincing, purchase some items from Regency Furniture for first-hand experience.

Although there are multiple negative reviews, customers should take advantage of the offers and discounts offered by Regency Furniture.

However, you have to be smart about it. Look out for quality and avoid pieces that have poor recommendations. These tips will help you find the best furniture for your home.

Good luck!


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