Is Next Furniture Good Quality? (Explained for Beginners)

Next Furniture Good Quality

Absolutely! If you have ever purchased Next furniture, you understand why it’s among the top brands on the market. The furniture is designed and made with quality materials to meet the needs and style of every customer. 

If there is one thing you’ll love about the Next brand, it’s the fact that the furniture is affordable. You’ll also get a warranty for any furniture you buy. This means that you’re in good hands if your furniture gets damaged after purchase. 

However, some customers have also raised issues with Next furniture. For instance, some have complained of delayed deliveries and unresponsive customer support. 

Should you still go for Next furniture even with such problems? Read on for more. 

Next Furniture Delivery Service

Next Furniture partners with The British Heart Foundation to provide a free collection of old sofas. However, the sofas should be in good or saleable condition.

They should also have a fire safety label attached to them. There is another partnership with Clearbee meant to recycle furniture. 

Using the service for a 2-seater sofa will cost about $80. You must also have a receipt of the order from Next. 

Standard furniture delivery costs about $11, even though regular customers can opt for Next Unlimited. It costs $27 for a 12-month subscription. 

All in all, there is a high chance that your furniture will be delivered at an affordable cost. 

Why Buy Next Furniture?

We understand that you’re looking for a piece of furniture that meets all the needs and expectations in your home and office space. This is exactly what you’ll get with Next furniture. 

Next furniture is among the top brands thanks to the constant innovation that goes into the design of products. 

But why would you invest in Next furniture? Below are reasons why:

Great Quality and Affordable

If there is something Next furniture is known for, it’s the high-quality furniture it offers. They are designed with high-quality materials and durable wood.

The furniture is also available at an affordable rate. The combination of high-quality and affordable prices is something you’ll struggle to find in other brands.


With some brands, you’re left on your own after purchasing furniture. For instance, even if your product gets an issue a few hours after buying, you might not get a replacement. 

However, this isn’t the case with Next furniture. With Next, you get a 10-year guarantee that covers your furniture frame. This means that you are well covered if anything happens within this period. 

The company also tests product safety and durability to ensure that you don’t face any problems. 

Return Policy

What happens if you just bought a piece of furniture and found that it had issues? The first thing you would do in such a situation would be to take it back to the seller. 

Most sellers won’t accept goods back after selling them. However, Next has a return policy in place, allowing you to either return or cancel an order within 14 days. Within this period, you need to inform Next of your intention to cancel or return. 

If the furniture is deemed fit for resale, Next will take it back and make a refund. However, a collection fee might apply. 

2 Common Problems with Next Furniture

Although Next is among the best brands on the market, some negative reviews have been raised that destroy the reputation of what could have been a perfect brand. 

The most common are delivery challenges and poor customer support services. 

Delayed Deliveries

Some reviewers and customers have raised issues with Next due to delayed deliveries after making orders. During purchase, they’re promised quick delivery of up to 4 days. 

However, after making payments, some get their furniture delivered after months. This is very frustrating to the customers since most require the furniture for immediate use. 

Poor Customer Support

Some reviewers have pointed out that customer support doesn’t deliver the right information, especially regarding deliveries. 

For instance, one customer was promised to get his deliveries within 48 hours. However, they didn’t receive their delivery within that period. Upon asking for clarification from the support, they were told that it was a failed delivery and they were to wait for a further 48 hours for another delivery to be arranged. 

Still, they didn’t receive any delivery after 48 hours, and there was no communication made on the same. 

Tips Before Buying Next furniture

Before purchasing a Next Furniture, there are critical things to consider. For instance, consider whether the piece of furniture will fit in your home.

Here, you should measure the area you intend to put the furniture in. Using masking tape can help you visualize the amount of floor space the furniture will take up. 

Will the furniture get through your front door? Measure all the internal openings that the furniture requires to get through. Remove all types of obstruction that will prevent your door from opening fully. 

It’s also critical that you measure all corridors. You need to allow extra space for any turning and maneuvering. 

If you don’t follow these tips, you might buy Next furniture but fail to fit it into your living room. 

Reviewers Opinion

Thanks to its quality and affordable furniture, return policy, and warranty option, we do not doubt that Next furniture is a high-quality brand. 

Customers love the brand due to its focus on quality and style that meets their expectations. This is attributed to the company’s effort into research and innovation over the years. 

However, there is still a section of customers and reviewers who have pointed out several issues with the brand. The main challenges are related to delayed deliveries and poor customer support. 

Generally, Next furniture is a top brand that we recommend to potential furniture buyers seeking long-lasting and quality furniture. 


Next makes it to the list of top furniture brands due to its focus on offering quality and durable furniture. 

You’ll get great quality furniture at an affordable rate with Next furniture. The company also offers a warranty and return policy. 

Even though you’ll encounter challenges such as delayed deliveries and poor customer support, their quality will outweigh such problems. 

Therefore, we recommend Next furniture to anyone looking forward to transforming their living room.


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