Are Kielder Power Tools Any Good? (8 Helpful Tips)

Kielder Power Tools good

Kielder Works Team, also known as Kielder WT or just Kielder, is a tools manufacturer in Sheffield, UK. 

They specialize in automotive power tools that you can also use for workshop tasks.

So, are Kielder power tools any good really?

Yes, They’re an excellent range of tools suitable for light to medium tasks. The tools are comfortable to use, lightweight, durable, and brushless.  

As a relatively new company, you might have been wondering if they’re worth your money or not. 

If you fall in this group, read on to find out.  

The Quality Of Kielder Power Tools

Kielder power tools are an excellent range of tools for daily use. They’re very high-quality tools made to rival the big companies in the industry. 

You might not have heard about the company but be informed that it is an excellent company. 

Kielder’s tools are priced almost in the same price range as Bosch’s power tools, and their quality of service and longevity are pretty close. Any time you’re not sure of a Kielder’s power tool price, you can as well look at Bosch’s tools and estimate the price.

As we all know, Bosch is a power tool giant that has invested years in research and development to produce high-quality tools. 

One area that Kielder tools excel is in the automotive industry. The company gets its name from the Kielder Forest Race in the North Tyne Valley, UK. Rally companies were complaining about the sub-standard tools used to repair their vehicles and in stepped Kielder. 

All Kielder tools use brushless motor technology. The technology ensures that they’re energy-efficient, lightweight, and low maintenance since you don’t have to change brushes now and then. 

From their slogan, The Mechanics Matter, Kielder’s power tools are durable and robust when used in garages for car repairs and wheel replacements. The tools also perform well when used in woodwork workshops.

A significant downside with this tool is that some of their impact wrenches don’t hold up when higher torques are demanded. It may have been a production issue, but that’s an issue that the company can sort out in a reasonable time. Other than that, the rest of Kielder’s power tools are great.

Are Kielder Tools A Good Investment?


If you need a power tool for everyday use, Kielder’s are a good value for money investment. 

The power tools use Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries which are engineered to be lightweight and durable. Its impact drivers, drills, and wrenches are some of the lightest in the current power tool industry. 

If you need a tool that you can wield one-handed for easy wheel replacement or tightening a bolt at a home garage, then Kielder is the brand to go to.

Its tools are fairly-priced, just like many others in the mid-range category, but this one is a steal. You’ll get a tool that is very compact, smaller, lighter, and powerful than its closest competitors. 

A Problem With Kielder Power Tools

Kielder power tools are in the same range with close competition such as JCB and Craftsman. However, they’re miles adrift compared to Milwaukee, Black & Decker, Hilti, and Dewalt. 

And the difference isn’t because of its quality or anything else; it is because Kielder power tools can be excellent or poor at the same time. 

  • Its impact wrenches are just not up to standard. Kielder’s 430NM impact wrench is one of the worst in its category. It fails to deliver anything past 300Nm despite what it’s rated. 

The company’s production policy can be confusing since some users have the wrench, which works fine. It seems it is a matter of hit or miss when it comes to impact wrenches.

What I Like About Kielder Power Tools

Lightweight And Compact

Kielder power tools have one of the highest power-per-unit-volume in the power tools category. 

They’re designed to allow the user to focus on the task rather than the weight at hand fully. Its adoption of Samsung’s Lithium-ion technology means that more power is compacted into a small battery.

Longer-Lasting Batteries

Kielder’s high-quality batteries are light, reliable, durable, and deliver sufficient power. 

The 4.0Ah battery also doesn’t have a “memory effect” as it supports the partial charge. Their batteries can last up to 12 minutes of continuous use. 

Efficiency And Reliability

Kielder power tools are 4-pole motor tools designed to produce higher torques at low speeds. 

Due to being brushless, there’s no sparking, have a longer lifespan, and don’t heat up due to friction within the brushes. 

Excellent Power Delivery And Braking

Kielder power tools have instant braking power. Once the power is cut, the motor stops instantly, and then the drill or wrench stops. 

Kielder has adopted its G-Square+ Technology on all its power tools. The technology allows the power tools to deliver high torques faster and without compromising the power delivery of the tools. 

Its impact wrenches can open or tighten tough bolts faster due to the technology.

What Power Tools Does Kielder Make?

As a relatively new entrant into the power tools industry, Kielder focuses its power tool production on automotive-inclined tools. 

These power tools include impact wrenches, drills, storage, sockets, grinders, batteries, chargers, and riveters. 

Other tools include type18 compatible bare units, motorsport accessories, tool holders, and construction impact wrenches.

What’s The Warranty On Kielder Power Tools?

Kielder has a manufacturer warranty of three years for all its power tools. 

The company customer service desk is very competent and will sort you in case of any warranty claims. 

Their warranty only covers tools that, with a thorough investigation, are found to have failed due to their shortcomings. The warranty doesn’t cover claims made if the tool is found to have been misused, stolen, or improperly stored. 

Kielder power tools are built for performance and longevity. Few buyers complain about the quality of their tools or the company’s approach to customers. However, like any other mid-range tool in the power tool industry, some tools are bound to fail.

Kielder’s tool warranty is only active for those registered on their main website within 30 days after purchasing the tool. 

Kielder Power Tools Review

Kielder power tools are rated fairly on 

Most of its power tools are rated 4-star or 5-star, but overall, the brand is rated a 4-star brand. The rating can be attributed to its 430 Nm impact wrench which is overrated, and that it is a relatively new brand outside the UK. The brand has few reviews or ratings on 

The company is rated a 3.8/5 on 

It has two 5-star ratings, but they’re not enough to warrant the company a 5-star rating. 

How Do Kielder Power Tools Compare To The Competition?

Kielder power tools are a high-quality mid-range brand of tools. For that reason, they might not hold up to the likes of Hilti, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, or Black & Decker. 

It is not to mean that their tools are substandard; they are very durable and long-lasting. It is just that they are not designed for heavy abuse or heavy-duty commercial purposes. 

Their fast RPMs coupled with the brushless motor technology results in Kielder power tools, especially the impact wrenches, having very high RPMs. 

You can unbolt a wheel in less time while using a Kielder impact wrench than you would a Milwaukee impact wrench. 

The Takeaway

Kielder power tools are a good option for workshop and garage use. If you’re looking for a power tool for heavy-duty tasks such as construction, go for the high-end tools.

The brand is a mid-range brand. They’re very lightweight; their impact wrench and battery are only 1.7 kgs combined. 

If you need power tools for the automobile industry, go for Kielder’s power tools. That’s what they’re designed for. 




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