Are Loake Shoes Good? (5 Hacks to Know)

Loake Shoes Good

Shoes are an essential requirement to complete a classic look for any style. Loake is one of the brands that offer different designs and styles of shoes. If you’re looking for top-quality shoes, Loake is no exception.

Loake shoes are good because they are handmade with attention to detail. For more than 130 years, Loake has built an excellent reputation for producing the best handmade British men’s footwear. This brand has extended its collection over time to suit both formal and casual designs. 

Everyone has their go-to brand when it comes to shoes. Loake brand has a tradition of producing comfortable and durable shoes that fulfill the desires of their clients. Learn more about the five hacks that make Loake shoes suitable.

Loake Offers Top-quality Shoes

Loake shoes are made of high-quality materials. Therefore, they are durable when you give them proper care. The brand mostly makes shoes from studded Dainite (a resilient material with excellent traction). The suedes and leather for the uppers constitute a holistic quality.

The most common feature of Loake shoes is that they have a Goodyear welt. When it comes to shoes, many people prefer ones with a Goodyear welt because they are sturdy and durable. Secondly, Goodyear welted shoes are easily repairable in case of damage.

Below is the order of craftsmanship process that Loake uses to produce high-quality shoes.

  1. Cutting: The process of cutting leather sections that will make the uppers. They use the finest leather sourced from the best suppliers. Loake’s highly skilled artisans ensure that they avoid flaws while carrying out the cutting process.
  2. Closing: The closing process involves stitching all sections of the shoe upper together. This is when the addition of punch holes and eyelet holes occurs in Loake’s shoe-making process.
  3. Lasting: The shoe upper is attached to the insole at the toe, sides, and seat areas. The lasting process allows the leather to mold into the desired shape.
  4. Welt sewing: A strip of leather is put where the shoe upper, insole, and sole meet. Rather than gluing down the welt, the Loake brand carries out actual sewing.
  5. Sole Stitching: Stitching of the sole to the welt takes place. 
  6. Edge trimming: Trimming of the edges gives the soles the desirable shape.
  7. Sole staining: Staining gives the soles a neat and appealing finish. 
  8. Burnishing: This is the final process that entails dressing and polishing. Finally, the staff laces and boxes the shoes ready for sale.

Highly skilled artisans with years of experience carry out the above processes. Their manufacturing process gives you a guarantee that Loake shoes have top-notch quality.

Loake Offers Many Designs to Choose From

Every Loake shoe wearer has an opinion they consider while choosing different shoe designs. Since the Loake brand has the interests of their clients at heart, they offer many shoe designs.

Whether you are the ideal day-to-day suit wearer or the classic casual wearer, Loake will always have a design to complement your look. What suits one person may not suit another. Therefore, there are exquisite varieties of Loake’s style to choose from. 

The three most diverse shoe options that you can get from Loake are:

  • Loake Chester brogues
  • Loake Hutchinson Chelsea boots
  • Loake 200B oxford shoes

Loake Produces Shoes that Offer Ultimate Comfort

Loakes designs offer long-lasting comfort to the wearer from the sole to the upper part. These shoes pass the quality and the comfortability tests, which improve with time.

As you wear your Loakes, you will realize that the leather linings and the uppers will grow into the shape of your foot, offer a perfect fit, and support you better. The sole, being made of Dainite, is flexible and provides a superior level of traction despite the conditions.

The following qualities are what contribute to the long-lasting comfort that Loakes offer.

  • Goodyear welted soles: Leather, a natural material, allows your feet to breathe, giving them comfort. The Goodyear welting provides excellent shape retention, which gives the wearer comfort.
  • Welted Rubber soles: Rubber soles are perfect for damp conditions because they give on uneven surfaces. The wearer is comfortable despite the surface conditions.
  • Rubber inserts in the Leather soles: The rubber insert adds grip and reduces the wear properties of leather. Rubber is a material that offers comfort to the wearers.
  • Cemented soles: Apart from the welted shoes, Loake produces cemented shoes. The cemented shoes are not as robust as the welted ones. They have a lightweight appearance and are hence more comfortable.
  • Moccasin construction: Moccasin construction gives Loakes lightweight, soft and flexible features. This construction makes the shoes supremely comfortable and appropriate for dry surfaces.

Loake shoes either have the natural leather finish that is whole grain (not sanded) or the polished (corrected grain) leather finish. Both finishes are good as they all offer comfort to the wearer. 

Polished leather tends to be more water and stain-resistant. Correcting the leather makes it stiffer than the full-grain leather. You may need to give such shoes a short period for breaking in when new.

Loake Offers Restoration Services

No matter how perfect the craftsmanship of Loake shoes is, with continuous use, they will start to break down. Due to one adverse condition, your shoes will need service even if you take outstanding care of them.

Thankfully, Loake offers restoration services for the long-term viability of their shoes. They make their shoes with quality construction, making it more practical to provide restoration services for their clients.

The beauty of good-quality shoes is that they can handle repairs. On the contrary, cheap shoes do not have any other destination apart from the trash when they are defective. 

Shoes with poor quality craftsmanship can not undertake repairs.

After sending back your Loakes for restoration services, the staff examines them. The examination is to ensure that the shoes are authentic Loakes. This brand does not repair footwear that was initially not produced by them.

Loake does not repair some types of shoes, such as boots. Once Loake takes your shoes for restoration, they aim to complete the factory repairs within 30 working days, exclusive of factory holidays.

They also offer sole and heel repairs according to the factory specifications. Once done, Loake will send back your shoes when looking as good as new. To complete your restoration order, you can use the Royal Mail to reach out to Loake. 

Loake includes new laces and free postage to the factory (within the UK). Commitment to quality is one more thing that makes Loake an excellent brand to source shoes.

Loake Has Long Term Experience

Loake has over 130 years of shoemaking experience. Their long-term experience is all it takes to produce durable and long-lasting pairs of shoes. This brand has been using its expertise progressively to make shoes that satisfy the needs of its customers.

The brand has a fitting guide that customers can consult before purchasing. Loake’s highly skilled and experienced artisans use alternative last shapes and fittings to cater to their clientele’s needs.


The wide selection that Loake offers are not the only reason to choose the brand. Their construction and versatility with any style are also to consider.

These shoes are worth the investment because their top-notch quality makes them long-lasting pairs of shoes.


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