Are Kobalt Tools Any Good? (5 Helpful Tips)

Kobalt Tools

Are you someone who enjoys completing DIY projects? If so, it’s highly likely that you have heard of the Kobalt tool brand. In recent years this brand has become popular amongst many people and has been recognized as one of the most successful hand tool and power tool manufacturers in the United States. 

Yet, a question many ask is if Kobalt hand tools are any good? 

Kobalt hand tools tend to be manufactured to higher quality standards than their competition. Its hand tools are generally considered to be relatively heavy-duty and durable. Kobalt hand tools are well-formed with high resistance and are manufactured using quality materials. 

We’re going to carefully take an in-depth look into this brand to determine if its hand tools deserve the recognition they receive. Without further ado, let’s dive into everything you need to know about Kobalt tools to determine if they are any good. 

What Are Kobalt Tools?

Did you know that Lowes owns Kobalt tools? Interestingly, Lowes began manufacturing Kobalt tools alongside their manufacturing partner J.H. Williams in 1998. Kobalt tools was founded to compete with big brand names Husky and Craftsmen tools. 

Although they are a relatively new brand compared to their competition, they have solidified their market position because their hand tools have continuously risen in quality.

In 2003 J.H Williams stopped manufacturing Kobalt tools, and Danaher Corporation took over manufacturing. Yet, this didn’t last very long as in 2011, J.S. Product, a Nevada-based manufacturing company, began making Kobalt tools. 

Additionally, Lowes signed a deal with Chevron, whom they have tasked with manufacturing Kobalt’s cordless power tools. Moreover, the Great Neck Saw company manufactures Kobalt’s screwdrivers, and a Taiwan company named Rexon Industrial Corporation has made the Kobalt miter saws since 2020. 

The Reasons Why Kobalt Hand Tools Are Good

So now that you have learned more about the history surrounding Kobalt tools, you can learn what makes Kobalt hand tools a good choice. Many Americans have chosen to use Kobalt hand tools like their tool brand of choice so let’s look below at why Kobalt tools are good. 

  • Affordability: One of the biggest reasons people regularly choose Kobalt hand tools as their tool brand is because they are affordable. Kobalt hand tools are priced in the middle of the range, which is within reach for many consumers.
  • Premium-Quality: Kobalt tools are known for their superb performance. This is because most of the Kobalt hand tools feature a chrome vanadium steel construction with a durable chrome finish. In addition to this, all Kobalt tools are designed and constructed according to stringent industry standards. 
  • Warranty: Unlike many of its competitors, Kobalt hand tools offer an impressive lifetime warranty across all their hand tools, but they also offer this warranty across all their tool categories. 

The Reasons Why Kobalt Hand Tools Aren’t Good?

It wouldn’t be fair to list only the positive reasons you should consider Kobalt hand tools to be a good brand. Should you make an educated decision about whether Kobalt tools are any good, you need all the facts. That’s why we have briefly listed below a few of the negatives associated with Kobalt hand tools. 

  • Accessibility: Kobalt tools are most often found at a Lowe’s hardware store or at an online retailer, Which means they are not as accessible as other tool brands. If you aren’t going to physically go to a Lowes store or buy online, you won’t be able to buy Kobalt tools. 
  • Company Age: Some people won’t trust Kobalt because the company has not been operating in the hand tool industry as long as it’s competitors. For example, Kobalt tools have only been around since the 1990s, but Craftsman has been operational since the 1920s. 
  • Not Built for Professionals: The hand tools offered by Kobalt are not built for professionals. Most of the hand tools that Kobalt manufacturers are marketed towards the DIY consumer base. They are ideal for smaller home-based jobs and projects but usually cannot be used for industrial purposes and professional job sites. 

The Different Types Of Kobalt Tools

Kobalt tools are specifically marketed to those who are looking for high-quality tools on a budget. The brand has an extensive array of tools available, but they can largely be grouped into three categories: hand tools, power tools, air tools, and outdoor equipment. 

Hand Tools

Most Kobalt hand tools are premium quality as they are constructed with high-quality materials that meet industry specifications. Some of this brand’s most popular hand tools include wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, utility knives, sockets, and torque wrenches.

Power Tools 

Interestingly, the Kobalt power tools offer decent quality that can be compared with the brand Ryobi and Black and Decker. Kobalt has expanded its power tool lineup in recent years, but it is still not as expansive as brands like Makita and DeWalt. 

This is likely because the brand has been focusing on expanding its tool lineups in their Air and outdoor tool categories. Regardless they still provide consumers with an impressive lineup. There are cordless impact drills, circular saws, and angle grinders. 

Air Tools

Unlike a few other tools brands, Kobalt tools have been branching out into air tools. These tools are powered by compressed air that is found in an air compressor. 

Interestingly these tools are also known as pneumatic tools, and they can also be powered by compressed carbon dioxide. Some of the air tools the Kobalt brand manufactures include impact wrenches, air grinders, and air compressors.

Outdoor Equipment

Kobalt has an impressive range of outdoor lawn tools that have become increasingly popular. Not only are they convenient, but they are also battery-operated, which makes them much better for the environment. 

Some of the outdoor tools they have that you can purchase include cordless lawn mowers, cordless string trimmers, sprayers, cordless chainsaws, and cordless leaf blowers. 

How Much Do Kobalt Hand Tools Cost?

Since there are many different Kobalt hand tools available, they have various price points. On average, you can expect to pay between $33 and $250 for a hand toolset and between $25 and $150 for a wrench set. Additionally, you should expect to pay between $40 and $240 for a Kobalt socket set. 

Are They Cheaper Than Other Tool Brands?

Kobalt tools are much cheaper than many tool brands because they are specifically manufactured to be a premium quality tool brand that is affordable. However, Kobalt tools are not the cheapest option as there are a few brands that cost less. Yet you should note that these cheaper tool brands are often inferior with less durable product lines. 


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