Are Moog Parts Good Quality? (11 Helpful Tips)

Moog Parts Good Quality

My incredible relationship with the Moog brand began when I learned that I could shop for everything under one roof. From suspension, steering, driveline, and more.

Unbelievably, you can get control alarms, bushings, ball joints, idler arms, center drag link, and Moog steering on the same shopping trip. That is so much convenience all under one roof. However, I did not know how quality these parts were.

You may have heard or seen Moog parts and wondered why Moog is the preferred suspension and steering brand for thousands of mechanics and drivers.

So, are Moog parts good quality?

The Moog parts that I bought were durable, sturdy, high-quality, and reliable. For instance, they are well made, have grease fittings to fit perfectly, and will not need to be replaced again. Besides, these parts offer a lifetime warranty.

Therefore, what exactly would you be getting yourself into if you bought any Moog parts?

In this article, we will open your eyes to some of the secrets I uncovered about Moog’s parts.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more.

Are Moog parts good quality?

It is by no doubt that Moog parts offer a lifetime warranty, but this lifetime warranty does not mean anything unless you are happy with the parts. This is where quality comes in.

Moog being a trusted brand, its parts are durable, sturdy, reliable, and of high quality. For instance, Moog Control Arm can last for a long time and does not need replacement until they wear out or tear.

I have also used Moog wheel bearing. They lasted for around 136,000 km (85,000 miles). Did I tell you that one of my close friends shared with me that his Moog wheel bearing lasted 160, 000 km (100,000 miles)?

Where are Moog parts made?

Where does Moog make their parts? Unfortunately, this question is not as straightforward as it used to be. For instance, back in the golden days, Moog chassis parts were solely manufactured in the United States of America.

In many cases, people still presume that Moog parts are only made in the United States even today. However, as the years go by, we have seen more and more Moog parts manufactured from one country after another.

Therefore, with so many countries worldwide manufacturing Moog parts, there is no real way to predict that a specific Moog part will come from which country.

The best way to determine when your specific Moog part was made is to check the label on your Moog part.

Therefore, we finally found the answer to the question ‘where are Moog parts made.’ For instance, they are manufactured all over the world.

Moog is no exception to the phrase, “with global economy comes global manufacturing.”

Are Moog parts bad?

From my experience and knowledge, I can confidently say that Moog parts are of good quality compared to other ‘price competitive’ cheap parts from other brands.

For instance, Moog parts are not bad; they are problem-solvers.

Presuming you are addressing an issue on the 64-72 Elky, you should consider the upper control arm shaft kit or OE from Moog.

However, although Moog parts are expensive compared to parts from other brands, it is vital to remember that you never get what you do not pay for.

Are Moog parts as quality as OEM?

Moog parts are of top-quality compared to OEM. For instance, they come with grease fittings. The best way to understand how much quality Moog parts are is to research online forums and see the kind of luck other people are having with Moog parts.

However, it is vital to note that sometimes, OEM is better. Other times it is not. With that in mind, you can amend the rule to the phrase, ‘OEM is usually best unless your vehicle is Italian.’

Is Moog an OEM?

Through Moog, customers worldwide are assured of innovative medical technologies for medical OEM.

For instance, many medical OEM products feature advanced Moog innovative designs. Common applications are not limited to medical centrifuges, medical blowers, pumps, compressors, CT scanners, and surgical instruments such as drills and saws.

Which are better, Dorman parts or Moog parts?

Dorman parts are best suited for daily or mainly OEM vehicles. For instance, they are the type of like the set-up from eBay parts. You will not have any issue with Dorman parts when you do not abuse them.

On the other hand, Moog parts are higher-end quality but come with a relatively higher price.

Are Mevotech parts better than Moog parts?

This is a tricky question. However, Mevotech tie rods are pretty good. They are cheaper than Moog parts, and they outperform EOM without sacrificing quality.

For instance, Mevotech parts are easy to install, sturdy, and you can get them at a fantastic price.

Therefore, Mevotech should be your stellar choice for your tie rod needs.

Does O’Reilly carry Moog parts?

If you are looking for Moog chassis parts for your next repair, you should consider O’Reilly Auto. They carry many reputable brands that you can choose from.

For instance, whether you are looking for an in-house brand such as Precision or MasterPro, or going for a national brand such as trust or Moog, O’Reilly got you covered.

What are the reviews of Moog parts?

Moog parts have received many top reviews for their quality. For instance, Moog suspension parts were first mentioned on May 27, 2016, on PissedConsumer. Since then, the Moog brand has received 16 different reviews.

Moog parts such as suspension parts are tanked 88 out of 497 in Auto Accessories and parts categories.

Does Moog make good control arms?

If you are looking for a brand that processes great control arms, consider going for Moog control arms.

Moog control arms have received 5.0 out of 5 stars for great quality. For instance, they are easy to install and have a grease fitting that even OEM parts do not have. This assists with suspension riding.

How long do Moog control arms last?

In most vehicles, you can expect your Moog control arms to last up to 100,000 miles before they need to be replaced. However, several factors can affect the lifespan of the Moog control arms.


If you are looking for any vehicle parts, consider going for Moog parts. They are of great quality and offer a lifetime warranty.

Hopefully, this article was of great help.

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