Are Rainbow Vacuums Worth It? (Explained for Beginners)

Cleaning Floor With Rainrow acuum Cleaner

I can remember my parents using a different version of Rainbow vacuums than the one I use today. The brand had been around for more than a century. It continues to manufacture quality albeit pricey vacuums. But are they worth the hefty price tag?

In essence, Rainbow vacuums are worth every extra coin I have to pay over other brands. The company strives to maintain good quality, durability, and top-notch filtration systems. In fact, it’s among the only few who choose to use water filtration in vacuum cleaners.

In this article, we get to explore more about Rainbow vacuums and what makes them so great. 

Who Makes Rainbow Vacuums?

Imagine a company that has managed to remain at the top of the cleaning game for almost a century. That’s Rexair LLC, the owner of the Rainbow Cleaning System.

You know they use the water filtration system for anyone who’s come across these exceptional machines. 

This is quite a famous brand in many countries where the bagless vacuum cleaner is appreciated. In the 1920s, John W. Newcombe came up with the unique concept—separator. It’s a cleaning device that separates the particulates and dust from the air. 

The idea was quite exceptional that Leslie H. Green joined John and founded Rexair LLC. Even though this was during the Great Depression, Rexair began perfecting and manufacturing the Rexair cleaner. 

By the 1930s, the vacuum cleaner was quite popular in the US for its water filtration system. Many people suffering from allergies in springtime found it quite effective while cleaning. Later, in 1955, the much sleeker and well-designed Rainbow vacuum brand emerged. 

Today, the company continues to manufacture top-quality Rainbow vacuums that are quite powerful. These units still use an effective water filtration system for enhanced cleaning capabilities. 

How Do I Use My New Rainbow Vacuum?

Unlike many other vacuum cleaners in the market, Rainbow vacuums don’t require a bag. Instead, you have to use water for the filtration system to work effectively. Basically, when you purchase your first Rainbow vacuum, it’s essential to read the manual. 

I had to go through it and check out some videos online. However, reading took me so far. I had to apply what I learned to the machine to master how it works. 

1. Assemble the Vacuum

The first thing to do is unwrap your vacuum, put all the pieces together and see if everything is in order. Only by putting it together in the right way can you effectively use it to clean your space. 

2. Fill the Basin with Water

Every Rainbow vacuum has a basin that you have to fill with water before starting cleaning. Ensure to check for any markings on the basin indicating where the water level should be. 

3. Choose Hose Attachment

The Rainbow vacuum has different hose attachments. Each hose serves a different purpose, so you have to pick the right one depending on what you want to clean. 

4. Plug-In and Clean

After all the pieces are set, and the water basin is in place, plug the vacuum cleaner in and clean. The water will change color as the cleaner gets rid of the dust and other particles. 

Is It Safe To Use Bleach on My Rainbow Vacuum?

I’ve always cherished using my Rainbow vacuum to clean different areas of my home. But, let me save you from a costly mistake I made. While you can add some detergents and other things to the water, never add bleach.

Yes, bleach is an effective cleaner that leaves your home smelling fresh. But, it’s not safe to use on a Rainbow vacuum.

Bleach tends to be corrosive and can damage the water basin after some time. In addition, breathing in lots of bleach fumes is harmful to your health. 

Can I Use Softener in My Rainbow Vacuum?

Water-based softeners and other detergents are safe to use in a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. The fragrances leave your home smelling wonderful as you clean. 

In addition, you can also add carpet shampoo and other water-based detergents to the water for efficient results. 

Pros and Cons of Rainbow Vacuums

Every device has its strengths and shortcomings, and the Rainbow vacuums are no exception. 

Below are some of the pros and cons I’ve observed while using this device all these years. 


Practical Device

With many vacuum cleaners, you have to purchase bags to hold the dust and particles as you clean. But, the Rainbow vacuums eliminate the need to use bags. Instead, the device relies on a water filtration system. 

Simple to Use

All I have to do is add water to my Rainbow vacuum, some detergent, and a softener. Once that’s in, I plug my vacuum in and start cleaning. It’s such a simple machine to use. 

Easy to Clean

After I finished vacuuming my home, the next step was to remove the water basin and dispose of the dirty water. The water basin is simple to clean using some soap, a simple brush, and clean water. 


I’ve had my Rainbow vacuum for 5 years now. The previous one was around for more than a decade before I upgraded. 

It’s not all hype when you hear that Rainbow vacuums are durable. Rexair LLC has been making top-quality cleaning units since the 1920s. 


Using plastic bags on a vacuum cleaner isn’t environmentally friendly. But, with the Rainbow vacuum, I can eliminate using these bags responsible for land pollution. 


High Price Tag

Rainbow vacuums aren’t cheap. In fact, these are some of the most expensive cleaning machines in the market today. 

You might have to part with $1500 to $3000 for a new unit. 

Heavy Vacuums

For good quality, you have to contend with a heavy cleaning unit. After adding the water to the basin, the Rainbow vacuum is heavier. So, be ready to put your back into it if you need to lift the vacuum. 

Can I Take Apart My Rainbow Vacuum to Clean It?

Everything gets dirty and requires some cleaning, including the Rainbow vacuum. The excellent news is you can get a technician to take it apart to clean it. Different parts are essential for the unit to run effectively.

You have to take three parts apart when you need to clean the vacuum. These parts are:

  • HEPA Neutralizer Filtration
  • Water Bath Filtration
  • Motor

The cleaner will start by unplugging the unit then commence taking the different parts apart. Once they complete cleaning, they reassemble it, test and leave you to use it again. 

How Long Do Rainbow Vacuums Last?

Rainbow vacuums are durable and strong devices that you can use to clean your space. Before buying a new one 5 years ago, I had another one I’d used for more than a decade. In essence, a quality Rainbow vacuum can last 2 to 3 decades. 

However, the longevity of the device depends on how you use it. Ensure always to read and follow the guide if you want the cleaning unit to last long. Failure to do so might cause you to replace it quickly, which is quite costly. 

Final Takeaway

Rainbow vacuums are a priced possession to many people like me who love a clean home. 

I trust the brand because it’s survived the test of time and not compromised on quality. Frankly, Rexair continues to produce revolutionary designs that are pretty effective. 



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