Are Kenneth Cole Shoes Good? (5 Hacks to Know)

Kenneth Cole Shoes Good

While quality, construction, and price are key features that most people look out for when purchasing shoes, others lookout for reputable brand names. Kenneth Cole is one of the highly reliable brands and in vogue with both dressy and casual choices of shoes.

Kenneth Cole is a designer brand that offers affordable quality shoes. They produce the best formal shoes at a relatively lower price. The Kenneth Cole brand initially offers well-made shoes with innovative designs for high functionality.

While some other high-end brands charge high prices for their shoes, Kenneth Cole offers high-end and low-priced shoes. In this article, you will find the most comprehensive information that will assist you in finding out whether Kenneth Cole shoes are a good choice. 

These are the five hacks to look out for when considering the Kenneth Cole brand shoes. 

1. Kenneth Cole Shoes Have Moderate Prices

Kenneth Cole is an American brand. The brand features different lines, which include fashion and accessory lines. Their shoes are made in China and then later on shipped to Swiss. 

The Kenneth Cole brand is reliable with the latest fashion shoes and innovative designs. They maintain reasonable prices ranging from $35 to $250; therefore, anyone can afford them.

Clients love shopping for quality at a lower price. Kenneth Cole’s outlets store good-quality shoes, and you might be lucky enough to find them on sale. Apart from the Haan shoes, which are expensive due to their high-quality craftsmanship, the rest of them are relatively cheap.

2. The Quality of Kenneth Cole Shoes is Fair

Apart from style and charisma, Kenneth Cole’s shoes are of fair quality. Although the quality is good, it’s not something to write home about. The leather in Kenneth Cole shoes is not of high quality, and it’s more prone to defects.

Kenneth Cole’s dress shoe quality is poor because the low-quality leather they use is made from scraps and corrected grain (which at times is visible). After a few wears, one is likely to notice creasing, and the shoes will lose shape with time. 

Quality dress shoes will use reputable materials like calf leather, suede leather, or Dianite soles. These types of leather are treated to preserve quality and color. It’s not the case for Kenneth Cole shoes, especially the cheap ones.

All Kenneth Cole shoes are not of poor quality. There are some classic pairs of shoes, and it all depends on what you are willing to pay. The classic pairs are made of genuine cow leather, and their prices are slightly higher.

Lastly, the shoes are not as bad with the relatively low prices. The reasonable price of these shoes easily outweighs the negative features.

3. Kenneth Cole Dress Shoe Nature of Assembly

The production of Kenneth Cole’s dress shoes is equally fair. Proper shoes can undergo reconstruction because the soles are stitched or welted properly to the shoe upper. However, it’s not the case with Kenneth Cole shoes, as the soles are glued to the uppers.

A welted shoe can undergo reconstruction as many times as it wears out. Unfortunately, the nature of the craftsmanship of these shoes makes it hard to repair them. If your Kenneth Cole soles wear down, you will have no other choice than to dispose of the entire shoes.

Such kind of shoe production is cheaper and hence the reasonable prices. For instance, the Kenneth Cole duck dress shoes have very high sales. Most people think that the appearance of the duck dress shoes is what a normal dress shoe should look like. 

Different people have different opinions; to some, these shoes are flashy, while others do not meet their standards. The beauty of it is that this brand has a variety of shoes, and you can always get what suits you best.

The Kenneth Cole sneakers have a better nature of assembly than their dress shoes. They are well-built and have high-end designs.

4. Kenneth Cole Offers Many Styles and Designs of Sneakers

Kenneth Cole combines innovative designs and splendid looks with high-end functionality. 

The brand offers a wide range of dress shoes and casual wear. Below are the best five selections of men’s sneakers.

KC Men Sneakers

They are versatile for sports or casual outfits because they provide lightweight comfort. These sneakers are durable because the sole combines rubber with a little synthetic material.

Trent Flex Knit Jogger

This is a stylish men’s sneaker suitable for casual and dressy outfits. This sneaker is ultimate for a natural environment, and it offers support to the wearer. The Trent Flex sneaker has a porous material that keeps your feet dry and cool no matter the intensity of your activities. Lastly, they are easy to put on and take off due to the slip-on styling.

Liam Sneaker

The Liam sneaker provides maximum comfort for Sports, athletic and casual look. The upper part of this sneaker is entirely genuine leather that is soft and supportive for protecting your feet.

Easten Sneaker

This sneaker has the shiny appearance of patent leather because it’s made of a smooth synthetic material. The Easten sneaker has a sophisticated aesthetic appearance, and it suits both casual and formal attire.

Braden Model Sneaker

The suppleness of the genuine leather that makes this sneaker gives the wearer support during natural movement. The sole, made of synthetic material, grips well, offering high traction and stability.

5. Kenneth Cole Shoes Are Comfortable

Comfort is key when choosing shoes. With the modern simplicity that comes with Kenneth Cole, Comfort is guaranteed. Kenneth Cole satisfies the needs of all types of shoe wearers. From the ones with big feet to those with rounded toes and others. 

The Kenneth Cole brand has changed the shoe construction with time to a shallower, taller toe box with more room. The shoes with the modified toe box are more comfortable. 

Below are qualities that make Kenneth Cole’s shoes comfortable.

  • Kenneth Cole shoes are true to size (although they recommend clients to choose a bigger size)
  • An outsole material that incorporates rubber gives the shoes better traction and stability. It prevents slips and falls.
  • The shoes have a porous material that enhances the breathability of the wearer’s feet
  • Dress shoes have a waterproof material
  • These shoes give the wearer’s feet the ultimate natural movement due to the support they offer
  • The sneakers have a slip-on styling which makes it easy to wear them and also take them off
  • Kenneth Cole sneakers have a lightweight nature. It guarantees comfort to the wearer no matter how intense the activities they carry out
  • The midsole of Kenneth Cole’s shoes is vulcanized. It does not allow moisture to get in, whether it’s rainy or misty
  • Kenneth Cole dress shoes have padded collars and tongues to prevent friction against the ankle and the top of the feet.

Final Thought

Although there are some negative reviews about the quality and craftsmanship of Kenneth Cole’s dress shoes, the shoes are still good-looking with innovative designs. Since you can score a good price for these shoes, you can always overlook their negative side.

You can always find Kenneth Cole shoes in high-end department stores and online vendors.


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