Mr Cool vs Goodman HVAC: 7 Tips to Help You Choose

Mr Cool vs Goodman HVAC

Imagine trying to brave the cold winters or endure hot summers without HVAC systems! That might not be the best experience, and it might even cause health issues. 

It’s essential to choose and install quality HVAC systems at home. You may consider unit Mr Cool or Goodman when you want to buy a new. Both have good reviews, but Goodman takes the lead in overall reliability. 

Get to learn much more about the brands. The details you learn can help narrow down the search for a new HVAC system. 

7 Tips to Help You Choose Between Mr Cool and Goodman 

1. What is the Lifespan?

Picking an HVAC brand is essential when you have choices like Mr Cool and Goodman. The unit you pick needs to serve you for some time. So, among the first things to look into is the lifespan of each company’s HVAC unit. 

Mr Cool HVAC systems are built to last. The essence of the units that include heat pumps, central HVACs, and Mini-splits is longevity. Therefore, the company works on manufacturing units with a 15+ years lifespan with proper service and repairs. 

As for Goodman HVAC systems, the duration you can expect to use each unit is 10 to 15 years. While the brand has an excellent reputation, the longevity of service is less than Mr Cool HVACs. However, I’ve seen the duration increase after keeping an eye on a unit to detect any issues fast. 

2. What is the Energy Efficiency Rating?

Today, a good HVAC goes beyond how long it can last. Lifespan is only one factor to consider when picking the right brand. Among the essential factors to keep in mind is how energy efficient the different units are. 

Mr Cool prides itself on having energy-efficient mini-split units. The company has the Mr Cool DIY Mini Split in 12000, 18000, and 24000 BTU. In the HVAC industry, a good energy-efficient unit gets the ENERGY STARS. 

The mini-split units have high HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). 

The 12k and 18k have 10.0 HSPF, while the 24k have 8.9. Anything above 8.2 gets the star label from the EPA. Also, the 12k unit has a SEER rating of 22.0. 

Goodman HVACs lacks diversity compared to what Mr Cool has in the market. In addition, it still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of energy efficiency. But, there are great differences, especially with the new units from the company. 

A good example is the Goodman GVXC20 high-efficiency system. The unit has a top SEER rating of 24.5 and is ENERGY STAR rated by the EPA. 

3. What is the Cost of Systems?

When thinking about the right HVAC to purchase, keep an eye on the prices. Some top HVAC units with excellent SEER ratings can be costly, no matter the brand. 

Mr Cool HVAC systems such as the mini-split ACs vary in price depending on the capacity. It’s possible to pay anywhere between $4000 to $5000 per unit. Price will vary because these units come in different sizes that fit varying room capacities. 

Goodman prides itself on affordability. That’s why you can come across HVAC units such as air conditioners, whose prices range from $3000 to $4300. It all depends once more on the capacity that you pick. 

But, if you have a minimum budget that you want to spend and not strain, go for Goodman. The pocket-friendly prices mean you have funds left for installation costs. 

4. Does it Have Special Features?

Special features make HVAC systems more effective, efficient, and reliable. The Goodman’s cool cloud app is one innovation from the company that puts it ahead of the game. The app comes in handy when you have a technical issue with your HVAC. 

While you wait for an HVAC technician to arrive, it diagnoses the problem. The information is ready for the tech when they arrive, cutting the time it takes to inspect it. 

The tech can connect and communicate with the unit wirelessly. Such fast diagnostics means the technicians won’t have to spend so much time doing the elimination method. 

Mr Cool also has some technological advancements when it comes to its HVACs. The units are simple to use in modern times since they all operate via an app. It also works for smart air conditioners and heat pumps fitted with smart controllers. 

5. Is Customer Support Good?

A brand is as good as its reputation. One of the ways to learn more about any HVAC brand is by checking customer support. Is there any customer support available? What is other people’s experience trying to get in touch with Mr Cool and Goodman?

Mr cool is a top brand in the market. However, much needs to be done about their customer support. Despite clear contact information for the company, it’s not reliable. In fact, some term them as having the worst customer support in the industry. 

The issue is long periods of waiting for a response. And when the response comes, they aren’t reliable or helpful. So, consider if you need customer support or not when purchasing HVAC systems. 

Goodman has a slightly better reputation when it comes to customer support. The reps tend to answer questions faster and in a helpful manner. While there might be a few incidences of non-communication, the overall rating for customer support is good. 

6. Are they Easy to Install?

The capacity and sizes of Mr Cool and Goodman HVAC mean it’s better to hire professional help. While some units like mini-split tend to be easy to install, this might not be the case. Remember, the warranty might require you to ensure installation goes flawlessly. 

Therefore, while you might know how to do it, it’s better and safer to get a professional. This means adding installation cost to the price of the unit. Installation fees depend on your area and how much the local HVAC company charges. 

7. What are their Warranty Terms?

A warranty puts you at ease when purchasing an HVAC worth thousands of dollars. If you encounter any issues, a company can come to your aid to repair or replace the unit. 

A Mr Cool warranty covers the parts of different units. The company has a Multi-Family Residence Warranty for parts. You have to register the unit when you buy it for this to work. Mr Cool covers parts for 10 years with registration and 5 years without. 

Goodman has the same type of warranty, giving 10 years for parts when you do registration. An unregistered unit only qualifies for a 5-year parts warranty. There’s room for improvement from both companies regarding the details of the HVAC warranties.

Which is the Best Between Mr Cool and Goodman?

While Mr Cool has its merit, Goodman takes the lead regarding reliability. In the industry, it’s among the top brands in the country for HVAC systems. Still, it’s worth noting that none of these brands lacks some cons, so it’s worth doing a little research. 

Also, Goodman has a better reputation when it comes to DIY installation. The guidelines are clear, and there are more positive reviews. Mr Cool mini-splits, for example, have a more complex installation process. 


HVAC systems are a lifesaver, and it’s always better to have one at home. Goodman continues to shine in terms of overall reliability in the industry. 

Still, Mr Cool has its positive traits, so check the above points before choosing the unit to purchase. 


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