Are Moen Shower Valves Good? (6 Hacks To Know)

Moen Shower Valves Good

We all look forward to taking a shower after a long day at work. Showers have a vital role to play in our lives. Since we use them every day, they have to be in tip-top shape to avoid constant visits from the plumber.

Showers need valves to function. Actually, these same shower valves are the reason why we enjoy freshening up. They regulate the water temperature. Picture life without shower valves. The water would be too hot or cold.

I sure wouldn’t enjoy taking a cold shower unless I live on an island somewhere in the Caribbean. At the start of a day, if we don’t get a refreshing shower, the entire day is ruined.

Are Moen Shower Valves Good?

When I bought a house, I didn’t think I needed to pay close attention to the brand faucets and valves I bought to change up my bathrooms.

The shower valves I bought (I cannot recall the brand name) lasted barely a week. It was my first time buying shower valves, and all I thought I needed to do was check that they were not.

When I called my plumber to come and check what was wrong, they advised that I buy from a better brand because those were ruined. So, the plumber took me to a nearby store and showed me some of the best shower valves available in the market.

His favorite valves looked sturdy, high-quality, and pocket-friendly. I noticed the brand was Moen and decided to take a chance on them.

So, are Moen shower valves any good?

Indeed, they are. Moen shower valves are top-tier quality and add a sense of style to our bathrooms. Moreover, they are durable and manufactured with the best materials. As a result, Moen is a popular shower valve brand loved by most plumbers and homeowners alike.

We might not think about the importance of buying tools such as valves, faucets, and the like. Honestly, without the help of a professional, we would end up with substandard shower valves.

That means incessant visits from plumbers and disrupted shower sessions. Moen is the solution because they have the best valves to ensure our shower setups are good to go.

I know you’re sitting at the edge of your seat, ready to hear the great details about Mien shower valves. But before then, here’s a bit of information about the brand.

The History Behind Moen Shower Valves

The first functional shower came about in 1810 by an anonymous entrepreneur. Since then, technologies have made the shower experience more luxurious.

The Moen brand came into the market in the 1950s. It provided solutions for bathrooms and kitchens.

Moen products include faucets, valves, shower fixtures, sinks, and garbage disposals. Moen products are now under Fortune Brands Home and Security, the parent company.

What are the Benefits of Moen Shower Valves?

Here are some benefits of Moen shower valves.

Quality Material

Remember I told you my previous shower valves didn’t last a week? Moen shower valves are made from brass materials. This means that the valves will last longer than most other brands out there. After installation, there’s no need to worry about having the plumber’s contact on speed dial.


You need shower valves that will function properly, and that’s where Moen shower valves come in. They are rust and corrosion-proof. This feature makes them durable and strong. Shower valves come into contact with water and need to be as efficient as possible, especially for regulating water temperature.


Yes, Moen shower valves are more expensive than most other brands. However, they are totally worth the few extra dollars. The high-quality features of these valves make them stand out from other cheaper products. 


Unlike other shower valves that need you to deal with plumbing when changing the shower setup, Moen valves are non-disruptive. Aside from that, Moen shower valves are easy to install (if you know your way around plumbing tools).

Are There Different Types of Moen Shower Valves?

Moen does not disappoint when it comes to variety. The different Moen shower valves are perfect for different setups and use.

Here’s a breakdown of some common Moen shower valve options:

U by Moen Shower Valve

This shower valve utilizes one of the latest technologies. It has a digital thermostat, and control is via an application available on mobile. You can use a voice-recognition system to regulate temperature and flow when running a shower.

ExactTemp Thermostatic Valve

This three-quarter-inch valve has mechanical thermostat control. Its brass exterior makes it durable and rustproof. Corrosion is also impossible with this Moen shower valve.

M-CORE Transfer Valve

The M-CORE category of Moen shower valves is the best, with three outlets and one inlet. These valves are easier to install and offer the utmost functionality. Moreover, we have different styles to choose from for our preferred shower setup.

Posi-Temp Valve

The posi-temp Moen shower valve uses technology with pressure-balancing control. Therefore, showers are more fun because the water temperature remains constant throughout.

Initially, I had a problem with the shower running colder if someone flushed the toilet or ran a tap while I was showering.

How to Choose a Moen Shower Valve?

I made a terrible mistake buying a shower valve without seeking the help of a professional. While some people are lucky enough to land on high-quality shower valves and fixtures, others end up with substandard tools. (Myself included).

Here are a few factors to consider to ensure you end up with what you want.


Moen shower valves are more expensive than ordinary vales. However, the price also ranges from one type to the other. Your budget determines the type of shower valve you’ll get, as there are options for low and high budgets.


Moen shower valves come in different shapes and sizes. There are brass, zinc, and copper valves. Buy a shower valve depending on your refereed material and what you feel looks good.


Moen valves have different features. These features vary from digital to mechanical control. However, both work perfectly, and it’s really a matter of choice.

Also, the inlet and outlets matter, so ensure you check those out and match them with your shower type.

How Much Do Moen Shower Valves Cost?

Moen shower valves are a bit more expensive. They cost between $113.75 and $1800.30. I was a bit hesitant when I saw the price tag. However, I do not regret making the purchase. The high quality of these shower valves is a steal compared to the features of Moen valves.

On top of the wonderful quality and features, Moen valves have a warranty covering all purchases. Prices depend on:

  • The model
  • The features

Once you buy a Moen fixture or accessory, register the product to get savings on future purchases. That’s not all, since return customers also get simplified customer support and many other goodies.


There’s enough proof that Moen shower valves are among the best in the market. Moen is a notable brand because of its high-quality products and outstanding customer programs.

In addition, Moen shower valves have excellent finishes and perform their functions above our expectations.


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