Is Parker House Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Parker House Furniture Good Quality

Parker House is popular for manufacturing quality furniture products. The company sells its items wholesale with outlets across the United States and outside.

Their furniture is designed to be used in homes, offices, and the entertainment industry.

Parker House is a family-owned business founded in 1946 with its first factory in Downtown Los Angeles. Their prices are for the high-income earners, but how sure are you that Parker House Furniture is good quality.

Parker House has been around for more than 70 years, indicating that the company offers quality products and services.

Over the years, the furniture industry has evolved, and Parker House kept up with the changing trends by creating masterpieces. And reviews from most of their customers show that they pay attention to the quality of their furniture and their customer service is topnotch.

But like all companies, you will find that some customers get bad experiences and others good. So let’s look at what people have to say about the quality of Parker House Furniture.

Common Complaints About Parker House Furniture

When buying furniture either online or offline, You should do research by visiting the company’s physical store.

You can also visit their website and see what people have to say. However, remember that people’s experiences will differ, so it doesn’t mean it will not work for you since it didn’t work for another customer. 

With that said, Parker House Furniture seems like a great company to buy furniture from as it has very few complaints and the majority of their customers are happy with their purchases.

But let’s look at the few complaints people have about the quality of their products and services.

Lengthy Delivery Time

After-sales services play a crucial role in the company’s growth and customer retention. Therefore, if you don’t provide your client with quality services, chances are they will not come back nor recommend you to their friends and families.

In this section, Parker House Furniture seems to be failing as several customers complained of having their purchases taking from weeks to be months to be delivered. 

The worst is even after taking this long, the furniture was severely damaged, and even after returning and reordering, it has taken months. And complaining to the company doesn’t seem to be working.

However, the good thing is that Parker House Furniture takes its customer’s feedback very seriously and does not take action to be a repeated experience.

Being a company that deals with mid to high-end products, they have to be on their toes to ensure their customer’s needs are met.

Poor Quality

Although Parker House Furniture is praised for manufacturing quality furniture, a few people have had a bad experience with their purchases. From the reviews, it’s apparent that several people have had an issue with their recliners, sectional sofas, and bookcases. 

For instance, a customer bought two recliners and returned them as it was causing back pain, but the one that remained stopped working after a month. Three months after fixing the lever, it developed issues.

The seat became loose and would not stay at the reclined position. Several other people had a problem with their recliners, so the company must look into it.

Their sectional seats also garnered negative reviews where some customers claimed that they either broke or the stitching had a problem, and it came loose after having it for three months.

Warranty Not Adhered To

When a company issues a warranty on their products, you are assured that it will fix it for you if something happens within the warranty duration.

However, Parker House Furniture did not adhere to their warranty provision as a customer complained about their junk recliner batteries via email but never got any response. 

From the reviews, it is wise to say that the Parker House recliner lever has problems that the company needs to address.

The same applies to their sectionals, on the part where they become damaged, and the stitching comes off. And the funny part is for the sectionals; the problem appears after having it for three months.

With that said, Parker House Furniture is a great American furniture company.

Tips to Use when Buying Furniture from Parker House


Furniture is an investment that requires careful selection as it will be used in your house for years to come.

Therefore, you must conduct in-depth research of the company you settle.

You can do this by checking what previous customers are saying about their products and services on review sites, such as Pissed Consumer, Reddit, and the company’s website.

Social media and blogs can also be valuable sources of information. This is because people usually post reviews on their pages, and from this, you can get information about the specific piece of furniture you are looking to buy.

You can also be lucky enough to find reviews on an item that can enhance your house’s ambiance and design.

Luckily, Parker House Furniture seems to be people’s favorite as there are very few complaints, so you won’t have a hard time making a decision.

Check Quality

Parker House Furniture caters to middle and high-income earners; as such, they must pay attention to the quality of their products. All furniture from parker house is made of different types of wood, but never particleboards. 

So, you can be assured that you are getting quality. However, it doesn’t mean that the artistry will be as you desire, so it would be best to check and counter-check the furniture design and material used to avoid issues once it’s delivered.

Arrange your Delivery

Although there is only a single complaint about delivery delays, never say never. So to avoid having delays, you can arrange your own delivery. 

Such arrangement allows you to check your purchase’s design and quality before being packed and delivered. This helps you avoid going back and forth complaining or returning products.

Check Warranty

Warranty is essential when purchasing any item. Therefore, check the warranty guarantee of your purchases.

Parker House manufacturer a wide range of home, office, and entertainment furnishing, and the warranty duration varies. 

For instance, you get a three-year warranty on frames, motors, springs, and mechanisms and one year on upholstery fabrics.

Parker House is considered a leader in the furniture industry. The company started with a single workshop in Southern California, and now you can find their furniture in major retail outlets across the U.S. They also ship their furniture outside of the United States. 

Parker House Furniture is unrivaled in the furniture industry from its quality, customer service, artistry, and product availability. Their designers have kept up with the changing furniture trends, making it everyone’s go-to furniture company.

Their growth is a testament to their superb products and services. Therefore, you won’t regret getting furniture from parker Furniture for your home or office.

Final Thoughts

Every customer’s dream is to buy quality furniture that matches the design of their house, and Parker Furniture offers just that.

The upside of buying Parker House furniture is that very few have complaints, and in case of a defect, they always respond and replace it for you. Their growth since 1946 signifies that the company is doing its utmost to meet and satisfy its customer’s needs. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to any major retail outlet, get yourself any of their products and share the experience.


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