ProPress vs. Solder: 7 Facts to Consider (Before You Buy)

ProPress vs. Solder

A modern installing piping system has proven integral to improving construction and renovation processes. Many contractors and plumbers are used to the traditional soldering system. 

Yes, there are benefits to using the soldering system. Still, more modern methods have emerged, with the ProPress system now showing off various advantages. 

The ProPress system is a modern method of plumbing using recyclable materials, saving time and manpower but is expensive. The Solder style uses conventional methods, including fire, to work. Its cheap tools are good, but it comes with health hazard risks.

This article will compare both methods to help you make an informed decision before proceeding to the market.

7 Facts to Consider between ProPress and Solder

Time Constraints

Using the Solder system requires that the entire system is drained completely, and the plumber waits till it’s dried before any work can be done. If the plumbing work is on a large installation, it could take an entire day before work is done. 

With the ProPress system, there is no need for complete draining and drying. A tiny area around the part that needs work can be dried out, and work goes on immediately.

If your work needs less timing, the ProPress could be your preferred option since you do not need to drain the entire pipe to get the job done. 

Recyclable Materials

The ProPress is typically a press-fit system, where the materials used are 40% recyclable. The Solder conventional method requires a soldering torch with flux to work on a pipe joint. 

All the materials are usually not recyclable. Once they are spoilt beyond repair, you’d have to get another set that is not environmentally friendly. Most times, plumbers will have to adjust to their current tools, as they may not find the same in the market to buy any longer. 

This could pose operational inefficiency in your work.


If you’re on a tight budget, the soldering equipment should be your choice. ProPress fittings are expensive when compared to soldering and brass equipment. 

A good set of ProPress fittings starts at $148.99 and could rise to more than $3000. The expensive nature of the equipment is a crucial reason why they are still not as popular as the soldering equipment. Most soldering equipment could cost as low as $38 on Amazon.

The ProPress system also requires a unique tool for installation, which may not be commonly found. It could take lots of searching before you can adequately do any work using the ProPress system. 

There are many other e-commerce sites where you can find soldering tools for as low as $10. They are good too. 

The bigger or more advanced the unit needed for the ProPress method, the more it will cost you to purchase.


The ProPress tools may be expensive, but they are incredibly versatile. If your work requires you to be on schedule for regular maintenance, soldering could waste time. 

Using the solder method means you need to wait until the plumbing is dry. With the ProPress technology, you can use them in dry or wet conditions. 

In addition, the solder method can help you if you also want to take a crucial look at other parts of the pipe to determine if there is further damage. ProPress could do the same for you, even though it might be quite stressful

Risks or Hazards

Before buying any type of this equipment, it’s important to consider workplace hazards. In the conventional solder method, you’ll need the torch to make a fire. This will introduce heat to the system so you can solder it to make the joints. 

It could bring many potential hazards if not done well, like starting a fire or extreme heat that could burn down the adjacent materials. It could raise additional problems for you. 

The risk of even starting a big fire is also there if the soldering is not handled by a professional operator.  Most people prefer to use the fire from soldering since pipe joints should be more robust when using them. 

However, at times when the risk is too significant and poses many health hazards to you and your fellow workers, you can eliminate it. The ProPress system, which does not require heat to get the work done can get rid of this safety hazard. 

Using the ProPress system also helps control heat and improves the air system. It also reduces the risk of workplace injury. 

Reduced Work Hours

Suppose you’re looking for a way to fix your plumbing needs and still have time for other essential activities. Then you should consider using the ProPress method. The connection is simple, and you can get the work done with fittings placed nicely within minutes. 

Soldering will require that you dry out the affected pipe first before you can get any meaningful work started. 

It’s also essential that you get a professional to handle all the soldering needs perfectly and eliminate further work damage. This will cost you time. 

Different Specifications in the Market

When buying tools for either of the methods, there are different brands of tools available to use in the market. 

Some people may prefer to go for ProPress because the number of manufacturers is still low, and the market is controlled. 

However, the soldering method has lots of tools in the market. Many people now prefer to use the soldering method because they already have their favorite choice, especially seasoned professionals. 

While this may be common, you should do some research and read reviews from other users to determine which tool is best for you to use. 

The fittings for a press-fit system are diverse, and although they are simple to use, some may give you what you need, and others bring lots of headaches. 


ProPress technology is becoming more popular in the use of popping technology. Joining pieces of copper pipe together may be tricky, but the two methods already have pros and cons for users.

Soldering technology is cheaper and common in the market, but health hazards are associated with it. 

Whichever your choice is, ensure that all the facts listed here are passed to help do a clean job on the pipes. 


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