Is Northridge Home Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Northridge Home Furniture Good Quality

Yes. Northridge Home is an American furniture manufacturer based in High Point, North Carolina. The company not only produces premium quality furniture but also taps into the low and medium-budget markets. 

If it’s so, how can you tell whether you are getting high-quality furniture or just being scammed? If you don’t know much about Northridge Home and are willing to buy from them, we’ve got you.

In this article, we’re looking at Northridge Home with the aim that you’ll get enough information about them to make an informed decision while buying from them. 

The Quality of Northridge Furniture

When you think of Northridge Home, think of quality, comfort, durability, and great coloring. 

Northridge Home is a good-quality brand that focuses on building solid furniture using locally and foreign-sourced materials. 

An area that the company that excels over other brands is its patio furniture. Most outdoor furniture I’ve come across from other companies is very rigid with stiff and uncomfortable cushions. 

But the ones from Northridge Home are well built, have a strong frame, and premium quality fabrics that come in great aesthetically-pleasing colors. 

All of the company’s furniture is also easy to assemble, and the manuals are straightforward to understand and easy to use. 

Why Buy from Northridge Home?

Northridge Home has a vast network of dealers and distributors across the US. 

You can find the company’s furniture in Costco, Pricesmart, BJ’s, and Wayfair stores. 

The company strives to make unique classic furniture designs that stand the test of time. 

But there’s more to Northridge Home, and we’ll delve right away into why you should trust the company.

Easy to Assemble Furniture

Some Northridge Home furniture comes pre-assembled, while others you’ll need to assemble yourself. 

An example of furniture you’ll need to assemble yourself is the dining set. 

Along with written instructions and some pictures, you’ll find that the company has gone a long way to ensure that what you’ll assemble is pretty minimal. 

You’ll need to assemble the table legs for the dining set and place the cushions into the chair sitting. 

The self-assembly lowers the amount of money you’ll pay for your furniture. 

If you don’t trust your “assembly skills,” you can contract assembly professionals to aid you. 

However, if you’re to assemble your set, ask for assistance as most furniture is quite heavy and delicate. 

The warranty shall not cover any damages during installation.

Great Quality and Comfort

Northridge Home furniture is high-quality and durable but not the most premium that you can get. But at the medium-to-high price range, they’re one of the best. 

The company designs and makes furniture universally appealing, desirable, functional, and comfortable. 

The company’s outdoor furniture is made from durable aluminum frames and UV-resistant materials that withstand the torrid outdoor setting. They’re made with waterproof foam and weather-resistant Sunbrella cushions that are firm, thick, and comfortable. 

The Sunbrella performance fabric is a durable, tough fabric while remaining very supple and easy to clean. 

Furthermore, the company uses hypoallergenic fabric polyester in its upholstery to give you maximum comfort, especially if you’re allergic to some fabrics.

Just like most of their furniture, the outdoor sets come partially assembled. The cushions will need covers, and you’ll also screw in the table legs.

Affordable Pricing

Northridge’s fair pricing isn’t because they use cheap materials in its production process. Instead, the company utilizes a very cost-effective business model. 

Maximizing available resources lowers production costs, and hence you’ll find that their products are cheaper. 

Excellent Customer Service

Northridge Home values its customers, and one way to improve their interaction is through having active and customer-friendly customer service. 

When you go to any dealerships and stores, you’ll find that the staff is highly trained and knowledgeable. 

Furthermore, their after-sale service is excellent. If you receive a faulty piece of furniture, and the company acknowledges that they’re to blame, you’ll get an original replacement in the shortest time possible.

Problems with Northridge Furniture

Some Outdoor/Patio Furniture Don’t Have Sunbrella Cushioning

The Sunbrella waterproof cushions are the best cushions for outdoor settings. 

However, some dealerships may not have the cushions and may propose other alternatives. As seen from buyer reviews, such a scenario often happens, and the “waterproof” cushion you’re buying isn’t waterproof at all. 

I’d recommend buying from trusted dealerships to avoid incurring financial losses as the company doesn’t cover any damages to the furniture resulting from weather elements.

Wrong or Delayed Deliveries

One area that Northridge Home struggles in is in making timely and accurate furniture deliveries. 

And to be more specific, chances that you’ll order a seafoam green sofa and end up with a blue or black sofa are pretty high. 

The deliveries can sometimes be missing some items such as cushions and ottoman covers.

The company isn’t so eager or pushy with resending your items, especially if they’re outsourcing delivery services. They can’t push the outsourced delivery to deliver on time. Hence, some deliveries will experience protracted delays and arrive at your door later than you expected.

What Do Reviews Say about Northridge Home Furniture?

Northridge Home is rated highly by its customers. 

A look at its furniture sold at Wayfair and Costco shows that a majority of the buyers are satisfied and pleased with their purchases. 

Quality, comfort, good colors, and excellent packaging are some of the brand’s positive attributes. 

Some customers like the company’s salespeople, whom they praise for their professionalism and outstanding technical support. 

However, the company receives negative reviews stemming from their not-so-ideal delivery system. 

Some reviewers complained that their furniture was in great shape but a different color. Another reviewer claims that they never received their furniture as it was misplaced in transit, and the company is not trying harder to deliver their order. 

So Should You Buy Northridge Home Furniture?

Yes. If you’ve seen Northridge Home furniture in Costco, Wayfair, or BJ’s and you feel that you need it in your home, buy it. 

You’ll be getting a good chair, bed, patio furniture, ottoman, or sofa at very affordable pricing.

Even better is that the company ships fast to you, and your order is in good packaging. Just ensure to talk to your store salesperson or dealer about their warranty terms.

My Final Thoughts

Northridge Home invests massively in streamlining its production processes. The result is a better working environment, high-quality products, greater accountability, and waste reduction. 

If you’ve been wondering why their furniture is cheaper than its competitors, now you know why. 

Also, you don’t have to physically go to their stores since their furniture pages at Wayfair are very informative. The information accompanying the product is what you’ll get at the store. 


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