Are Kobalt Battery Chainsaws Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Kobalt Battery Chainsaws Good

Electric chainsaws play a vital role in your gardening experience. Owing to the heavy-duty tasks that chainsaws are used for, it is important to find a high-quality electric chainsaw that meets customers’ needs. 

However, Kobalt might have a solution for users.

Kobalt manufactures high-quality battery-powered chainsaws. They have various products that suit different user levels.

Their products are powerful and perform excellently like gas-powered chainsaws.  They have high efficiency and can give up to 150 cuts on a single charge. 

Kobalt offers high-powered electric chainsaws ranging from a 25-volt battery-powered chainsaw to 80-volt battery-powered chainsaw. This electric chainsaw is as effective as the petrol engine chainsaws and can meet all your gardening needs.

Below is a brief review of the Kobalt Battery chainsaw and all that a beginner needs to know.

Are Kobalt Battery Chainsaws High Quality?

Once the Kobalt battery is fully charged, it delivers as much power as a petrol-powered chainsaw. 

An 80v chainsaw can have up to 150 cuts on one charge. It takes 30 minutes to charge from 0 to a hundred percent. 

All the features of a Kobalt chainsaw are the same as that of any other brand of chainsaw. The only difference is the cordless electric power source and a fuel engine. 

These two features make Kobalt an ideal tool for anyone whose work requires a high frequency of mobility. 

Kobalt battery chainsaws feature a brushless motor that helps prolong the engine’s lifespan. 

Like every modern chainsaw, Kobalt comes with an auto-oiler system that keeps the chain and bars oiled without interference from the operator. 

In addition to that, it has a window that allows you to gauge the quantity of oil left in the engine. 

The 80v Kobalt comes with an 18-inches bar and chain, making it ideal for most lumbering jobs.

Are Kobalt Battery Chainsaws Easy To Use?

Kobalt battery chainsaws have features that make them seem less stressful to use. 

It has an electric chain brake system that keeps operators safe during work. The rear and top handle helps you maneuver the chainsaw effortlessly. 

Besides, the cordless and fuel-less features keep the weight to the nearest minimum.

Once you fit the battery into the battery chamber, it comes on automatically with a battery indicator showing you the battery level. 

The power button is right above the rear handle, and once you push the button, your chainsaw is ready to use. 

A squeeze on the trigger sends the chain rotating at 4,200 rpm in the 80v chainsaw.

What Kinds of Work Are Kobalt Battery Chainsaws Good For?

A Kobalt battery chainsaw will handle all tasks typical of a chainsaw. 

It has all the features of other modern chainsaws. Once the model of Kobalt fits the Job at hand, users can expect to get the best output from Kobalt.

How Long Do Kobalt Battery Chainsaws Last?

The 80v variant can cut up to 150 times on a single charge. The battery is fitted with a quick charge technology that allows it to charge within 30 minutes. 

Besides the battery efficiency, cobalt comes with a 5 years warranty that will enable you to get technical support from experts whenever needed. 

You also get a three years warranty for your battery

Overall, Kobalt can last for as long as you wish to own it, under regular care and utmost maintenance. 

The only parts that may need frequent fixing are the chains, the bar, and the battery. 

The engines and other parts of the chainsaw are designed with utmost durability.

What Do The Reviews Say About Kobalt Battery Chainsaws?

Kobalt has gathered several positive users over the years. 

User experience proves the value of the Kobalt battery chainsaw. Here are some feedbacks from the users about their experience with Kobalt.

Not Too Heavy For Beginners

Beginners find this chainsaw much more convenient

Users commend the seamless operation and the simple design. 

The process involved in operating a Kobalt is straightforward. Insert the battery, turn it on and go to work.

It is a Good Investment

Chainsaw lovers who engage in a lot of fieldwork have shared positive reviews about the Kobalt chainsaw. 

Some users say that the Kobalt chainsaw feels precisely like a petrol engine chainsaw.

When you consider the number of cuts it can make per charge, it is highly economical compared to a petrol engine.

What Gear Do You Get With a Kobalt Battery Chainsaw?

When you purchase a new Kobalt chainsaw, you will get a battery charger for charging. 

The 80v Kobalt chainsaw features a 2amp power battery with a single charge capacity. 

You can buy a 4amp power battery to replace the 2amp if you need more power in your engine. 

Kobalt battery chainsaw has an onboard compartment for tool storage. This helps you remain efficient throughout your work.

You have a brand new bar and chain in the box. 

The box comes with a user manual to guide you on setting up your Kobalt battery chainsaw for use. A special spanner comes with the Kobalt chainsaw that you can use to adjust the chain bots.

Prices of Kobalt Battery Chainsaw

The prices of Kobalt battery chainsaws vary from one location to another. Here are some of the standard models and their range of prices.

Kobalt 80-volt chainsaw (KCS 180B-06) cost $300 – $400.

Kobalt 40-volt chainsaw (KCS 120-06) cost $170 – $190.

Kobalt 24-volt chainsaw cost $120 – $130.

Problems with Kobalt Battery Chainsaw

While the reviews and experience of users with the Kobalt battery were great, there are some shortcomings. A few of them are discussed here:

The chainsaw comes without oil in the package

One of the essential components of an efficient chainsaw is oil. 

Packing a chainsaw without including oil for the initial operation is a significant error on the part of the manufacturer. 

Users of Kobalt battery chainsaws should be ready to buy oil along with their chainsaws.

Charging Issues

When you take your Kobalt chainsaw to work in a remote location where you have limited access to a power supply, charging the battery becomes a downside. 

An 80v Kobalt battery chainsaw runs out after 150 cuts.

It significantly reduces the number of work you can get done in a remote location.

One way around this downside is purchasing several batteries with a higher power. 

However, this choice is not economical.

Wrapping Up

Kobalt makes cordless electric power chainsaws. 

It is one of the ideal chainsaws for beginners as it is lightweight and mobile. 

You can take it with you on moderate lumbering jobs. If it is your first chainsaw, you will find it convenient to handle slight vibration and noise. 

Besides, there is a minimal process involved in getting it to work. Once the battery is fitted in, you switch it on, ready to use.


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