ProPress vs. MegaPress: 9 Pros and Cons (Complete Guide)

ProPress vs. MegaPress

As a plumber, one of your constant worries will be looking for the right tools to use. The right tools are essential if your work will be of high quality. 

The ProPress and MegaPress systems are most commonly used among professional plumbers among the many options available. 

They both share many similarities among themselves, but a crucial factor many people face is which is better among the two of them. 

A significant difference between the ProPress and MegaPress systems is the ultimate use for each of them. The ProPress system is mainly used for copper and stainless steel, while the MegaPress is usually for the Iron Pipe Size, including galvanized pipes.

If you’re still wondering which of the systems is perfect for your project, check out the following pros and cons to help you get an idea. 

Pros and Cons of the ProPress and MegaPress Systems

Water connection

When it comes to plumbing for water supply, only the cleanest pipe joining system should be used. That’s where the Megapress system comes in. The MegaPress system allows you to create a pure connection for water and air connections without manipulation from flames or even grinding.

The ProPress system focuses mainly on the copper side and does not seal properly. Using it for water or air supply could introduce contaminants, bringing health hazards. 

So, whenever you need a system for sealed purposes, the MegaPress system is more suitable than the ProPress system.

In addition, galvanized pipes are best for water supply since gas lines do not affect the lining, causing corrosion. 

Sustainability Period

The ProPress system does not last longer than the MegaPress system. A significant reason is that they do not come with proper sealings like the MegaPress, which is a resultant cause of increased corrosion. 

If you’re considering a piping system that will last long, galvanized pipes are better off than those made for/with copper. 

While the ProPress system lasts for up to 50 years, the MegaPress system lasts for longer and serves better as well.


The MegaPress system finds applications in over 800 uses. You can use them for compressed air, steam, fuel oil, water, etc. The ProPress system mainly restricts the stainless piping and copper linings application. 

Some people may argue that stainless pipes can be used for water supply. While this may be partially true, stainless steel has a risk of exposure to zinc corrosion over time. 

The press-fitting system that comes with MegaPress is highly suitable for use in water applications. It’s one of the reasons many professional plumbers now trust the system. 

A major con for using ProPress is that the fittings are mostly automated, and you cannot control how tight it gets. It may be a good advantage for copper fillings (when you do not want over-tightness on your installations). However, it leaves room for leakages. 

Outside Use

The ProPress system has a significant disadvantage; it can’t be used outside. Due to the preinstalled technical fittings, it may not survive outside conditions. 

In the MegaPress system, on the other hand, the press-fitting can last in any condition. Whether outdoors under the sun or in the rain, the carbon steel pipe settings allow it to stay for longer.  

Underground Operations

The ProPress system is better suited for underground applications than the MegaPress system. Since they come with copper tubings, you can install them underground. However, it must pass quality checks from state and local regulatory authorities. 

While the MegaPress system can also be used underground, many professional plumbers prefer to use the ProPress system since it is already used and verified safe by many trusted names. 


ProPress systems can handle much more pressure than the MegaPress system when both systems undergo pressure-testing systems. 

While the ProPress tubing pipes can handle as much as 600 psi, MegaPress can only go as high as 200psi, especially on water pipes. 

The maximum pressure for gas pipes on the Megapress application is 15psi or 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Recyclable Materials

While both systems are safer to use, functioning without flames, only the materials used for the ProPress system can be recycled. 

New Technology, no Long Term Testing

One instrumental factor for new technology, especially for plumbing, is the minor faults it can pick. The MegaPress system is a new technology that has not been long in the market. 

While this may be a good thing, there is no evidence to back up claims it is safe over time. We only know that the company states it can last for a long time. 

The ProPress system, on the other hand, has been around for a long time and can stand the test of time. While the applications are reportedly lower than MegaPress, there is evidence to show it can last for a long time. 

Plumbing is a delicate aspect of any construction, and mistakes could lead to catastrophic incidents, including accidents. 

The firmness of the Fittings

The MegaPress’s inner components are firm and do not rotate. Rotations due to outside forces or even shifting ground only interact with the outer casing and not the internal, central fitting of the MegaPress tubing. 

The Propress system allows for manipulation, although not as much as found with the soldering system. 


The MegaPress and ProPress systems are from the same manufacturer. While both have disadvantages and advantages, they come with immense benefits for traditional soldering. They have lots of benefits for a plumber.

Whichever you use, you can get your work completed in a few minutes. This is because one might not need to completely drain the pipe. 

You don’t have to work on a dry surface. With the press fittings, you can seal the pipe joints and complete your task.  

Don’t forget that both have versatile applications, except that one has more usefulness than the other. 

You don’t need a flame to get either of them in action, unlike the soldering process where you need a torch and flame. 

While we can’t say this system is better than the other, they each have their pros, depending on the application you wish to use it for. 


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