Is Palliser Good Furniture? (Read This First!)

Palliser Furniture Good

Palliser is a seventy-year-old Mexican/Canadian furniture manufacturer. 

It prides itself as one of the most innovative and idea-driven furniture makers worldwide, offering a variety of furniture options for customers. 

But is the Palliser a good furniture maker?

Palliser furniture offers a blend of all the other furniture brands combined! It manufactures all variations and designs of furniture that other brands specialize in. The furniture maker also owns custom-designed sectional recliners and some high-innovative furniture designs that other brands are yet to incorporate into their line.

Keep reading to learn more about the brand’s innovative designs, common problems, and unique advantages of owning a piece from Palliser.

Palliser Furniture: A Quick Overview

Palliser is generally known for durable and stylish upholstered furniture. It is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative furniture in Mexico and globally. 

The company has a knack for inventing new techniques of styling furniture and this is in line with their core values of motion and innovation. 

Besides being one of the most innovative furniture brands on the market, Palliser has over three hundred leathers and fabrics that customers can choose from. 

One of their most innovative products is the Sleeper sofa. It converts into a bed when the backrest is pulled forward. 

Unlike the recliner that simply adjusts at some angles, the Sleeper transforms totally from a chair into a bed that can accommodate up to two people sleeping full length at the same time. 

Another noteworthy product line is the Palliser Titan. 

The Palliser Titan is an innovative recliner that comes with the next generation of power headrests and power reclining. 

In the previous design, the same button brings up the headrest and the recliner. 

However, the next-generation design provides buttons that make it easy to launch the headrest and recliners differently.  

In addition to its highly innovative pieces, the manufacturer provides an avenue for customers to come up with their specifications.

Advantages of Owning Palliser Furniture

There are some unique benefits that come with owning a Palliser furniture product. Usually, you are less likely to get these advantages with other furniture brands. 

Some of these benefits are highlighted below:  

Highly Innovative Design

If you are looking to purchase futuristic styles and designs of furniture, it is best to opt for Palliser. 

Palliser constantly releases new designs that take the furniture industry to a whole new level!

High-Performance Fabric

Palliser is one of the few furniture makers that use high-performance fabric. 

Have you seen those fabrics with the ability to repel water? That is what experts call high-performance fabric. 

This fabric helps prevent your furniture from absorbing sweat and fluid from the environment including humidity. It also prevents the product from giving off a bad odor and getting worn out quickly. 

But that’s not all.

The impressive part is that the high-performance fabric also repels stains! 

Stains hardly stick on the fabric because it does not allow fluid to flow through.

High-Density Foams

Palliser uses 1.8-density foam in its stuffing. 

This kind of foam helps prevent the flattening of your sofa and can withstand lots of weight. 

On average, the density foam used in the brand’s products can withstand ten years of consistent use and intense pressure!

Hardwood Frame

Besides the quality upholstery of Palliser furniture, the custom-built hardwood frames used in the fabrication are exceptionally strong. 

It gives your furniture a lifetime value!

It can withstand decades of use, provided you maintain the upholstery regularly. 

Some customers have reported using their furniture for up to a decade or more. All they have to do is keep up with maintenance.

Common Problems of Palliser Furniture

Regardless of all the creativity and innovative products that Palliser brings to the market, it is not exactly free of pitfalls.

Thankfully, there are only a few drawbacks. 

Still, it is important to be aware of these issues, especially if you are planning to own one of the brand’s furniture products.

Here are some common problems to watch out for:

Warranty Issues

Palliser provides a warranty covering 100% for parts and labor costs within one year of purchase. 

It offers 80% of the cost of parts within two years, and 60% in the first three years after purchase. 

Further warranty includes 40% and 20% coverage on parts and labor in the 4th and 5th year respectively. 

While all of these look good on paper, claiming the warranty can be problematic!

Many customers complain about their inability to claim their warranty, even after repeated attempts.

Customer Service Problems

It is often difficult to reach the company’s customer service. If you have a problem with your furniture, it could be difficult to get help from the company. 

To make things more frustrating, most of the brand’s retailers cannot afford to repair or replace faulty furniture. 

Repairs and replacements are solely the jobs of the manufacturer.

Understandably, many of the products are expensive, so the company might make it a bit difficult for customers to get replacements. 

Palliser would rather avoid receiving customer complaints than risk recalling thousands of furniture products from circulation!

Keep in mind that this is not a peculiar problem with Palliser. 

Customers usually experience plenty of difficulties when trying to contact the customer service of most high-end furniture makers.

Faulty Power Recliner

One of the major downsides of the power recliners from this brand is their tendency to develop fault rather too often.

The fault is not unconnected to the constant use of the recliner button. It doesn’t take too long before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. 

Thankfully, the furniture maker offers a lifetime warranty covering repair and labor costs for the power recliner components. 

However, customers will have to jump through a lot of hoops to reach the brand’s customer service. 

The process can be very frustrating, making it difficult for customers to claim the warranty.

Peeling Leather

This problem is common to all leather furniture, regardless of brand.

When a piece of leather furniture is used over a long period, it weakens and begins to peel off. 

For this reason, it is best to take good care of leather furniture to avoid the problem of peeling leather. 

Moreover, it is also advisable to use leather furniture for only a short time.

What to Avoid When Buying Leather Palliser?

Buying a leather chair goes beyond making a simple choice from a retailer’s shop. 

There are some crucial factors you need to consider if you must make the best choice. 

Here are some of them:

Avoid Bonded Leather Upholstery

Bonding in leatherwork refers to when two leather fabrics are glued together to form a whole fabric. 

While bonded leather upholstery can be attractive, it comes with a drawback.

It causes the upholstery to pull apart after a while, making it lose its firmness and shape. Besides, the two pieces of leather glued together may have different longevity. 

When either of the leather peels, it will affect the overall look of the furniture.

Avoid Furniture that is a Mix of Leather and Other Fabric

The longevity of leather and fabric varies a lot!

Some fabrics can last up to 10 years, while the average leather may not last longer than seven years under certain conditions. 

Mixing fabric and leather in your furniture creates a problem in the long run. 

It means that the value of the furniture depends on the longevity of the leather. If the leather peels off before the fabric depreciates, it will disfigure the features of the furniture. 

Wrapping Up

Besides great quality, innovation is one of Palliser’s strong suits! 

Plus, if you want a furniture brand that supports customization and has the customer’s interest at heart, Palliser is a very great choice. 

You can trust Palliser to give you the furniture piece you will be proud to call your own! 


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