Is Lancer Furniture Good Quality? (Explained for Beginners)

Are you planning to upgrade the furniture in your living room and want the best furniture on the market? Lancer furniture is among the brands which have dominated the American furniture market for decades and is worth a try.

If you are looking for quality furniture that gives you enough comfort, Lancer is a brand trusted by thousands. Over the years, Lancer has satisfied the needs of millions, and you can trust their products’ quality.

Lancer offers a variety of products which you can choose from according to your needs. Before deciding on the furniture to purchase, let us take you through several important things you would like to know about Lancer furniture.

Who Makes Lancer Furniture?

Lancer started making upholstered furniture in 1969; hence the company has built a reputation for decades. The company started in North Carolina and has grown to own three manufacturing plants, covering over 400000 square feet. The company has grown around its motto, “Give the most value possible for the consumers’ hard-earned dollar.”

Lancer uses the latest technology in production. They build the furniture frame in the first plant and assemble the cushions in their second plant. Lancer uses high-density foam to give maximum comfort and support when making cushions.

The core of the cushions is multilayered. Lancer makes cushions using soft and density foams, which are covered with fiber. The multilayered manufacturing technique improved the quality of the furniture. The furniture can maintain its original shape and color for decades.

What is the Quality of Lancer Furniture?

Lancer furniture is designed to last for decades. The company believes that quality furniture brings joy to American families hence its dedication to making high-quality products. Lancer products stand the test of time, and you will not regret getting yourself a piece of their furniture.

Lancer uses quality raw materials when making its furniture. The company has invested heavily in the latest technology to ensure the end products meet customer satisfaction. The cushions are designed from high-quality foam, designed in multi-layers to guarantee comfort for decades.

Why do Customers Prefer Lancer Furniture?

Thousands of customers will only get Lancer furniture for their living rooms, not other brands. Some of the reasons include;

Quality Products

Lancer products have a logo, “Quality Furniture crafted by quality people since 1969,” and while this may have been started as a slogan, Lancer has managed to live up to these words. The quality of their products is outstanding.

Many Design Options

Everyone wishes their living room looks elegant every time they get new furniture.

For years, Lancer has employed a creative and innovative team responsible for designing these products.

The company has a wide range of products in the market which customers can choose from to satisfy their needs.

The Comfort of The Furniture

People buy expensive furniture, while their ultimate goal is finding perfect resting spots.

While we ensure that furniture makes our homes look more attractive, we feel better when we enjoy its comfort.

Lancer makes comfortable furniture by crafting the frames and the cushions with high precision and using the best technology today.

Lancer Furniture Is Durable

We do not buy furniture for our homes every other day, and everyone wants to get products that can last for several years without losing their original color and strength.

Lancer has mastered the art of making products that can last for years while maintaining their elegant look.

The durability of Lancer products is derived from the raw materials used when making the furniture.

The company uses high-quality materials from its frames and springs, guaranteeing the furniture’s structure and support.

The cushions are designed with the latest technology and made in layers. The high-quality foam is covered with fiber, guaranteeing that the cushion won’t lose its shape and color for years.

The durability of lancer products has been the secret to the company’s prosperity and its competitive edge in the market.

Lancer is Eco-Friendly

As there are increasing concerns about environmental degradation, it is crucial to be mindful of the impact business operations have on the environment.

Lancer is keen on recycling most of its waste products when possible, and they also use renewable resources.

As the company makes quality products for enlightening your homes, they are mindful of your environment on the outside.

The furniture is Customizable

People take pride in being unique, and what would be better than having furniture which satisfies your unique desires? Lancer allows its customers to customize their furniture to their desired taste.

Lancer provides customers with a wide range of fabrics and finishes. There are designer fabrics from country styles, cottage, transitional, and solids.

When buying lancer furniture, you can choose the colors and designs to make your house look elegant and unique.

Warranty for Lancer Furniture

Lancer offers a general product warranty and covers any manufacturing defects their products may have. Customers are requested to contact their retailers once they need to have their furniture repaired when under warranty. The retailers will then contact Lancer, and some repairs will be done in your house.

However, the warranty does not cover defects from furniture misuse.

Chemical treatments and improper cleaning can cause discoloration of the cushions, and the manufacturer will not correct such defects.

The warranty is not transferable to another person and applies when the furniture is used in typical residential settings.

Lancer Furniture Care Tips

Once you have purchased lancer furniture, you wouldn’t want it to lose its original look. If not careful, the cushions can easily lose color, making the furniture deformed.

The good thing is that some practices can help you maintain the quality of the Lancer furniture.

Avoid exposing the cushions to extreme sunlight because it can damage the fabrics. When cleaning, it is recommended that you vacuum the surface of the cushions and under the cushions, which will ensure the fabrics maintain their look and last longer.

If there are spills in the cushions, use the recommended cleaning procedures by following the cleaning code of each type of fabric. You will find the cleaning codes on the fabric swatches you got from the retailer.

When using the cleaning codes, S means using mild and water-free cleaning agents. W means that you can use water-based cleaning agents, and SW means you can use dry cleaning products, mild water-based detergents, or any foam-type cleaning agents.

Where Can You Buy Lancer Furniture?

Lancer does not sell its furniture directly to retail customers.

You will need to find authorized retailers listed on the manufacturer’s website, and they will handle your orders and take any custom designs you may need.


Lancer furniture has grown to become part of American homes.

The high quality of this furniture makes them last for long without losing their original look and comfort.

The company invests in quality raw materials and the latest technology to ensure the products meet customers’ satisfaction.

If you are planning on getting a piece of new furniture, you should find a Lancer retailer or dealer in your locality who can help you place orders and customize the furniture to your taste and feel. Moreover, you will enjoy a warranty in case the products have defects.


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