Are Old Subwoofers Good? (6 Tips to Help You Decide)

Set of colorful old subwoofers near wall

With all the new appliances on the market, old subwoofers are still popular and have a lot of fans among those needing good sound systems.  

Are old subwoofers good compared to new subwoofers?

Here, we will discuss the perks and downfalls of old subwoofers, how long they last, and the different options available on the market.

Why Choose an Old Subwoofer?

Today, technological advances have made it possible to develop better speakers. However, there is still something about old subwoofers that has people hooked.

Contrary to popular belief, old subwoofers do not get worse with age. Instead, the quality remains just as good as it was when new.

Old subwoofers are not going out of fashion any time soon. The sound quality is unmatched even with new and improved speakers. If you’re listening to music, it’s more about the feeling it gives you than pure sound production.

Old subwoofers might not be easy to set up, have old-school features, and are unusually large. However, they have irreplaceable features even with the latest speakers.

Old subwoofers are excellent due to the following:

1. Design

You might think newer speakers look good. However, old subwoofers have a unique look. The shape and size also contribute to the amazing sound output.

It’s safe to say those old subwoofers are a statement piece and a conversation starter.  

2. Big Bass

Old subwoofers will blow your mind if you’re a sucker for good bass. You’ll feel every musical beat because old subwoofers focus on low-end frequencies.

We all know subwoofers for their vibrating features. Back in the day, it was obvious that loud music was playing somewhere, not because of the sound of music but intense vibrations.

3. Good Engineering

Most old subwoofers have perfect parts, each playing a significant function. Elements such as the cone and coil are perfectly placed to ensure the best performance.

However, it is important to note that old subwoofers are difficult to set up.

Take your time setting up your subwoofer to ensure seamless sound production.

4. High Sound Quality

Anyone with a 30-year-old subwoofer will tell you that sound production does not worsen. If anything, it stays the same throughout the period you have it. So, your subwoofer will still have its warm, powerful, vintage bass sound twenty years later.

This feature makes old subwoofers well-loved among music lovers. Every musical beat becomes amplified and sounds better on old subs.   

5. Long Shelf Life

30 years is a long time to own a subwoofer, don’t you think?

Unlike most new subwoofers that need replacement after a few years of use, old subwoofers last more than 20 years. Still, the lifespan depends on the quality, use, and storage.

If you take care of your vintage sound system, you’ll get an endless supply of mind-blowing bass.

6. Affordability

For the kind of output we get from old subwoofers, you’d expect them to cost much more. However, old subwoofers are cost-friendly.

New subwoofers can get quite costly. So, if you’re working with a tight budget, an old subwoofer is perfect. After all, old is gold.  

The Cons of an Old Subwoofer

It is almost impossible to have a product that’s 100% perfect. Here are some disadvantages of purchasing an old subwoofer:


Old subwoofers are relatively larger than new subwoofers. The old designs used to manufacture these subwoofers focused mostly on the output and not the outlook. But that does not mean old subwoofers look ugly.


The low frequencies and high bass on old subwoofers cause a lot of rattling. Remember, the bass causes the subwoofer to move due to vibrations. Check the screws and ensure everything is in place if you feel like your subwoofer is rattling.


Unlike new subwoofers that are light and easy to move around, old subwoofers are rather heavy.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to keep moving the subwoofer from one place to another, but you should be ready to put some back into it if the situation arises.

How Durable Are Old Subwoofers?

Highly durable. Yes, old subwoofers are very durable and will serve you for years.

Today, it’s not easy to find speakers that will last more than ten years. Yes, they are still high-quality subwoofers today, but we cannot compare the durability.

If you take good care of the subwoofer, you’ll rarely need replacement parts for your speaker. In addition, less maintenance means less money used to keep the subwoofer running.

Today, most speakers are designed not to need replacement parts such as coils and cones. While this prevents unnecessary damages and repairs, it makes new speakers somewhat delicate.

Once the speaker is damaged, you might have to replace the whole unit. 

When you purchase an old subwoofer, keep in mind that it is a vintage piece. Therefore, it will need extra care to serve you longer.

What Are the Most Popular Old Subwoofer Brands?

Today, there are many brands manufacturing high-quality subwoofers. However, these companies did not start recently, so they have many old subwoofers in their catalogs.

The following are notable brands for old subwoofers:

MTX TN10-04 – Terminator Series

First off, MTX is among the world’s top subwoofer manufacturers. The company has high-quality and affordable subwoofers, not to mention impeccable sound quality.  

That’s just the beginning, though.

The MTX TN10-04 subwoofer looks good and sounds even better. On top of that, the bass on this subwoofer is excellent.

This subwoofer is not called Terminator without reason. It has MTX engineering, which keeps the sub producing excellent bass, even with high-level extended play.

Other features include:

  • A 10” single voice coil
  • 85.1 dB sensitivity
  • 10” 4-ohm subwoofer
  • A sealed and ported box

Kicker Solo-Baric Series

This subwoofer was very popular in 1992. In fact, the Kicker Solo-Baric subwoofer revolutionized the industry with its powerful and exceptional performance.

The square cone on the subwoofer offers increased surface area, allowing more air movement. Increased air movement means powerful and louder bass.

What Is the Warranty on These Old Subwoofers?

Like other products in the market, you should follow the warranty guidelines to the last detail. Every company has a list of guidelines to avoid any issues after purchase.

Reputable companies will not hide their warranty requirements. Check the website for more details.

Old subwoofers, unlike new ones, need us to take care of them to prolong their shelf life. As a result, most companies offer customers up to two years’ warranty from purchase.

Warranties are a way to ascertain that the product is fit for purchase.  

Should I Get an Old Subwoofer or a New One?

Choosing between the two subwoofers is no breezy task. However, what works for me might not work for you.

Evaluating each subwoofer’s specifications will get you the answer you need. For example, old subwoofers are excellent if you’re more into bass and low frequencies.

However, if newer designs drive your choice, new subwoofers are the way to go. Both options are excellent, but your taste and preferences also matter at this point.

Final Thoughts

Old subwoofers are a great option, despite what many people think. They may be a bit old school, but they work just fine.

The thought that old subwoofers are poor quality and unsuitable has to change. Old subwoofers are just as good. In other cases, even better than new ones. It only depends on what you’re looking at.

So, if you’re thinking about getting an old subwoofer, you have enough reason to go out and get it.   


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