Is Raymour And Flanigan Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Raymour And Flanigan Furniture

Here is the problem with the furniture. Going for famously luxurious brands will cost you a fortune. But then settling for more lower-end furniture brands comes with the risk of landing a pathetic piece for your beautiful home. Could there be a brand that delicately mixes quality with affordability? Yes, Raymour and Flanigan furniture ticks both boxes.

Raymour and Flanigan presents some of the most competitively priced furniture pieces with inviting discounts. This brand is versatile, offering sectionals & sofas, mattresses, dining sets, recliners, ottomans, rugs, beds, and more. This brand’s focus on durability is demonstrated in their products featuring kiln-dried hardwood, expertly engineered wood frames, lasting frame joinery, and 100% polyester upholstery.

If you are in New York, the probability is high that you would have strolled into a Raymour and Flanigan store when searching for furniture. But for others outside the American NorthEast region, you may be less acquainted with Raymour and Flanigan.

Therefore, you could be understandably curious. What types and styles does this brand have? Do their products last? Are they even comfortable or a pain to use?

Let us answer all these questions about Raymour and Flanigan.

Who makes Raymour and Flanigan furniture and where?

Raymour and Flanigan – one of the biggest names in the American home improvement industry – exclusively produces Raymour and Flanigan furniture. 

Founded in 1947 in Syracuse, N.Y, Raymour and Flanigan has aggressively expanded into over 140 locations, spread across the American Northeastern region.

Specifically, Raymour and Flanigan stores are distributed through seven American states, including major outlets in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

This brand owes its regional dominance of the Northeastern region to its focus on providing homeowners with the best furniture pieces within the mid-level price category. 

What types and styles of furniture do Raymour and Flanigan offer?

Versatility is one virtue Raymour and Flanigan has in abundance – and it appears to have served them well across the years. 

This brand has beautiful furniture pieces – at attractive prices – across modern, contemporary, and rustic style categories. 

The types of furniture this brand offers are equally diverse. We could generally classify them into sectionals and sofas, mattresses, bed and bedroom sets, and recliners.

Let us talk about them briefly.

Raymour and Flanigan sectionals & sofas

Raymor and Flanigan offers an extensive array of sofas and sectionals. Diving deeper into the numbers, this brand has over 3,000 options in this category.

Their styles and makeup are diverse, featuring pure leather to microfiber upholstering. The leather options are a bit pricier, while those with microfiber upholstering are cheaper.  

Raymour and Flanigan Beds & Bedroom Sets

In this category, this brand offer over a thousand lovable options. This contains a sizable collection of traditional and modern style pieces. We also love the rustic wooden options Raymor and Flanigan has.

Raymour and Flanigan Recliners

It is easy to be overwhelmed with this brand’s wide variety of recliners. Here, Raymour and Flanigan offers over 400 stain-resistant styles. 

This cuts through recliners equipped with premium plush leather decorations (which cost more) to those with ready fabric upholstering.

Raymour and Flanigan Mattresses

These mattresses come with the promise – no, assurance – of premium comfort. On Raymour and Flanigan, you can also shop from more renowned mattress brands like Beautyrest, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic.

These pieces are equipped with the finest technological innovations, including Purple® Mattress’ proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer® gel technology and Beautyrest’s BlackICE™ 4.0 Technology. 

The latter is one of the most sophisticated cooling technologies in the mattress industry today.  

Are Raymour and Flanigan furniture durable? 

Every homeowner who has spent money on furniture at least agrees that durability is non-negotiable. Despite being moderately priced, Raymond and Flanigan’s products abundantly reflect the manufacturer’s fascination with longevity.

Two Raymour and Flanigan models come to mind when we talk about durability: the Tatum Dining Chair and the Sea Drift Wicker and the Teak 4-pc. Outdoor Seating Set.

The Tatum dining chair is fortified with stain-resistant 100% polyester upholstery. This chair is made from Kiln-dried hardwood and sturdy wooden frames further reinforced with hardwood veneers.

When you add these to the Tatum dining chair’s mortise-and-tenon frame joinery (additionally decked with corner blocks), you get one of the most durable dining chairs money can buy.

Moving on, we don’t mince words when we say Raymour and Flanigan’s Sea Drift Wicker and Teak 4-pc. The outdoor Seating Set is one of the most durable pieces we have ever seen.

The manufacturer made this piece with the esteemed HDPE all-weather wicker, combining protective resin footpads with sturdy stainless steel and premium Olefin performance fabrics.

Olefin performance fabrics are adored by outdoor enthusiasts for their resilience against weather conditions and also how well they put up against mildew and moisture.

Furthermore, this Sea Drift Wicker and Teak 4-pc. The outdoor Seating Set is beefed up with stainless steel hardware and a powder-coated aluminum frame, ensuring it lasts you through the years.

Are Raymour and Flanigan furniture comfortable?

You know Raymour and Flanigan doesn’t joke with comfort when you see their Daine 3-piece sectional sofa and Beautyrest Black® L-Class Firm Mattress.

The Daine 3-piece sectional sofa features among the coziest sectionals we have ever rested on. We were particularly thrilled with its sinuous spring seat support.

This heavy-duty 8.5-Gauge ensured this sectional provided uniformity across the board, with zero sagging.

Of course, we would not forget the Dacron® wrapped foam cushions for this sectional struts. Specifically boasting a 1.8-lb. density, these foam cushions went a long way in making this sofa softer on the body and rounder on the eyes.

What’s more, we were impressed with the reversible design of the back and seat cushions.

We can’t talk about how comfortable Raymour and Flanigan furniture is without mentioning the Beautyrest Black® L-Class Firm Mattress we found in Raymour and Flanigan’s store.

This is, by far, one of the most luxurious mattresses we have tested. This mattress is enhanced with the famed T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology. 

Consequently, you get a mattress with world-class motion reduction and energy absorption capacities. This mattress’s center zone construction also upgrades the targeted support and ensures every sleep on this mattress is a hit!

How much do Raymour and Flanigan furniture cost?

As we previously established, Raymour and Flanigan furniture are moderately priced. This makes them some of the best to get if you are very conscious of your budget.

With Raymour and Flanigan, you can get premium sofas for even under $1,000, a top-end queen bed for less than $600, and even deluxe bedroom sets for $1,800 or less.

Believe us when we say this is rare for the quality these products are brandished.

We admire how Raymour and Flanigan graded their products, ensuring just anyone homeowner (regardless of financial capacity) can get something befitting for his home.

The sofas we saw on Raymor and Flanigan ranged from $369 – $7,300. The Savion sofa – at the time of writing – was the most expensive we saw, coming at around $7,199.95.

The love sectional sofas range from $449.95 to $18,260.95. Also, the dining sets had a price range of $259.67 to $8,230.

Does Raymour and Flanigan furniture have warranty cover?

Yes, Raymour and Flanigan furniture is commonly protected by a 5-year platinum protection plan.

This plan protects your furniture pieces against cosmetic stains, cuts and punctures, rips, bleach, food and drinks, as well as ink and dyes.

Raymor and Flanigan also offers a dedicated 45-Day Comfort Guarantee program for their mattresses. 

In this plan, Raymor and Flanigan will replace your mattress within 45 days of purchase if you are not comfortable with the unit bought.


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