Is Kroehler Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Kroehler Furniture Good Quality

When it comes to high-quality mid-century furniture, Kroehler is a brand to reckon with. 

The North Carolina furniture maker gets fabric ideas from around the world but creates all its furniture products in America. 

But is Kroehler Furniture good quality?

Indeed, Kroehler makes some of the best vintage furniture pieces. Most of the products were built back in the 60s up to the 70s, so you can be sure of getting good quality products with high standards from Kroehler.

Below is a detailed review of Kroehler Furniture and a guide on how to make an informed decision when buying furniture products from the brand.

Kroehler Furniture: An Overview

When Kroehler Furniture Co. led the furniture industry, the company was admired for its attention to detail and the ability to fabricate state-of-the-art pieces for bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor lounges. 

The company’s expansive manpower and production capabilities superseded any manufacturer of its time. The name Kroehler sounds almost like a tailor, which explicitly connotes the values of the furniture.

The brand features an array of well-designed categories of furniture, which include sofas, trim accent chairs, dressers, and stylish sectionals designed to promote comfortability and aesthetics.

Furniture buyers who advocate made in America would appreciate Kroeheler more because all the fabrication processes are American from start to finish. 

Problems of Kroehler Furniture

Like every other furniture brand, Kroehler has its downsides. If you are looking to buy any piece from the brand, it is important to pay attention to the following:

High Prices 

Due to the antique value of the furniture, the prices of Kroehler furniture are on the high side. 

The cost of buying a wing chair from Kroehler can conveniently pay for a high-end sofa from some other brands. 

In addition, some of the dressers are as high as $1000. On resale value, the manufacturer’s lounge chair ranges from $2000 to $8000. 

However, a buyer can consider purchasing directly for private furniture owners to save costs. 

Besides, some furniture owners list their furniture for sale on platforms like Facebook and auction sites. 

This provides the opportunity to get them at a considerably cheap price. 

Auction houses, retailers, and antique stores sell Kroehler at extremely high prices that might be unaffordable to everyday furniture buyers.

Old Style Furniture

Most Kroehler pieces you’ll find on the market were made in the 60s and 70s. 

This means the pieces may lack any touch of modern styling unless the previous owners carried out some refurbishing work on them. 

Buyers with modern tastes and lifestyles may not find Kroehler appealing. 

But if you want to spice up your interior with some touch of antiquity, Kroehler offers such a feel. 

The furniture is well crafted with several tones of handiwork.

Service and Replacements 

If you are going for Kroehler as your furniture of choice, you need to prepare your mind to take responsibility for repairs. 

This is not too difficult to understand when you factor in discontinued product lines.

Almost all Kroehler products are in the secondary market because the company stopped production a few years back. 

For this reason, getting a piece of exact furniture to replace your damaged or worn-out product might be difficult. 

Besides, buyers don’t get access to product servicing since most of the products are second-hand.

Fewer Options for Leather Furniture 

When Kroehler dominated the market, there was not too much leatherwork in the industry. 

If you are looking to adorn your home with leather furniture, Kroehler might not be a great choice. 

They have several pieces of furniture in the other fabrics but very few leather products out there.

Stuffing Issues

Unlike modern furniture, the stuffing of Kroehler is made from cotton. 

Generally, cotton compresses faster than polymers. 

Kroehler buyers can expect to find a different stuffing in the cushion because most previous owners and sellers would have refurbished the furniture several times over the decades.

Unique Qualities of Kroehler Furniture 

The company has some of the most outstanding qualities of its time and some of these qualities are still valuable to date. 

Here is a quick rundown of these qualities.

Well Fabricated Base 

The base of the Kroehler sofa is a real work of art!

The entire base is made out of a network of spiral springs, strings, and crossbars to create a durable structure. 

As one of the industry leaders back in its time, the manufacturer had a patent for its spring structure.

Cool Dressers 

The furniture maker has exceptional expertise in the old world, with some of its dressers considered the very best in the industry. 

It manufactures all of its dressers from mahogany hardwood, which is durable and appealing. Each dresser is smooth and carefully crafted with unique finishes. 

Virtually all the dressers have a mid-century look and appeal. 

Considering the quality material and finish of these pieces, the prices are typically on the high side. An average dresser might cost you anywhere from $500 to $1500. 

Organic Materials

Kroehler uses locally sourced organic materials for manufacturing. 

The benefit of these materials includes ease of replacement and environmental friendliness. Synthetic stuffing and fabrics are much more expensive and difficult to replace. 

Buying a Kroehler means you can walk into any furniture repair shop and get your piece fixed.

Tips to Consider Before Buying Kroehler Furniture

Before you buy Kroehler furniture, it is vital to note some basic factors. These tips would help you make a sound purchase decision.

Buy from Private Owners

Buying Kroehler directly from owners makes it cheaper and more affordable. 

It is best to look for relocating families who want to sell their pieces of furniture. You’ll likely get several furniture pieces that suit your needs.

Consider the Pressure of Use

Before buying any Kroehler piece, it is best to think about the frequency of use. 

For example, if you are buying a sectional, it means that there would be so much pressure on the chair. 

In most cases, Kroehler tends to break down from overuse. 

It is best to buy a more modern brand with flexible repair and replacement services if you want a piece of furniture that can withstand frequent use. 

Fixing a Kroehler is more expensive than an average furniture brand. Only buy Kroehler furniture for areas and rooms with less traffic.

Buy a Kroehler in Mid-Year

Prices of interior pieces of equipment generally skyrocket towards the end of the year and earlier parts of the year. 

This is usually because the demand is high at these times, and buying a piece of furniture during this period would cost more than your average budget. 

If you want Kroehler furniture, buy it between March and October. You are more likely to get a piece at a more affordable price during this time.

Wrapping Up

In its hay days, Kroehler was the foremost furniture brand in the United States. Owning one of these pieces of furniture puts a lot of historical value in your home. 

People who are aware of the values of these brands would acknowledge the uniqueness of your interior. 

Kroehler furniture had a corporate purpose to bring comfort and quality into every American home! And it accomplished this by offering designs, styles, and looks that stand out from most other brands in the furniture industry.

Kroehler still stands today as a monument of creativity remembered for its industry leadership. 

Several collectors still purchase Kroehler furniture for its rich history and the story behind the brand.


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