Are Makita Chainsaws Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Makita Chainsaws Good

There’s no shortage of chainsaws on the market, but some perform better than others. 

Every kind of woodwork has its ideal chainsaw. Beginners and pro loggers only need to discover the brand and model that works best for them.

Makita Chainsaw is a brand of Chainsaw that demonstrates a consistent track record of reliability, durability, and quality performance.

Makita is one of the top brands of the chainsaw with assorted products to fit various expertise levels. They have unique products that stand out in terms of fuel efficiency, ease of starting and others. This makes them a perfect choice for beginners and experts.

It is a high-end brand with a wide range of chainsaws on the market. Beginner and expert woodworkers have come to trust the Makita brand for its innovative products, quality, and durability

The brand offers petrol, battery, and electric powered chainsaws covering all power spectrums.

Below is a detailed overview of the Makita brand, its values, and a highlight of its chainsaws. 

It provides you with the information you need to decide about owning a Makita chainsaw.

Are Makita Chainsaws Good Quality?

Makita chainsaws own a wide range of products developed through years of inputs from lumbering experts worldwide. 

These chainsaws have uniqueness and strengths that meet the needs of every customer: beginners to top-level professionals. 

Their products are highly efficient with compact designs. Each features a high-powered engine with a balanced weight ratio.

One of the strengths of the Makita chainsaw is the priority they give to operators’ safety

Makita petrol engine features enhancements that help regulate emission and reduce pollution. All their petrol engine comes with spring-assist starting technology to reduce the stress of pull-start

Furthermore, the engine is fitted with several other systems to make starting and running easy and quick. 

Makita Chain and bar oiling are achieved through an automatic oiling system in the chainsaw.

The fuel tank can hold 400ml of fuel at once, giving you enough runtime before running out of fuel. 

Unlike some chainsaws that exhaust their oil before covering much work, the Makita oil compartment holds 290ml of oil, sufficient for an extended work period. 

Also, a significant plus for Makita Chain saw is the ease of cleaning. The chainsaw is coupled via tool=less fittings.

The Quality of Makita Battery Chainsaw

Besides the petrol engine, their battery-powered chainsaw is some of the best on the market.

Checking online reviews shows the number of positive feedbacks available regarding their battery chainsaws. 

Several pro loggers have confessed to owning one of their battery chainsaws in their chainsaws collection.

A 5amp dual battery Makita chainsaw would charge from 0 to 100 in 50 minutes and give an average of 150 cuts. 

However, the downside is that the duration of work ranges between 30 minutes to 50 minutes. It means you have to wait for 50 minutes to have a 30 minutes work. 

An alternative is to have spare batteries that you’ll continue to charge while working.

Are Makita Chainsaws Easy to Use?

Makita Chainsaw is some of the lightest heavy-duty chainsaws on the market

They perform exceptionally well in the hands of beginners and pros alike.

Critical issues such as noise, vibrations, emission, running costs, and mechanical maintenance are kept to a minimum in all Makita products. 

They incorporate modern technology that makes their petrol engines easy to start, run and maintain.

Makita Chainsaws cover a range of tasks. 

Some chainsaws are ideal for moderate tasks, and there are high-power engines up to 50cc that can handle heavy-duty lumbering tasks. 

Beginners can learn how to handle lumbering jobs in their yards with the lightweight Makita battery chainsaws and progress gradually to more heavy-duty machines.

How Long Do Makita Chainsaws Last?

Some lumbering pro on significant review sites has had their model of Makita chainsaw for over 2 to 3. 

If properly maintained, an average Makita Chainsaw can last for a decade. 

The products are fabricated from high-quality material that prioritizes durability and performance.

How Well Do Makita Chainsaws Hold Their Value?

The core value of the Makita brand is to create products that promote reliability, power, and efficiency

So far, all products in their line have shown evidence of this resolve.

Several customer reviews testify to their commitment to these values.

How Long Is The Warranty On Makita Chainsaws?

Makita Chainsaw offers a one-year warranty on its chainsaws. 

The warranty covers defective products and workmanship for 365 days from the original date of purchase. However, terms and conditions apply to the warranty. 

There is also a three years limited warranty for the lithium-ion tool, battery, charger, and pneumatic nailer. This warranty assures customers of the quality of the product they are buying. 

Makita validates their claims and fixes the problem at no cost to the customers if any customer lodge complains about a product they purchase. 

There are also terms and conditions to this warranty.    

What Gear Do You Get With A Makita Chainsaws?

There are several models of chainsaws in the Makita range. Each Chainsaw has its unique features and gear that comes with it. 

However, below is a list of the items to expect in your chainsaw package, depending on the model.

1) A Universal tool for tuning and dismantling the saw

2) A saw sheath for protection during transportation

3) A metal case

4) Battery

5) Battery charger

4) Tool-kit

5) Oil

Popular Makita Chainsaws Beginner

Below is a list of popular Makita chainsaws most ideal for beginners.

Makita Chainsaw EA3201

This gas-powered saw is regarded as an entry-level saw for a beginner. 

It weighs 4.3kg, easy for beginners to handle and maneuver. The chainsaw has many features and benefits usually found on chainsaws with high specifications. 

It features a 32cc 2-strokes power engine that generates 1.7 hp. This chainsaw works best on moderate tree felling tasks, thinning, and edging works.

Makita DCS5121

This chainsaw is an advanced version of the EA3201 Makita chainsaw. 

It is a heavy-duty tool capable of delivering 3.3 hp through its 2-stroke 50cc power through the engine. 

The saw runs on petrol and handles lumbering and tree-felling jobs that require more force

As you progress from beginner to a pro, this chainsaw is an excellent addition to your collections. 

It features a 45cm (18″) bar, which fits a wide range of tasks. DC5121 delivers up to half an hour of continuous working time before a need for refuel.

Makita DUC254

This model of Makita is battery-powered. 

It has all the features of a petrol engine chainsaw and performs similar functions. The saw also has a lower noise threshold. However, this model has a lower power capability. 

Users can only use it for minor lumbering, thinning, and cutting tasks.

Other models of Makita chainsaw include Makita chainsaw DUC353, DUC306, XCU03, XCU06, XCU04PT, XCU03PT1, XCU08Z, XCU09PT, XCU04PT, XCU06T, XCU07Z, XCU9Z, all of which feature a battery, electric and petrol powered engines. 

This equipment has its uniqueness, strengths, and limitations. 

Beginners have to experiment with various models to see what works best for them.

The prices range of the Makita chainsaw varies from $100 – $350.


Makita Chainsaw holds a unique niche in the chainsaw market. 

They have a unique blend of design, power, efficiency, and cost economics. With Makita, you’ll find a chainsaw that fits any job you have at hand. 

The brand is reliable, powerful, and durable. 

Noise levels are down to 64 decibels, quite ideal for locations where you don’t want to distract people living around you. 

The chain brake comes in handy when the chainsaw experiences a kickback. 

As a beginner is looking for a chainsaw to start with, Makita is a great choice. 


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