Is Pearson Furniture Good Quality? (Explained For Beginners)

Pearson Furniture Good Quality

Pearson Furniture is a high-end manufacturer that produces very solid, aesthetically pleasing, and high-quality furniture. They produce some of the best-upholstered furniture for its customers all over the US. 

They have good products, but what about their after-sale services? And, given the premium furniture you’ll receive, is the high price tag on their furniture justified?

It would be best if you made an informed decision while buying furniture. Luckily for you, you’re in the right place. 

This article tackles every issue or uncertainty that you have regarding Pearson Furniture.

The Quality of Pearson Furniture

With over 80 years of experience producing upholstered furniture, Pearson Furniture has mastered its trade extensively. It produces solid and comfortable upholstered and hand-crafted furniture that lasts generations

It has a collection exceeding 500 styles crafted by its designers. 

They also offer foreign-styled fabrics and leathers to enable you to find the perfect combinations for your decor. If you don’t like what they offer, you can send them your fabric.

And they’ll apply it with the same level of professionalism and high standard as they do with their fabrics. 

Their upholstered furniture uses strong wooden frames, a well-crafted spring arrangement, and durable cushioning to ensure that you’re comfortable for decades.

Who Owns Pearson Furniture?

Pearson furniture, formerly Clyde Pearson Co., is part of the Hickory Chair Furniture Company and under Century/Rock House Farm Family of Brands

The company produces high-quality upholstered furniture for designers and American homes and offices. 

Its style ranges from contemporary to transitional and traditional styles. You’ll get dressy to casual designs in both Pearson and Hickory Chair fabrics, finishes, trims, and leather. 

Why You Should Buy from Pearson Furniture

High Quality Furniture

Pearson furniture is a product of a dedicated blend of hand-crafting and the use of state-of-the-art technology. 

The furniture is classically tailored to suit your styling while ensuring uncompromising comfort. 

Pearson Furniture receives minimal complaints from clients as their sofas, ottomans, and dining chairs pass through the strictest of measures before they’re released to the clients.

Pearson uses hardwood frames to craft long-lasting furniture, from banquet chairs to recliners and stools. 

The hardwoods include Distressed Fruitwood, Carrara, and Amber Mahogany. 

Customizable Furniture Option

As a high-end brand, Pearson Furniture Co. is very customer-oriented in producing what you want rather than what’s popular. 

You’ll get a wide catalog of the various more than 1,000 fabric options to choose from for your furniture. 

Furthermore, you’ll have a collection of decorative nails, finishes, and nail trims such as brass, pewter, and chrome to choose from, thus ensuring that you get a very customized item. 

Pearson also offers its customers the chance to liaise with their designers for furniture that suits their individual space. Customers can pick 27 different cushion sizes for their sofas and ottomans. 

Let’s take a look at the Pearson dining chairs, for example. The Daphne Armchair is customizable and can be upholstered in various materials that include silk, linen, cotton, and flax. 

You can also select a range of colors for your furniture. Some common colors include blue, green, yellow, gold, and orange, to provide your dining space with a homely, comfortable feel.

Furthermore, through Pearson’s Custom Cocktail Ottoman Program, customers can design their ottomans that vary in size, styles, and fabrics.

Environmental Sustainability

Pearson Furniture continues its environmentally conscious business practices. And during its over 80 years in existence, the company empowers its employees and customers for a mutual benefit. 

The company also sources its materials from wood companies and fabric material suppliers that are eco-friendly. 

Another way of minimizing the harmful effects of wood sourcing on the environment is maximizing the wood that they obtain from the trees.

Great Customer Support

The sales team is very knowledgeable about whatever furniture they’re selling. They’re never too pushy and will always try to ensure that you understand the value of whatever you’re buying. Deliveries are made prudently or within one or two weeks or less. 

The company also partners with Hickory Chair, and the expertise between the two companies means that you won’t struggle for repairs since they have a lot of dealerships across the nation.

A Problem with Pearson Furniture

Cheaper Furniture Isn’t High Quality

Pearson makes furniture from $1,000 or less to upwards of $13,000, depending on size, design, and production costs. 

Some of its lower-priced furniture is of questionable quality, especially those on offer.

Always take time to scrutinize the furniture before transacting. 

Remember that they deal in high-end furniture that is very great quality. If you find any of their chairs, sofas, or ottomans that sell cheaply, you should think twice. 

What Do Reviews Say about Pearson Furniture?

If you want to spend your money on a piece of furniture that will serve you for decades, you should try Pearson Furniture. 

A look at online reviews shows that the company is highly rated and well-liked for its furniture.

Their sofas are very comfortable and spacious without being bulky or poorly angled. The sofa and ottoman cushions are also very high quality and have retained their shape for more than ten years. 

The company is also praised for its excellent customer support and aftersale services.

However, some of its furniture may have hard and less-than-ideal cushioning, but that usually happens. 

So Should You Buy Pearson Furniture?

Yes! Pearson Furniture has stood the test of time. It remains old school while at the same time being progressively trendy. 

You’ll get any premium upholstered furniture from them at a good price. Their furniture is very durable and retains its original quality for extended periods if that’s not enough.

If you want to sell them after years of use, you’re assured of fetching a good sum of money from the sale.

My Take on Pearson Furniture

Pearson furniture has a reputation for making unique furniture that transcends traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. 

Their upholstered furniture is made from high-quality hardwood devoid of weak spots such as knots. The company’s production and supply chain are also wholly American, meaning that most repair materials can be sourced locally.

On the downside, the company’s premium products come at a high price. I wouldn’t say they’re expensive because the quality of the furniture is high-end. 

It’s a good furniture brand. If you need high-end and personalized furniture, buy from them.


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