Polygon Bikes Reviews (Buy or Avoid?)

Polygon Bikes Reviews

Bikes play an essential role in keeping us fit and handling any small needs to move around. We literally need them for survival. 

Personally, I prefer riding around on a Polygon bike, and you too should get one. They are value-packed with a wide range of handsome pricing options, great frames, and modern geometry. As a result, they give you confidence when tackling tough terrains.

Polygon Bikes: An Award-Winning Debut in North America 

After selling bikes in Asia, Europe, and Australia, Polygon expanded its operations to North America in 2014. Resilience quickly made it a household brand and familiar sight on the podium. 

Polygon recorded the first victory in the USA a year after it debuted through Kurt Sorge, who won the Red Bull Rampage on the Polygon Collosus DH9. 

Two years later, he won another Rampage on the same bike solidifying the company’s trust in outdoor adventurers. 

In 2019, Tracey Hannah won the women’s DH World Cup onboard a classic, sturdy, and lightweight Polygon’s XquareOne DH9.

Since then, Polygon has been dropping better models each year, and I am excited to test the next batch.

Why is Polygon a Successful Brand? 

Polygon bets on its bike’s solid structure, aesthetic appeal, lifetime frame warranty, riding comfortability, and price friendliness to deliver great value to consumers.

Are There Different Types of Polygon Bikes? 

Yes. Polygon has a stunning selection of top-performing models for different landscapes. Let us explore some of them. 

2020 Polygon Path 3 

Equipped with a Shimano hydraulic system and 700x40c wheels, Polygon Path 3 is the best option if you want to move around the city. The hydraulic system enables you to make emergency stops without the inertia force throwing you off the bike. 

Most Path 3 hardware, including frames and forks, are made from sturdy and lightweight aluminum. You can bet on aluminum for high maneuverability and durability. 

The bike has a rack mount for customization. You can mount a baby bike seat on the rack mount and safely ride away without any incident. 

Polygon Town 3 

The Polygon Town 3 is uniquely designed for cruising along the shorelines, beaches, and dry sandy lake beds thanks to thick tires that glide effortlessly on unstable surfaces. 

You will also love the bike’s soft vintage-style leather grips on the handles. 

2021 Polygon Zeta 2 20 inch

A great rider needs a simple, lightweight, and elegant bike. The latest Polygon Zeta 2 built on compact 20-inch wheels meets all these requirements and is suitable for long leisurely rides. 

The rims are double-walled to support heavy loads. 

Polygon Siskiu T8 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a modern bike that can negotiate corners at high speed, Polygon Siskiu T8 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike might be the best choice. It is an excellent mid-travel trail bike that strikes a perfect balance between modern cruise controls and playful features. 

Because Polygon wanted a bike with trail-ready and dependable components, the Siskiu T8 was fitted with a dual suspension system. The system distributes weight uniformly to all the wheels and acts as a shock absorber.

Other than that, it was formed around a hydroformed aluminum frame and utilizes a one-piece linkage system. Together these ingenious inventions are responsible for durability and uniform distribution of energy from the pedals to the rear wheels, respectively.  

Polygon Siskiu D6 Bikes 

My teenage son and I share the Siskiu D6 bikes, and believe me; it is the best Polygon bike on the market. That is why I felt I should be diplomatic enough to reserve the last spot for the best.

Though the model is specifically for the Australian market, its frame’s geometry and slacker seat angle are worth every penny. Besides, it is among the few bike models that use lightweight air springs. Thus, I find it decent for everyday needs with smooth rides offered by air springs.

How to Choose the Best Polygon Bike

Even though Polygon is the best-selling and reliable brand, not all models provide the same utility. You need to take some time to understand the basics of selecting the best Polygon bike before buying one. 

Find the right size

The size of Polygon bikes varies from small to extra-large. Small bikes are for teenagers whose height is between 4.9 and 5.3 feet. 

In contrast, extra-large bikes are for the likes of LeBron James, who stand more than six feet tall. 

In between small and extra-large, Polygon offers medium and large bikes; feel free to check on them.

Calculate how much you want to spend on a Polygon bike

I consider spending less than 700 bucks on a Polygon road bike or around $1000 on a mountain bike as a fair offer.

But, bikes with carbon fiber frames are more expensive than those with aluminum or steel. 

Choose a bike with the right suspension system 

Polygon has a variety of suspension systems, but the Square One suspension system tops the list.

“It can do anything or be anything you want,” as stated by Polygon. 

Where do you want to ride to?

Polygon has a long list of multipurpose bikes, from the gravel or touring to the mountain to the road bike. If you want to play on mountainous landscapes, go for mountain bikes. 

Road bikes are superior on smooth tarmacked roads in cities. Unfortunately, they lack elaborate suspension systems. 

Other options include women’s bikes, e-bikes, and hybrid bikes, which are also superbly fitted with the latest equipment to conquer different terrains. 

The braking and gearing system are important as well 

Most Polygon models use Strattos disc brakes, which highlight smooth stops and agility. 

On the other hand, simplified internal belt drive gears complete the gearing system. With a simple twist of the gear lever, you can ride on easy or hard gears depending on the chain’s location on the chainring.  

Do Polygon Bikes Retain Their Value After Some Time? 

Polygon bikes retain their value after some time, provided that you keep them in good condition. Through market testing and discussions with friends, I believe you can sell a used Polygon for over $500. 

Likewise, because the company believes it offers high-quality bikes, it supports its sales with a 14-day return policy.

In fact, Polygon is among the few bike manufacturing companies to back up their products with return policies.

So I believe the bike can retain its value as long as you use it within preset parameters. 

Why are Polygon Bikes Cheap?

One of Polygon’s strategies of keeping their products on the affordability side of the scale is removing middlemen from the supply chain.

And the company has been successful with that. 

Take Away 

If you were wondering if Polygon bikes are good for you, I guess you have the right answers. Polygons are versatile, sturdy, and price-friendly bikes that you can rely on for daily runarounds. 

Why don’t you buy a Polygon bike, and let’s keep in touch in our comment section? We are eager to listen to your new experience! 


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