Llumar Stratos Vs Pinnacle | 7 Tips To Help You Choose

Llumar Stratos Vs Pinnacle

If you have ever thought of implementing Llumar Stratos, you’ve probably thought of having a pinnacle as well.  

Llumar Stratos and pinnacle have several similarities. However, they also have some differences that give you reasons to select one over the other.

Here, we’ll compare Llumar Stratos and pinnacle to easily decide which option will function well for you and your needs. 

The Cost Varies

Llumar Stratos and pinnacle tints happen to be expensive investments. 

However, Llumar Stratos are often more expensive compared to the pinnacle option. Expect to pay at least twice more for a llumar Stratos than you would for a pinnacle tint. 

For instance, while the price of llumar Stratos is $725.46 on Pro-Tint, that of the pinnacle is $385.20. 

The high price of llumar Stratos can be associated with its better features. For instance, while pinnacle boasts 53% heat rejection, Llumar Stratos has a record 63%. 

Another feature contributing to the Llumar Stratos being more expensive is the Hybrid-Matrix technology. The technology employs multiple layers that contain heat-absorbing nano-ceramic particles. 

The layers function together, trapping and dispersing infrared heat through the auto glass.  

Heat Rejection

If you understand Llumar Stratos and pinnacle, then you understand that their heat rejection varies. The Llumar Stratos boasts a higher heat rejection compared to the pinnacle. 

Llumar Stratos employs Hybrid-Matrix Nano-ceramic technology to offer maximum heat rejection without signal interference. 

This means that you can stay cool, comfortable, and connected whether you’re taking a weekend road trip or commuting to work. 

It has billions of heat-absorbing nanoscopic particles layered in the innovative micro-thin film to trap and disperse the heat through the glass for a more comfortable and cooler ride. 

This new technology infused with infrared absorbing elements rejects up to 63% of the heat to improve your driving experience. 

It has also been proven to protect passengers from at least 99% UV rays. At the same time, it reduces interior cracking and fading due to UV ray exposure. 

Pinnacle isn’t far off when it comes to heat rejection. It boasts a heat rejection of 43% without a dark appearance. This is even better than the one offered by metalized technology. 

If you settle for the pinnacle series, expect to get no navigation or radio interference with twice the heat rejection of any standard dyed film. 

We recommend the pinnacle series to customers who don’t want a dark appearance but prefer the performance of a darker film. 

Type of Window Tint

You should be aware of several types of window tints while selecting the best product for you. In our case, we have Llumar Stratos and pinnacle that fall under the non-metallic and ceramic tint, respectively. 

Some situations require you to employ a Llumar Stratos tint. For instance, many cars nowadays are designed with GPS, television aerials, and radio mounted in the cargo windows or rear screen. 

This is certainly the case when tinting prestige vehicles like BMW, Maserati, VW, Mercedes, and Lexus. In such instances, you should use a non-metallic product. 

However, you need to go for a quality film since cheaper ‘aerial-safe, non-metallic films’ won’t last long. And while Llumar Stratos is more expensive, it offers the best quality. 

On the other hand, we have the pinnacle product designed with nano-ceramic technology. For your information, ceramic offers one of the best qualities of window film. 

Instead of using carbon, dye, or metal, the pinnacle contains ceramic particles that are non-metallic and nonconductive. The ceramic elements reduce and reflect UV rays and heat from entering your car. 

Pinnacle is durable and offers optical clarity. It’s also cheaper compared to Llumar Stratos. However, it won’t provide as much privacy. 


Warranty on window films guarantees your property protection. Despite the effort into window film installation and its durability, anything could happen. 

Having a warranty on the film prepares you regardless of what happens. 

The good news is that both Llumar Stratos and pinnacle tints have a transferable nationwide lifetime warranty. However, a difference arises in their no-fault warranty. 

The Llumar Stratos has a free no-fault warranty for only one window replacement. You’ll be forced to cover any other window yourself. 

However, the pinnacle tint has a free no-fault warranty with no condition. It covers all the windows on your car. 

A no-fault warranty covers any damage that the mechanical or visual testing detects or uncovers under the coverage. 

Potential for Customization

When selecting between Llumar Stratos and pinnacle, you should consider whether you’re looking for customization options. 

Here, Llumar Stratos has at least six different film shades. It, therefore, offers you more choices when it comes to your car’s appearance. 

Protection Layers

Select a window film designed with sufficient protection layers if you prioritize security. The layers offer an added layer of resistance to the windows since they minimize shattering and inhibit break-ins. 

Here, the Llumar Stratos is designed using Hybrid-Matrix technology. The technology employs multiple layers with heat-absorbing nano-ceramic particles. 

The layers function together to help trap and disperse infrared heat through the auto glass. 

Therefore, Llumar Stratos offers more protection against UV and heat than pinnacle tint. 

Other Types To Consider

Those who consider buying llumar Stratos and pinnacle will often look at 3M tint, IRX, llumar CTX, among others. 

These tint types meet the same needs that a pinnacle or llumar Stratos tint meets. 

For instance, just like the pinnacle tint, IRX is also a nano-ceramic window film that offers an impressive 88% IR heat rejection. 

Like the llumar Stratos film, the 3M tint is also multi-layered. Always select an option that meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

Llumar Stratos and pinnacle films are designed with their unique applications. The best film option is one that meets your needs. 

It’s difficult to say which film is right for you since everyone has different priorities and needs. However, reading this article will enable you to clearly distinguish between Llumar Stratos and pinnacle thus assisting you in your selection. 

We recommend seeking professional assistance depending on your car type for the best results. 


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