Are Pottery Barn Rugs Good Quality? (Explained)

Pottery Barn Rugs Good Quality

You might be in the market for quality and reliable rug. In that case, you know reviews from other users are essential to help you decide. 

I’ve been a fan of rugs for a long time, and Pottery Barn area rugs are one name that keeps coming up. So, I decided to get a personal experience for myself.

The first question anyone usually asks is if Pottery Barn rugs are of good quality?

Some of the best area rugs in the U.S. come from Pottery Barn. With most of its carpets purely hand-woven, they are made to last and come with the soft feeling of welcome to your feet. The rugs also come in different colors, so the issue of matching home decor designs does not become a headache.

If you have your eyes set on Pottery Barn rugs but are confused about if you should purchase them, here’s a review of my use of a rug from the company.

Price of Pottery Barn Rugs

A quick look through the official Pottery Barn rug website shows the prices of the different rugs in their collection. 

There are high and low-end rugs for everyone, depending on the kind of rug you want. Also, you can get a rug for as low as $49 on their website. It’s a great offer, nonetheless.

Buying a rug online could be stressful, especially as extra fees are declared as clearing fees. 

Depending on the type and quality of rugs you want, you could spend up to $2,000 on a carpet. Even if you find it a little pricey, it might be worth it at the end.

Does Pottery Barn have a Return Policy?

As an international brand, the company has a fair policy for returning items to the warehouse. It’s one feature I always look out for when searching online to buy stuff. 

You can return a rug if you’re not satisfied with it within 30 days of purchase and receipt of your order. Requirements for a return are the original receipt or gift coupon.

While this is laudable, the brand has a condition attached to this policy. 

If your rug is a custom order, it is ineligible for return. 

You can return via UPS or contact a customer care representative from the area rugs division. 

This is one feature that gives lots of other users peace of mind when purchasing from their online store.

It won’t be okay to spend so much on a rug and not return it back to the company since it is below your taste. 

Pottery Barn’s Stand on Doorstep Delivery

Pottery Barn has a good attitude for doorstep delivery. Many people used this feature, and their rug got to them within 4-5 business days from their warehouse

It took a long time for other users to make complaints, while some were confused because their rug arrived in a different package.

If you need fast track, the company does so for an extra price. You can get your rug the next day for an additional $26.00. 

Asides from doorstep delivery, you can pick up your order from the warehouse or use UPS to make the delivery to your house at their own charges. 

It is good that the company has different options for delivery to pick from, and others share the same view too. It makes placing an order less stressful and worrisome. 

Quality of the Area Rugs

Now that we are done with the logistics review, let’s head to the most crucial part: are the rugs good quality?

I love Pottery Barn rugs. However, you should understand that the rugs are not made from the company themselves but from other countries like Afghanistan and India. 

The brand has a partnership with Afghanistan, allowing their women to make the rugs by hand and send it down to the United States. 

Because the rugs are woven by hand by these women, they seem to be of high quality. If you’re going for the woven rugs, you could get the best offer because of the time and labor using human hands. 

However, the other rugs could be a tale of sad woes. Rugs made from “natural fibers” and the tufted variety made in India should be bought with extreme caution. 

Some of the problems encountered with this class of rugs are discoloration, pungent odor due to excessive chemicals, and the delamination of the latex. 

Warranty of Pottery Barn Rugs

As far as I can tell, the rugs from Pottery Barn are of high quality, excluding the other type we have discussed. 

Unfortunately, they do not have a warranty for their rugs. The best you can do is make a refund request and return the rug to the warehouse. 

If you are not satisfied with this, you can consider other brands of rugs.

Sadly, if the valid period for a return expires, you may be left with a rug you no longer love again. 

Reviews from other Customers

There’s no doubt that Pottery Barn is a top firm with an international presence. That means they have lots of customers with reviews.

A particular cause for concern is the price. Although their rugs are high quality, some users think the price is a bit high. 

PB rugs are made by hand with cloth backing. They don’t have a high knot count so they become easily matted reported one of the users. 

Many users also reported that their rugs don’t give out a bad odor. 

Another user revealed that their rug was positioned in a high-traffic area. As a result, it sheds gradually. This might not make it a good idea for high traffic areas

While a few users complained about some distinct odor, many said it left after a few days. Also, if you sundry it, the odor will disappear after a couple of days. 

The rug’s general review is positive, and you could be making a good investment if you buy their rugs. 


There are many rug brands in the U.S market, but Pottery Barn area rugs are among the best offers you can possibly get. 

As long as you maintain the rug will, you should have many years of useful life. 

I hope this review of Pottery Barn area rugs will help you make an informed decision on whether to buy the rug or not. 

It still depends on you, though, and what you want. The hand-woven rugs are a terrific choice, because special care has been put into it to get the best quality your money can buy.


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