4 Problems With Look Trailers (Explained for Beginners)

look trailers problems

Are you in the market for a new trailer, but you’re not quite sure which brand to choose? The Look trailer brand is America’s biggest cargo trailer manufacturer. They are well known for their family ethos, innovation, and customer service.

Yet, it’s important to look at both the good and the bad when searching for a new trailer. That’s why we have done the research for you and found four problems with Look trailers. By knowing these problems, you will be able to make an educated decision about if a Look trailer model is right for you. 

What Are Four Common Problems With Look Trailers?

Below we have spoken about the four main problems associated with Look trailers. 

1. Rust Issues

You likely don’t want a trailer that rusts as rusting causes significant damage to the structure of a trailer. Not only will this affect the lifespan of the trailer, but it will also weaken the trailer by reducing its mass. Essentially, with a lot of rust, the steel on a frame will no longer be able to support the weight it once was able to. In many instances, this causes parts of a trailer to collapse and break. 

One of the biggest issues many people have seen with Look trailers is that some models tend to rust. Certain trailer models that have a steel frame and an aluminum box seem to experience rust issues often. The steel frames tend to rust through the trailer paint after only a few uses. 

Additionally, some have had problems with the jack and chains rusting within three months of use. Moreover, some of the Look trailers don’t have the automotive undercoating they are supposed to, which has led to the trailer undercarriages rusting within three months. 

2. Poor Quality Wiring Junction Boxes

Poor quality electrical wiring junction boxes can cause many problems. For example, boxes that do not have the wiring done correctly can cause shorts, leading to fires and damage to other components of a trailer. In addition to this, junction boxes that are left open experience water damage. 

Although not an overly common issue, a few Look trailer owners have reported poor quality wiring junction boxes. These boxes are used to connect the wiring to the trailer plug harness. On certain models, this box is a common household receptacle box that is not sealed or wired correctly. This has led to customers needing to replace the wiring junction boxes with sealed ones. 

3. Water Leaks Causing Mold

Having a trailer with leaks can cause many problems that you likely don’t want to have to contend with when traveling or storing goods. A trailer that has water leaks can damage your possessions, the interior structure, electrical components, and it can cause mold. 

In the past, a few Look customers have reported having issues with water leaks that have caused damage and mold in their Look trailers. With these trailers, water leaks have commonly occurred at the backdoor. 

This has led to mold growth on the wood planking inside the trailers. Additionally, leaks were also prevalent in some models because of gaps where sealant was not applied correctly.

4. Construction Problems

No one wants to purchase a trailer that has construction problems. Since trailers are reasonably expensive, you don’t want to waste money on buying a trailer that isn’t going to be durable enough to give you your money’s worth.

A few observers have reported poor quality construction with inferior low-quality materials. Specifically, some Look trailer owners have complained about poor electrical wiring that comes undone, ramp door springs being put on wrong, and ramp door cabling falling off. The ramp door cabling falling off has led to certain model side doors breaking. 

Additionally, certain Look trailer models feature poor welding. The poor welding is often seen at the tongue of the trailers. There have also been some Look trailers with more serious construction issues. Some reports have stated that the interiors sometimes warp, and this causes difficulty opening side trailer doors. 

What Do Look Trailers Do Right?

Now that we have had a look at the problems associated with Look trailers, we thought it only fair to evaluate what this brand does right. As one of the bestselling cargo trailer manufacturers, the Look trailer brand has a few positives you should note. 

  • The Look brand manufactures industry-leading snowmobile trailers. There are perhaps no other brands that construct snowmobile trailers that are as innovative, durable, reliable, and functional. 
  • Unlike other trailer brands, Look manufactures an impressive trailer line that includes trailers in six different categories that are used for different purposes and that come in various lengths and widths. For example, there are trailers specifically designed for hauling motorcycles, for off-road adventures, for contractors needing to get a job done, and for those who need to transport cargo. 
  • Look trailers have some of the best custom options available in the industry. With certain trailers, you can opt to have a recessed wall e-track, an exterior spare tire mount, a happijac bed down, and ladder racks. Some models have a roof platform with fold-down rails, a roof access door, and an aluminum pull-out step for easy access. 

What Do Look Trailer Reviews Say About The Brand?

Most reviews surrounding look trailers are positive, but some customers have pointed out a few areas that could use improvement. 

Some Look trailers have a few structural issues that have been a cause for concern. For example, one reviewer can be quoted as saying:

 “I have had a look vision for over two years. The white interior is warping a little bit, and the side door won’t open.”

Additionally, certain customers have had issues with the Look brand’s customer service at select branches. Although not directly related to the build of the trailer, it has caused some to choose not to invest in a Look trailer. One reviewer stated:

“The salesman at their headquarters is nothing but ignorant. So if you are looking for a new trailer, I would not recommend Look.”

What Are The Prices On Look Trailers?

20226X12 3K Enclosed Cargo Trailer$5,295
202114X072 Enclosed Cargo Trailer$6,063
20207X16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer $7,995
2019Drop Neck Enclosed Cargo Trailer $11,695


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