Is Omnia Furniture Good Quality? (Explained For Beginners)

Omnia Furniture Quality Good

Absolutely! Omnia Furniture is a good quality furniture brand that focuses on developing comfortable furniture and ensures that every product accommodates your needs by developing the perfect style for you. 

If there is one you’ll like about this brand, it’s the fact that the furniture is affordable. You can get a quality sofa for as low as 

Omnia manages to produce quality products based on the belief that everything is personal, especially to the customer. This belief is brought to life through skilled craftsmen who combine expertise and innovation in American-made furniture design. 

The company also prides itself on having exquisite styling and a keen eye for detail, providing the best furniture since 1989. 

In fact, their furniture is made from solid Kiln-dried hardwood frames and 100% top-grain Italian leather. 

This doesn’t mean that there are no negative reviews on Omnia furniture products. For instance, some customers have raised issues with warranty claims. 

Should you still purchase Omnia furniture even with such a challenge? Read on to find out. 

Who Makes Omnia Furniture?

Omnia makes which is responsible for Omnia Furniture is an American company started in 1989 by two Italian families with a vision to combine American craftsmanship with European leathers. 

Since its launch, Omnia has manufactured and made furniture in California with a perfect blend of comfort and style. The company believes comfort is personal, and everything should be about the customer feeling comfortable at home. 

The brand produces a vast selection of items designed to ensure that your home is a perfect place for relaxation without compromising style. 

Omnia also stands out for participating in a tree recycling program to save the environment since 2003. The energy-saving production process and water-based glues employed make the company a leader in sustainable furniture making. 

We guarantee that their products are high-quality and made for durability. 

Why Purchase Omnia Furniture?

Every customer wants to buy furniture that fills various needs and expectations in their offices and homes. This is exactly what Omnia furniture offers. 

The brand is among the best on the market, thanks to a combination of American craftsmanship and European leathers. 

But why would you buy Omnia products? Here are reasons why:

More Than Just Sofas

We all know that Omnia produces a vast array of quality furniture options. They have dozens of sectional frames and stationary sofas. 

The company also offers a ton of reclining furniture with your features of choice, including power recline, rocking, power headrest, USB chargers, swivel, and more. 

They offer more than living room furniture. In most cases, you’ll also find a variety of bed frames, sleepers, and bar stools. It’s hard not to find furniture of your choice. 

Customization Options

If you’re seeking something truly special, look no further than Omnia furniture. Omnia gives you different ways to customize your furniture and makes everything feel genuinely unique. 

You can achieve something as simple as putting leather on the arms, back, and outside and adding fabric to the back cushion and seat. 

You also have the option of making your furniture pop by adding a strip of designer tooled leather. Customization is easy and simple, thanks to professional design consultants that are always happy to help. 

Built for Life

Each Omnia furniture is designed and developed to withstand decades of constant use. Each piece comes with corner blocking and a solid wood frame for added strength. 

You’ll like their seat cushions, thanks to standard upgraded 2.0-pound seating. There is also a firm cushion on almost all pieces at no extra cost. 

We like Omnia furniture because their best quality genuine leather is used for wrapping the entire process. 

The leathers are tanned and are aniline dyed to make them stain and scratch-resistant. Their leather is by far superior to other reputable brands such as Natuzzi and Flexsteel. 

Great Colors

Omnia leather and wood finishes are beyond the average expectation of products within their price range. Denver Bordeaux and Brooklyn Bisquit are among the most versatile colors in homes, having a lot of natural light. 

Modern interpretations of pecan, mushroom brown, and blue make the leather colors an even greater option for customers seeking luxurious sofas. 


If there is something we love about Omnia furniture, it’s the fact that they’re available with generous warranties. 

All the products from Omnia are available with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, there is a 3-year limited warranty on leather. 

Spring suspension and frame construction come with a limited lifetime warranty. For the recliner and sleeper mechanisms, expect a 3-year warranty. 

The warranty is reason enough to show the company’s confidence in its products. 

Challenges with Omnia Furniture

Even though Omnia is a top furniture brand, some mixed reviews take away from what could have been a perfect brand. 

Delays on orders, delivery challenges, and poor warranty responsiveness are among the reported problems. 

Warranty Claims Issues

As we have seen above, almost all Omnia furniture is available with a warranty. This means that when something happens to your furniture within the warranty period, you’re in safe hands. 

Unfortunately, most buyers aren’t interested in buying Omnia sofas since some of their manufacturing defects don’t have a warranty. 

The cushions seem to have sewing problems, as are missing parts or legs. Even though it depends on the dealer, we recommend sticking with big brand dealers to prevent potential repair delays, even under warranty. 

Delayed Deliveries

Some customers and reviewers have expressed frustration with furniture delivery after purchase. While buying the furniture, the dealers promise a quicker delivery, in some cases within the day. 

However, upon making payments, they get their furniture after several days. This becomes very frustrating, especially when the furniture is required for immediate use. 

Reviewers’ Opinion

There is no question that Omnia furniture is a highly-rated brand thanks to its durability, customization options, great colors, and warranty option. 

Most customers like Omnia furniture due to its exquisite styling and a keen eye for detail. This can be attributed to many years of innovation and operation in the industry. 

Still, a section of reviewers has expressed frustration with this furniture as a result of delays on orders, delivery challenges, and ill warranty responsiveness. 

Generally, Omnia furniture is a top-quality brand that we recommend to anyone looking for long-lasting furniture. The quality of this furniture is reason enough to draw you to the brand. 


Omnia is among the top furniture brands thanks to its focus on providing quality and durable furniture. 

The brand offers various products with different customization options and many great colors. You’ll also get a warranty for almost every product you purchase. 

The furniture is durable thanks to having solid Kiln-dried hardwood frames and 100% top-grain Italian leather.

We recommend this furniture brand to anyone seeking to transform their living space. 


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