Moen Faucets: 14 Things You Need To Know (Explained)

Moen Faucets Tips

Moen Faucets are among the most reliable and reputable brands in the industry today. The company has invested in research and innovation to grow into one of the top large-scale manufacturers of quality faucets. 

With Moen, it’s easier to find a top-quality and durable faucet at an affordable rate. For your information, the company offers a warranty just to show how confident it’s with the durability of its products. 

But still, there are many unanswered questions about the company and its products. Here, we provide information on 15 things you should know about Moen Faucets.  

What Material Are Moen Faucets Made of?

For the record, Moen is reputable for developing a variety of faucets. Most faucets are designed with similar parts developed from the same material types. 

But is the material used plastic or metal? 

The different parts of the faucets are made using different materials. However, for the most part, faucets are designed and developed using metals.

Let’s consider the different parts and what they’re made of below: 

Faucet Handles

The faucet handle is the most exposed part. The handle is made using metal. However, you can still come across plastic Moen faucet handles. 

For instance, most double-handle Moen bathroom faucets having round knobs come with plastic handles. 

Trim Pieces

A trim piece at the base of Moen faucets is usually brushed nickel or chrome plated. 

Shower Valves

Since shower valves are exposed to a lot of pressure from the plumbing system, they are made of metal. In fact, they’re developed from hard steel to fit copper pipe fittings or brass. 

Internal Parts

Shower faucets are designed with stop tube kits developed from metal that slide over the cartridge. However, the cartridge is partially ceramic and partially plastic. 

Spouts and Bases

Finally, Moen faucet spouts and bases are also developed from metal. The base is made of strong and durable materials, while the sprout is developed with thin sheet metal. 

Are Moen Faucets Metric Or Standard?

Moen faucets are standard and not metric. 

For your information, the size of the wrench you need for your Moen faucet varies depending on the faucet model. However, most models, including the Moen Renzo faucets, need a 7/64” for repair or removal. 

How Long Do Moen Faucets Last?

A Moen faucet will mostly last 15-20 years. When it comes closer to completing its lifespan, you’ll notice constant leaks and damage. 

At this point, you’ll have to make a repair or replacement. One common sign that you should replace your Moen faucet is when it requires constant repairs. 

Replacing the faucet will save you money in the long term. 

Do Moen Faucets Contain Lead?

Moen faucets don’t contain lead. The faucets are designed with hard steel, comfortably fitting copper and brass pipe fittings. 

Steel is used thanks to its strength to withstand pressure from the plumbing system. 

For your information, Moen has worked to comply with the Lead reduction legislation, which seeks to limit the allowable lead amount in plumbing fixtures to below 0.25%. 

Do Moen Faucets Have Brass Fittings?

Moen employs various materials to develop faucet fittings. Common materials used include zinc, stainless steel, plastic, and brass. 

In fact, the body of all Moen faucets is designed using steel and lead-free brass. 

Which Faucets Are Better Delta Or Moen?

There is no argument that Moen faucets are of better quality and performance compared to Delta ones. For their high quality, Moen products are more expensive than Delta faucets. 

Apart from the top-quality, Moen faucets also offer a lifetime limited warranty, while Delta one offers both a 5-year limited warranty and a lifetime limited warranty. 

Moen also stands out from Delta for its additional high-end features such as water infiltration, touchless operation, and soap dispensers. 

Do Moen Faucets Come With Supply Lines?

Absolutely! New Moen faucets come together with supply tubes.

However, the tubes aren’t long enough or equipped with the right threats for linking to the shutoff valves. 

Do Moen Faucets Have Ceramic Valves?

Moen faucets have a ceramic disc design. The technology provides for harsh water conditions. 

Moen valves offer unsurpassed comfort, reliability, and safety that is difficult to get in other brands. 

Do Menards Carry Moen Faucets?

Yes, Menards carry and deliver Moen faucets. You can locate a specific store on their site and provide your nearest location for delivery. 

Do Moen Faucets Come With an Aerator Key?

Absolutely! Moen faucets are available with an aerator key. You can use the aerator key to remove an aerator from your Moen faucet while replacing or cleaning a clogged aerator. 

The aerator key is plastic and is designed with a round end having teeth. The teeth should line up with the aerator teeth, allowing you to unscrew them. 

Even when your faucet doesn’t come with the key, you can order a Moen aerator kit. The kit will come with an aerator and a key that you can use on any Moen faucet. 

Where To Buy Moen Faucet Replacement Parts?

The best place to buy replacement parts would be from Moen itself. You can obtain replacement parts (warranty claims) by calling 1-800-289-6636. 

However, for you to get your warranty claims, you should provide original sales receipts that you were given while purchasing the faucet. If it was bought by someone else, ensure they give you proof of purchase. 

Apart from getting replacement parts from Moen, you can also get them from other reputable online sellers like Amazon and Faucet Direct

Do Moen Faucets Come With Drains?

Yes, Moen faucets are available with drains. However, this is only true for the bathroom sink faucets. 

Due to the many combinations available, tub and shower faucets aren’t designed with drains. 

One model notable for having the drain and faucet rough-in parts is the Moen M-PACT ½” IPS Widespread Faucet.

Do Moen Faucets Have Seats And Springs?

Absolutely! Moen faucets have seats and springs. You can easily get Moen faucet repair kits having seats and springs at a local home hardware store. 

We also recommend checking the kits on online platforms such as Amazon. 

Do Moen Faucets Have Washers?

Yes, Moen faucets have washers. In fact, almost all faucets are designed with washers to help control water flow

They also prevent contamination or water leakage when the faucet is shut off. 

Therefore, when you notice a leaking faucet, there is a high chance that the washer is broken or worn. Instead of replacing a washer, you should replace cartridges to prevent such leakages.


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