Is Palettes By Winesburg Good Furniture? (Reviews)

Palettes By Winesburg Furniture Good

Palettes by Winesburg is a third generation of furniture specialists known for their collection of fine dining furniture.

But, does the furniture live up to the hype?

Overall, Palettes by Winesburg has a good reputation for delivering quality handcrafted pieces to their customers. However, there are some complaints about their furniture. So, is Palettes by Winesburg furniture actually good?

Is their quality of furniture worth your money?

The quality of Palettes by Winesburg furniture is generally good. While there have been complaints about some of their pieces having uneven quality despite being expensive, most of their furniture has beautiful artistry.

If you plan to order furniture from Palettes by Winesburg, here’s what to expect.

This information comes in handy when budgeting for furniture to avoid losing money on poor-quality pieces.

2 Common Problems With Palettes By Winesburg: What Do Reviews Say?

One way to know whether Palettes by Winesburg is the right furniture for your home is to analyze the common issues other people have encountered.

However, when looking at these problems, you should keep in mind that every customer has a different experience. On the other hand, some issues are common across the board, which is why you should pay attention.

Once you have an idea about the common issues, you’ll know what to avoid. Here are the most common problems customers tend to have with the Palettes by Winesburg furniture.

To understand customer experiences, we’ve checked reviews on three different sites.

  • Google Reviews
  • Facebook

We found 59 comments on Google Reviews from customers who have bought furniture pieces from Palette by Winesburg and 8 reviews on Facebook. On average, customers rate Palette by Winesburg 3.9/5 stars.

This is a high rating that coincides with their high-quality pieces. According to some customers, this furniture is,

Poor Surface Finishes

One of the most common complaints about the Palettes by Winesburg furniture is the presence of multiple scratches. Their pieces have issues with consistency and rough finishes, which is not ideal for customers.

Palettes by Winesburg furniture is categorized as fine dining, making it expensive. Therefore, customers get disappointed when they pay a lot of money for furniture with several scratches.

While Palettes by Winesburg has done an excellent job at ensuring their products are crafted beautifully, this is not true for all their pieces.

This is a problem with quality control before the final product is delivered to the customers.

If you encounter this problem, it’s advisable to reach out to the furniture provider for assistance and to get the item fixed.

Unreliable Customer Service

Palettes by Winesburg has issues with customer service response. When customers have problems with their furniture, they contact the store for assistance.

Despite this, some customers received their orders on time without any issues and had access to the customer service team.

Failure to reach the team can be quite frustrating for customers if you need a replacement or fixing services.

How Well Do Palette By Winesburg Furniture Items Hold Their Value?

Generally, most people consider Palette by Winesburg furniture pieces as a good investment if you want the furniture to use for the long term.

The pieces have good quality craftsmanship; therefore, you can have them in your home for generations.

Tips For Buying Palettes By Winesburg Furniture

While there are some issues with Palettes by Winesburg furniture pieces, all is not lost. They hand-select the best oak, maple, cherry, or walnut trees to make you the best quality furniture.

But it’s normal to have a few slip-ups. These issues should not discourage you from getting yourself some pieces from Palettes by Winesburg. How can you know that you are getting the best quality when shopping?

If you are considering this brand, here are some tips to make the process easier. When you use these tips, you are sure to get affordable and quality pieces.


Before buying any furniture from Palette by Winesburg, do your research. This is the only way to know what to buy and what to avoid.

Check customer reviews on all top sites to avoid getting the wrong items. Browse the internet for comments, blog posts, social media posts, and forums about this furniture retailer. This is a good way to gather information to help in your shopping.

Past customers also provide recommendations that can be helpful.


Furniture providers like Palette by Winesburg allow customers to customize their own furniture.

You can design your dream masterpiece from their website and order the same from the store. These special order items are customers’ favorite because they are unique.

The advantage of this is that you get furniture items specific to your home according to your measurements. Therefore, you should take measurements to avoid getting pieces that are too big or too small.

Quality Check

Palette by Winesburg furniture does not come cheap. Therefore, ensure that the pieces you buy are worth the money.

Always check the quality of the furniture and know the materials to avoid. Choose the right style, colors, and fabric that are ideal for your home to avoid future problems with returns.

Their furniture variety includes traditional to eclectic; therefore, you can easily find the style you are looking for.

If you order online, check for quality when the furniture is delivered. In case of any issues, the staff can address that.

Final Thoughts

All furniture companies have problems. This is also the case for Palette by Winesburg.

While there are customer complaints about their surface finishes, the overall feedback is that their pieces are generally of high quality. Palette by Winesburg specializes in fine dining pieces which are uniquely designed for its customers.

If you are still not convinced, you can shop a few pieces from one of their stores.

Although there are some slip-ups, you can’t deny that the furniture is trendy and a good choice because they allow you to customize your own pieces.

When shopping at Palette by Winesburg, these tips will come in handy to help you find the best furniture for your home.

Happy shopping!


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