Are King Power Tools Any Good? 7 Helpful Tips

king power tools good

Whether you are starting your power tool collection or you just want to add to the stock, you must be looking for affordable tools. 

King has one of the most affordable power tools in the market. However, their power tools are suitable for DIY home use due to their moderate quality. 

If you are looking for power tools for hobbyist use, you can continue reading this article. We are going to walk you through everything you may want to know about King power tools. 

If your collection has to comprise high-quality professional power tools, you may direct your search elsewhere. 

Are King Power Tools Worth Your Money?

As I normally put it, there is no pain in purchasing a product with relatively lower quality at a low price. Purchasing a nailer kit that would have cost you $300 at only $124 will not hurt so much even if the product is low quality.

Those who usually get disappointed by these products are the ones who want a professional tool at a hobbyist price. They are not for professional work. If you are going to use your tool to make a living, you should go for a different level of quality. 

I don’t mean these products are of poor quality, no. What I mean is that you get what you pay for. If you are on a budget, you can find a moderate-quality power tool at an affordable price from this brand.

Furthermore, they perform just as well as most top brands out there. So there is no point going for expensive high-quality brands just for your DIY home use. You can save a lot by opting for these products. 

What we Like About King Power Tools?

There is a lot to love about these products. What usually attracts most people is their affordability. Everyone is looking for affordable products. 

But there is more to these power tools than just affordability. Moderate quality is one of them. King power tools seem to be of better quality than most brands within their price range. 

Maybe their low pricing is just because King is not a popular power tool brand. The tools have great performance just like those from a top brand. Just ensure you don’t force them to handle professional tasks. 

Another thing you will love about these products is their ergonomic feel. They are made with beginners in mind and therefore, feel very comfortable in your hand. 

The handles of most of their tools offer a superior hand grip. The handles are designed to protect your palm from injuries. Assembling the parts is also easier. 

The finish and aesthetic look can’t go without being mentioned as well. If you are looking for power tools that will add an aesthetic look to your store, this is a good brand. 

Are King Power Tools Durable?

King power tools are also long-lasting. But just like any other product, you have to handle them with care if you want them to stay longer.

They are hobbyist-level quality and should not be engaged in vigorous professional use. King power tools should also not be neglected. Service and clean them where necessary. 

If you handle them with such care, you will use them for the next generation. 

How Affordable Are King Power Tools?

King power tools are pretty affordable. They cost less than most brands in their class. 

I tried to have a comparison between this brand and Dewalt power tools on Walmart and the difference seems wide. For the King power tool, an 18V Cordless Damer drill with two bestiaries and a charger cost $124.38. For the Dewalt power tool, 18V right angle Cordless Hammer Drill with two batteries and a charger costs $201.95 on the same site. 

These two products seem close in terms of similarity and therefore, we didn’t expect such a wide difference in price. Dewalt is one of the top power tool brands out there and that may explain the difference in price. 

If you need a power tool on budget, King power tools will help you save a lot. The good thing, you still get the iconic design of power tools. 

Does King Power Tools Come With a Warranty?

King power tools are not covered with the best warranty you may be looking for but at least they do have. What matters most in a warranty is whether those whom you are dealing with withhold their end of the deal.

That said, King covers all their powered tools with a 3-month warranty. The warranty covers original factory defects in material and workmanship. 

However, products that have failed to perform due to abuse, abnormal wear, neglect, will be excluded from this warranty. 

Do King Power Tools Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

King power tools offer you an opportunity to give their product a test. If your King power tool has a problem within 30 days of purchase, you are free to return it for replacement if the problem is worth it. 

This is one of the best satisfaction guarantees you will come across in the market. The product is returned to the original place of purchase. 

You will have to carry along the receipt and any other requirement that your place of purchase may demand. Please read the policies of your place of purchase so that you learn the requirements. 

What Do Customers Say About King Power Tools? 

Not many customer reviews on these products exist online. Most of the information in this discussion is based on our experience with the product. 

However, we managed to come across a few customer reviews as well. The reviews we came across were just for their Hammer Drills. 

Most customers seem to be impressed by the price of the product. They describe it as affordable tools that work just well. 

But we can’t deny there were complaints too. A few disappointed customers were worried about the short warranty. Some also express concern about the quality.


Well, a product cannot impress everyone. What some people find unworthy maybe your best. So the best thing is to have your own experience with the product.

Thankfully, this brand has a satisfactory warranty that you can take advantage of and give their power tools a try. Please feel free to share with us your experience.


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