4 Problems with Natuzzi Sofas (Explained)

Natuzzi Sofas Problems

A popular notion about Italian products is that they last longer and serve well. That could probably be the case with Natuzzi sofas.

While the company is about comfort, class, and diversity, you may experience some discomfort using the sofa from one of the famous names in Home Furniture.

Some common problems you might experience with Natuzzi Sofas can be grouped into four categories:

  • Short lifespan
  • High prices
  • Limited selection
  • Long shipping window

By the time you’ve read through this article, you should have an idea about the common problems with our experienced tips in solving them too.

1. Short Lifespan

Some reviews claim that the materials and mode of production used to build the sofas ought to last up to 15 years. 

Don’t forget that the company has different qualities, differing by price range.

A famous quality is their “Limited Edition,” which is part of their marketing campaigns. Most people say you’re paying for the Natuzzi name brand, not the quality per se. 

This problem is a preventable one, and this is what we advise you to do if you’re ever shopping for the Natuzzi edition sofas.

Do a thorough Inspection for Quality before Paying

Natuzzi furniture as a whole comes in different grades.

We will advise that you instead go for the higher quality. It may be expensive, but rather pay high now than combine the stress of looking for repairs later.

Buy at a Dealer Showroom rather than Online.

Furniture experts recommend buying furniture at a showroom than paying for it online. Buying at a dealer’s store will allow for adequate inspection. You can even go with a trusted professional who knows about furniture. 

Some factors you should watch out for when inspecting are the frame used, the quality of the fabric, and the seam.

2. High Prices

A household name such as Natuzzi is popularly known for making quality upholstery and other home furniture. 

We have recommended this furniture line for people wanting high-quality home furniture with beautiful aesthetic finishing in the past.

But you can’t take classic finishings from the Italians. Some dealers sell a leather sectional for as high as $10,000

If you still want to get the Natuzzi sofa without paying an exorbitant price, we may have a solution for you.

Go for the Natuzzi “Edition” sofa

You can still get the Natuzzi sofa by buying the edition sofa, which is considerably lower than the original price tag for $2000 or less.

However, the edition sofa is produced in China and not in Italy. Some customers have complained that the quality is not the same when compared side by side. 

The quality is medium at best. You’ll still get the same flashy, trendy design or furnishings known with the Natuzzi brand. Still, the quality is different because of the raw materials used. 

Buy a reasonably Used Sofa

You can visit some departmental for discount/second-hand sales of the Natuzzi sofa. This is another way to still get the average sofa made in Italy.

The stores could be running a percentage discount on the regular Natuzzi sofas if you’re lucky. 

Don’t forget to do a thorough inspection before making a payment. Some people sell off their sofa immediately they notice the wooden frame is either broken or showing signs of getting damaged. 

Keep an Eye Out for Promotions from the official Store

If you’re on a budget for a sofa from Natuzzi, you can watch out for promotions on the prices of the sofa from the official store.

They offer discounts on original, factory-made sofas from time to time.

3. Limited Selection

Another significant problem associated with Natuzzi sofas is the limited stock available. The company is well known in the US furniture market, and the stock is in demand. 

Many people are usually disappointed when they find out that there is no sofa to buy and will have to wait for the next shipment from Italy.

Others, out of desperation, go ahead to make bookings online, so their goods will be shipped directly to their door. 

We may have a solution or two for you if this is your situation. 

Do not fall for the temptation of Ordering Online

Yeah. It may sound sinister that we recommend you not shop online for the Natuzzi sofa. If you read the first problem of using Natuzzi sofas, we advised going directly to a store for inspection before paying for the sofa. 

That’s not the only problem. There are increased complaints of the company taking months before delivering the furniture to the front porch. More on this in the next point. 

Make an Appointment for the next shipment with a Retail Dealer

Since the sofas are often low in stock, it will be wise to ask a retail dealer to put you on a waiting list and notify you of updates.

This method has worked for people. The dealer will only be happy to inform you when he has taken stock of the next shipment and may even offer you a discount as the first customer. 

We promise it’ll be worth the wait if you make the purchase in person. 

4. Long Shipping Window

The last issue with the Natuzzi sofa is the long period it takes to ship the sofa from the warehouse to the final consumer door. 

While this issue may not be specific to the brand, there are two possible reasons this issue keeps reoccurring.

Issues with Customs 

At the border, customs officials may impound the shipment probably because of low quality. Some customers go as far as reporting brands to regulatory agencies, which place a temporary embargo on such cargo.

If this is the case, it will be better if you liaise with a retail dealer so you’ll be informed of updates.

Logistics Issues

While making deliveries, there may be delays due to logistical concerns from the delivery company. It could be an issue with the receiving address too.

If you have placed an order, it will be wise to check in on its website to get updates on the estimated time of delivery (ETA) for delivery.

If you stay close to their warehouse, it’ll be better if you go to pick up your order yourself.

Wrapping Up

Like many furniture brands, Natuzzi has produced home furniture for more than 50 years. Little reason why people trust the brand to deliver quality sofas for them. 

Suppose you’re faced with any of the above-listed issues. In that case, the solutions listed could give you a lifeline to resolve them.

No doubt, Natuzzi is a well-known brand for home furniture, but their sofas not living up to its name could give you a headache. 


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