Are Masterforce Hand Tools Any Good? (9 Helpful Tips)

Masterforce Hand Tools worths the money

Masterforce is one of Menards’ home improvement brands that deal with hand tools, power tools, and tool storage facilities. 

You might have heard about the brand and are eager to know whether it is a good buy for you or not. 

Masterforce hand tools are mid-range tools that may be a steal or a nightmare for you. 

If you want to know why it is, this article is for you.

Are Masterforce Hand Tools Any Good?

Yes. Masterforce hand tools offer you the best value for your money. 

While they might not be as high quality as hand tools from Hilti, Milwaukee, and Bosch, Masterforce hand tools can rival the cheaper options from the companies mentioned above. 

A major downside with Masterforce tools is that they’re a hit and miss at times. Some tools mimic the quality of Chevron’s and DeWalt’s hand tools but with a different color scheme, while others are just unique and average.

The best explanation for the varying quality of Masterforce hand tools is that they are either rebranded versions of the contracted companies’ hand tools (a hit) or new makes with a reduction in quality (a miss) in order to lower their prices. 

For example, Masterforce wrenches, sockets, hammers, etc., are rebranded tools made by Danaher or Apex, while their screwdrivers are Pratt-Read. Most of the other hand tools in their stores are mainly made in Asia.

The quality will also vary with the manufacturer, with the American-made Masterforce tools ranking highest in user satisfaction and quality. Overall, Masterforce tools are of good quality as a midrange brand. 

Masterforce hand tools are made to last a lifetime with extra care and maintenance. 

Is Masterforce A Good Brand?

Masterforce is a mid-range brand so expect its hand tools to be good but not exceptional. 

A lot of the praise heaped on Masterforce is solely for its fairly priced, medium-quality hand tools. If you’re a professional or an individual who’s hard on tools, Masterforce tools will disappoint you from the start. 

Actually, why do you think they are fairly priced? It’s because Masterforce tools are made by companies contracted under Menards Inc. No two companies will ever produce the same quality product. The changing of contracted manufacturers impacts the quality of the tool you get under the Masterforce brand. 

You might get an excellent product that can rival those from Makita and Hilti, or you might get a shitty product that disappoints.   

I am not saying that you should avoid Masterforce tools completely. Masterforce is a great brand that competes fairly with the likes of Kobalt, Ridgid, and Craftsman. 

Just do not expect the same service you get from a Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, or Hilti hand tool with a Masterforce hand tool.        

Who Makes Masterforce Hand Tools?

Masterforce is a brand name under Menards, Inc., serving as the company’s branch of fairly-priced home improvement tools. 

However, whoever makes Masterforce tools is usually debatable since Menards doesn’t have the machinery or facilities to make them themselves. Thus, it ends up contracting the tool manufacturing to other companies.

The companies formerly contracted under Menards include Stabila, Stanley Black & Decker, and Chevron. 

Currently, Apex Tool Group, Pratt-Read, and Techtronic Industries (TTI) make most of Masterforce hand tools in their facilities here in the US.

Don’t be surprised to find that your Masterforce tool looks very similar to one from the stated contractor companies.

Masterforce Hand Tools Sold At Menards

Masterforce is a brand that has almost any hand tool you can imagine.

Some of the most common ones include pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, nut drivers and sets, files, ratchets, measuring tapes, chisels, utility knives, hand saws, hex wrenches, drywall tools, and sockets.

Are Masterforce Tools Comfortable To Use?

Masterforce hand tools combine efficiency, precision, and comfortability in one package. 

Its hammers, chisels, utility blades, and hand planes have the best handles in the midrange category.

The tools’ handles are well crafted to maximize ergonomics. The hammer handles are strong, grippy, and light. 

Apart from pliers, whose handle rubber tends to loosen and slip off with time, the rest of the handles are very comfortable to use. 

3 Problems With Masterforce Hand Tools

Menards’ Masterforce hand tools are a good mid-range line of tools. The tools are made for light to medium tasks that don’t strain the tools too much since they fail easily. 

Here are some problems you will experience with Masterforce hand tools.

  • Masterforce’s hand tools are good apart from their pliers. Their handles are grippy but fall off easily while in use; they also lose their grip with time and are difficult to adjust. 
  • Menards stores are clustered around Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, while the Southern and Western states have none. If you live in these states that don’t have a Menards, buying a Masterforce hand tool would be unwise. 

The hustle to get your hand tool replaced would exceed the price of buying a new one from a different company.

  • Some Masterforce hand tools, such as screwdrivers, have slippery handles. They’re not only uncomfortable to use but also endanger the user. 

Are Masterforce Hand Tools Warrantied?

Yes, all Masterforce hand tools have an unconditional lifetime warranty. 

If you use your hammer or screwdriver for ten years or so, and it gets damaged, you only need to walk into a Menards store with a receipt, and you will be compensated with a similar one. 

A receipt isn’t necessary at times since Menards is the only store that sells Masterforce hand tools. 

Are Masterforce Hand Tools Expensive?

Masterforce tools fall in the midrange price category; you might get yourself an amazing offer for a hand tool at a fair price. 

If you’re to compare them with high-end brands like Milwaukee’s hand tools, you might get suspicious of the tool’s quality given the vast difference in pricing. However, most of Menards’ Masterforce tools are rebrands or makes of established brands and thus are very high quality and worth every cent spent. 

If you live near a Menards store or are planning to use the tool for lighter home improvement tasks, then Masterforce will suit you. 

What Do Reviews Say?

Masterforce hand tools are rated fairly based on reviews on 

The tools perform extremely well and last long when used to perform light to medium tasks and fall in the same performance category as hand tools from Kobalt and Craftsman.

Masterforce tools are rated a great value for money option on  

Another reason for its fair rating is that some Masterforce hand tools break or malfunction even when used lightly. It can be attributed to the varying production standards that the different contracted manufacturers have. 

However, the positive to this setback is that you can return the broken or malfunctioning tool to Menards, and you will receive a brand new one off the shelf. 

My Take On Masterforce Hand Tools

For the DIY-ers and non-professionals who might not wish to spend big bucks on buying high-end tools, then Masterforce hand tools are the right set of tools for you. 

The fair pricing, durability, awesome customer support, and unconditional lifetime warranties on their products are enticing and worthwhile to consider. 

However, your association with Masterforce should end with hand tools. Beyond hand tools, Masterforce power, HVAC, landscaping, and pneumatic tools are always bound to disappoint, and you might end up at their stores demanding a replacement on multiple occasions. 


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