Can You Recycle Kleenex Boxes? (6 Helpful Tips)

Recycle Kleenex Boxes

Since I was a kid, Kleenex has been part of my life, and now my growing family relies on it daily. In fact, I am not the only one who is delighted by Kleenex’s soft paper towels and facial tissue. Yep, there are over 179.79 million of us in the USA who use Kleenex products.  

But as an environmentalist, I find it difficult throwing away used Kleenex boxes, so I tried out recycling them. I was successful, and they are actually recyclable; you only need to find ways of repurposing them.

Walk with me on this amazing journey to find more ways to recycle Kleenex boxes. 

Why Are Kleenex Boxes So Common in Dumpsters?

With a market share of 47.1%, there is no doubt at least one in every two households in the USA uses Kleenex products. This translates to more boxes being disposed of; that is why they are so common in dumpsters. 

Is it Hard to Recycle Kleenex Boxes at Home? 

No, you can either reuse or flatten the box and place it in your recycling bin, or a blue transparent bag. According to Kleenex, most recycling facilities will accept them. 

7 Unique Ways of Recycling Kleenex Boxes

A simple Kleenex box can be ingeniously transformed in many different ways to improve your home. Here is how;

1. Create garbage bags dispensers 

It is difficult organizing 200 plus garbage bags so that when I pull out one, it comes out smoothly, leaving the rest intact.

But last week, I took the rollout of its packaging and placed it in a used Kleenex box. Now the bags come out neatly, and it is easier to find the tear marks. 

2. Transform Kleenex boxes into art 

I am not a fan of art, but my beautiful seven-year-old daughter is, and she has just taught me how to use Kleenex boxes for drawing. 

Find a nice Kleenex box, using a sharp box cutter, make a nice cut along the edges, and there you have a flat surface to transform into art. 

3. Use those pretty designs on Kleenex boxes to make a paper collage

For this, collect several Kleenex boxes with various designs and cut them into different shapes. 

Take a canvas board or a sheet of paper, lightly apply glue on one side and start sticking the cut pieces on the surface. You can reshape or resize each piece to prevent overlaps and develop a detailed paper collage. 

Feel free to sketch down an outline of the shape you are looking for before applying glue.

4. Transform the box into a sewing machine’s trash bins 

I recently solved the problem of small pieces of fabrics and thread messing up my work area when sewing using an empty Kleenex box. 

Start by removing the box’s top cover to form some sort of open container and throw in scraps of fabrics you won’t be using.

Empty the full box into a trash can and reuse it again. 

5. Make washroom tissue dispenser 

So far, this is the coolest Kleenex box hack that you will love to do again and again. It is simple; carefully undo the top side of the box, unwrap the tissue, and remove its core.

Because the core is a bit difficult to remove, try inserting a small utility knife in between the layer of tissue adjacent to the core and the core itself and gently separate them. Finish off by pulling out the core. 

Slip the roll into the box, pull out the tissue paper from the center, and then through the box’s opening. Take the box and place it somewhere in the bathroom, where you can easily access the tissue. 

6. Come up with stunning kitchen organizers 

Cut and remove the top of the box and use it to store drinking straws or plastic bags. It is also useful when organizing silverware drawers. 

Find several small Kleenex boxes that will fit in your drawer, remove the top and use them to organize the silverware drawer. You may put spoons in one, forks in the other, and butter knives in the third box. 

7. Convert colorful boxes into kids mailboxes 

We can argue that mails are slowly fading away, but nothing can replace the dopamine rush caused by opening a mailed lovely card. Let your kids feel the same by creating a mini-mailbox from used Kleenex boxes. 

Take a beautiful box, cut out a small door that will be used to access mail, and a narrow slit at the top. Tape down every other opening, especially along the edges leaving the door and the top slit open.

You may also tape down a small piece of paper with your kids’ contact details on the box. 

Gift it to them and occasionally write down motivating messages on cards and drop them in the box. 

Can I Use Kleenex Boxes in Gardening?

Why not? Kleenex boxes can be composted. However, remove the thin plastic film they always come with because it is harmful to plants and doesn’t decompose in natural conditions. 

Use the homemade manure to enrich patio or terrace gardens

You may also shred the boxes and use them as mulch in summer. They are good at retaining water and preventing the soil from drying out. 

Importance of Recycling and Reusing Kleenex Boxes 

Recycling boxes are not a magic cure for all our environmental woes, but it certainly plays a significant role. 

Conserves forests 

We protect more than 17 trees from the ruthless pulping industry for every tone of Kleenex boxes we recycle. 

Saves energy 

Recycling one pound of boxes saves almost 2kW of electricity. 

Reduces pollution and global warming

Cardboards and boxes sent to landfills produce methane as they decompose. Methane is notorious for causing global warming by absorbing and retaining the sun’s heat. 

Likewise, we can reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide, which is majorly from paper mills, if we embrace Kleenex box recycling. Sulfur dioxide reacts with rainwater to form acid rain, polluting the environment and killing living organisms below. 

Reduces the cost of managing landfills 

We are known for being serial waste generators and oblivious to the over $200 billion the USA government spends on waste management. But, if we cumulatively recycle Kleenex boxes, the positive effect will be far-reaching. 

Bottom Line 

Kleenex boxes are recyclable through simple DIY projects and using them in gardening. Let us know about your next Kleenex DIY project in the comment section; we would love to hear from you and probably see your creations!


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