Is Peak Living Furniture Good Quality (Explained)

Peak Living Furniture Good Quality

Peak Living is a style leader that offers furniture at promotional price points to appeal to younger consumers.

But are customers getting the best quality for money?

Despite having excellent overall reviews, Peak Living has had some complaints about some of its furniture pieces. Because of this, this begs the question, is Peak Living a good deal?

Do Customers Rank Peak Living Furniture as Good Quality?

Overall, the quality of Peak Living Furniture is quite good. While there have been issues with how the design of some couches, most of the furniture is of high quality and well made to last longer at a good price point.

If you are considering buying furniture from Peak Living Furniture, here’s what to expect.

With this information, you can know how the company operates before spending your money to buy furniture!

Common Problems With Peak Living Furniture

To know whether Peak Living Furniture is ideal for you, you need to know the common problems that other customers have gone through.

While analyzing these comments, keep in mind that every customer has a different experience when purchasing furniture from this brand.

By pointing out these problems, it becomes easier for you to know what to look out for before making your order. Here are the most common problems that consumers have with Peak Living Furniture.

Delivery Delays

One of the most common complaints about Peak Living Furniture is the delays in deliveries. These delivery issues happen due to different reasons.

However, according to most customers, the Peak Living Furniture delivery guys are professional and deliver the furniture even ahead of time. Therefore, this looks like some isolated cases.

If you encounter this problem, the company has dedicated customer service that you can use to follow up on your delivery. This is critical, especially if you want to change your delivery address or hours to avoid inconveniencing the team.

Peak Living has a reliable customer service team to address such issues. When ordering your furniture, ensure that you have provided the right delivery address.

New Furniture Breaking Too Fast

Apart from the delay problems, some customers have had issues with broken frames a month after purchasing the furniture from Peak Living.

This can be discouraging for customers, especially since their items are classified as quality items.

If you encounter this problem, you can contact the Peak Living Furniture team to repair it. Peak Living has done an excellent job at ensuring that its furniture lasts long and is safe.

But, if you have issues with any of their furniture, contact them to address the problem.

Tips For Buying Peak Living Furniture

Although Peak Living Furniture has some hiccups, the company has a lot of good qualities. As part of American Furniture Manufacturing, they are one of the largest upholstered assemblers in the global furniture industry.

The furniture is assembled using domestic and foreign components and parts to boost the quality.

Therefore, the negative issues should not discourage you from purchasing some of these unique designs. So, how can you know whether you are getting a good deal?

Here are some tips to guide you as you shop at Peak Living Furniture.

Know Your House Measurements

If you are buying a couch from Peak Living Furniture, you need to choose between the stationary, recliners, and motion types.

Before selecting one, take the measurements of all your rooms, especially where the furniture should be. If you get the right measurements, you can order the right furniture and avoid problems when your delivery arrives.

Examine Furniture Quality

To avoid quality issues, investigate whether the items are built to last. Shopping at Peak Living Furniture is the first step in getting quality furniture, but you should have the specifics of what you’d like for your home.

If the furniture is made of wood, you need to know all the types to determine what looks great in your home and the cost.

On the other hand, if you are buying items made of fabric, consider your lifestyle before choosing the colors and fabric. You don’t want to invest in buying an item with a color that you don’t like.

When it comes to quality, you should choose solid wood over particle board and veneer. Additionally, look for furniture assemblies that use screws rather than nails and glue. You should also feel the couch cushions to confirm that they are firm and that their backs and sides are reinforced.

Buy At The Right Time

If you want to get quality pieces at the right price, you need to time your purchase. In general, furniture prices fluctuate across the year; therefore, you should wait for good deals to shop.

It’s common to get offers and discounts around the holidays, such as Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

Typically, January and July are the best months to go furniture shopping. Therefore, if you plan to pick some furniture pieces from Peak Living, this is an ideal time.

Take Your Time

Before ordering furniture from Peak Living, take time before rushing to decide.

When browsing through the online inventory, scrutinize every piece of furniture to determine whether it suits your needs and lifestyle.

Taking time will help you avoid buying furniture that you don’t need.

In addition, this is also the best time to wait and see if Peak Living Furniture has some discounts and offers.

Final Thoughts

Every furniture company has some flows. This is the case for Peak Living Furniture.

While the company has encountered some complaints from past customers, they still receive lots of positive reviews for their services and quality products. Their price point is also quite affordable for younger consumers.

Would you shop from Peak Living Furniture?

Although some people have had problems, I find Peak Living Furniture an ideal shop for buying quality pieces designed for comfort and to complement the consumers’ lifestyle.

When shopping at Peak Living Furniture, you have to be smart about it. By using these tips, you can comfortably find the ideal furniture for your home.


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