Is Norwalk Furniture Good Quality? (Explained for Beginners)

Norwalk Furniture Good Quality

Furniture is something no one can take for granted. I have come to learn this the hard way after replacing a bunch of furniture in my holiday cottage. Everything seems easy when shopping until you find a retailer with poor-quality furniture.

I got a lot of recommendations from friends and family to try out Norwalk furniture. Not all suggestions are reasonable, and naturally, I had a lot of questions before buying.

I have a lot of research and experience I would love to share with you to answer the question: Is Norwalk Furniture Good Quality?

I was hesitant at first to get furniture from Norwalk. I no longer regret my decision and would do it over in a heartbeat given the same chance. The furniture is durable, well crafted, and exceeded my expectations years on.

They also have a wide range to choose from. Everyone who has been to my holiday home before the furniture transformation is genuinely amazed. 

The article explores information on your favorite store Norfolk. You will get to know its history, ownership, location, and operations. Let’s take a walk and explore how this company has become so popular.

Where is Norwalk Located?

I am often fascinated by the manufacturer and always want to know more about what they offer apart from the product I am seeking. I went down the rabbit hole and discovered that Norwalk was more than just a company. It is a history of a people’s aspiration.   

Norwalk’s founding dates back to the immigration of the Gerken family into the United States and started to manufacture upholstery for buggy seats for carriages over a century ago.

Its founders founded it in Toledo, where they repaired upholstery and reupholstered furniture. 

The company’s operations moved within Ohio in its early phases. First, it moved from Toledo to Grand Rapids, Ohio, before finally settling in Norwalk, Ohio. It changed its name to Norwalk in 1919.

You can visit the manufacturing plant in Norwalk halfway between Detroit and Cleveland on Lake Erie at any time. 

Who Owns Norwalk Furniture?

It may not be surprising to find out that Norwalk furniture has changed ownership throughout its 120-year history. The Gerkens has managed the company’s operations for over one hundred years culminating in the fourth generation of Gerkens in 2008.

The 2008 financial crisis had a significant shift on the company. Gerken’s grip on the company ended with the banks pulling the credit line, thus closing.

The townfolks were not ready to have their favorite town company closed down. Twelve local families banded together bought the company still owned and managed it.

What Furniture can I buy from Norwalk Furniture?

Norwalk Furniture has some of the broadest furniture catalogs in the country, with a history of making classic furniture and upholstery. The furniture styles range from traditional to contemporary and traditional.

Since 2008 the company has had a focus on custom-end coaches and chairs. You can get sofas, upholstery, beds, tables, and so much more from the manufacturer.

There is a lot of customization of upholstery and finishes to meet your tastes and preferences.

Problems with Norwalk Furniture

Irrespective of how good the service delivery is, 100 years of services will get a few hitches now and then. There are very few customer complaints online, but some of the most common one’s are:

1. Splitting Leather

Leather is suppressed to durable, easy to maintain, and sophisticated.

Norwalk furniture is the home of excellent leather furniture, but some of the furniture splits due to different environmental conditions and maintenance.

However, some customers have reported problems with their leather upholstery splitting or cracking over time.

The splitting leather has gotten some customers upset. Reasons for the problems with splitting leather is it often comes at the end of the seat’s warranty which makes it challenging to repair. 

Fortunately, it is possible to preserve the leather from splitting at home or have a professional restore your leather sofa. You can reduce the breaking damage using a leather repair kit if you are out of warranty. 

2. Failing Cushions

When you purchase your sofa, you expect the cushions to last long to the end of the coaches shelf life. Many customers learn it the hard way when cushions start splitting and tearing while the rest of the sofa is intact.

Customers who aren’t shattered by the cushions tearing, cracking, and splitting may have to deal with sagging cushions. Unfortunately for Norwalk, this is the most common problem reported by customers.

My sofas and cushions have held up, and I have not used the warranty to get the furniture fixed.

Some customers were happy that the splitting cushions were covered in the warranty, with one customer having two replacements done in the life of their loveseat.

Tips for Maintaining Norwalk Furniture

The best furniture doesn’t make much difference if it is not well maintained. You will soon experience degradation of the furniture quickly, leading you to have qualms with the manufacturer. 

Here are some tips to keep your Norwalk Furniture in Top-notch condition.  

1. Frequent Vacuuming

Dust might seem harmless but can cause damage to the furniture and increase allergens such as pet dander.

You should vacuum upholstered furniture once a month to remove the dust and dirt that may damage the fabric fibers and lead to premature wear.

Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter is recommended if the fabric is smelly and moldy.

2. Fluff Pillows and Rotate Cushions

Norwalk’s upholstered furniture is made soft and comfortable. Regular use of the cushions and pillows may make it so that they may never return to their original shape on their own.

You can help return the pillows and cushions to shape by plumping them by hand. The practice becomes necessary as the pillows and cushions age.

Similarly, rotate the seat cushions at least once a week. Rotations help redistribute the wear on both sides of the cushion, reducing uneven wear.

3. Leather Care

Leather wearing is one of the most common problems customers experience using Norwalk furniture. Norwalk uses different leather with unique characteristics.

However, one essential step in protecting all types of leather is to avoid contact with heating or cooling sources. The protections from either of the hazard can increase the leather shelf life keeping it beautiful.

Basic care steps to keep it clean should ensure it serves a long time. It would be best to dust leather upholstery with lint-free clothing occasionally. Blot all types of spills with distilled water and soft clothing to avoid seeping into the leather and causing rotting.

4. General Upholstery Maintenace

Different fabrics call for varying levels of maintenance. Any spills or accidents can permanently ruin the material if not cleaned immediately.

You should be wary of exposure to sunlight. Exposure to natural light can lead some fabrics to fade. Fading is not covered by the Norwalk furniture warranty but will permanently impact the furniture.

Summing Up

Norwalk Furniture is definitely of good quality. The company has managed to weather the storms of time and create unrivaled furniture in its existence.

The company’s pride, quality, and service delivery have kept it from going under because people believe in its products. 


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