Are Katana Power Tools Any Good? (7 Helpful Tips)

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Many different power tool brands are on the market, yet some are better for DIY projects than others. If you are an avid DIY project person, you have likely heard of the tool brand Katana. This tool brand has a reputation for designing beautiful power tools that get the job done. 

However, one of the biggest questions people ask when deciding if Katana is the right power tool brand for them is if Katana power tools are any good?

Here’s The Answer To If Katana Power Tools Are Good:

Katana power tools are manufactured to exact industry standards and are trusted by DIY enthusiasts. They are a reputable and reliable Australian power tool brand that lasts when looked after. Katana power tools are known for their versatile capabilities and durability. Every Katana power tool is built with premium quality materials.

Who Are Katana Tools And Where Are They Made?

Not many people realize that Katana tools are a tool brand owned and distributed by Kincrome, Australia. Most katana power tools are made in Australia.

Kincrome is a family-owned Australian company that the Burgoine family founded in 1987. In its infancy, the company was a supplier of tools to the automotive market.

Since then, Kincrome has become one of the industry-leading suppliers of high-quality tools and equipment, including power tools in the hardware, industrial and automotive markets. 

Katana tools is a subsidiary of Kincrome and, as such, has to meet its rigorous industry standards. Katana power tools are tested in Australia by a quality team to ensure their products meet expectations. Over the years, Katana has become a professional power tool brand that is recognized for its quality.

What Are The Reasons Why Katana Power Tools Are A Good Choice?

Many Australians continue to choose Katana power tools over other competing brands for primarily three reasons. 

1, DIY Versatility

Katana is a very versatile tool brand. All their power tools use a standard charge-all battery across their entire range. Not only is this versatile because you can use one battery for any of the power tools, but it is also convenient. Interestingly this charge-all battery is not limited to current power tools but also their future ranges of power tools. 

2, Warranty

Unlike other Australian tool brands, Katana offers customers a five-year replacement warranty from the date the tool was bought. However, this warranty is broken down into a three-year standard warranty and an optional two-year warranty that is offered to those who register their device online. This additional two-year warranty is granted at no extra cost to the customer. 

Those wishing to secure their extended warranty need to note that they will have to do so within 30 days of purchasing their new Katana power tools. Interestingly Katana offers a three-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase for all their battery and charger products. 

However, did you know that the company that owns Katana, Kincrome, offers a guarantee on all Katana power tools, batteries, and chargers? Kincrome guarantees Katana products against inferior materials and faulty workmanship, which is why they will at their discretion replace faulty tools for free. 

Yet, you should note that they will not replace faulty tools if you have abused, misused, altered, or subjected the tool to normal wear and tear. They also will not replace tools that have been used for commercial or trade purposes. If you ever need to replace a Katana tool, you will need to send it to Kincrome at your own cost. 

3, Tool Variety

Katana power tools might not be as recognizable a brand as others, but this does not mean they have a limited power tool selection. Katana tools manufacture more than eight different power tool types. They have a tool for nearly every type of DIY, home improvement, or garden project. 

What Are The Problems With Katana Power Tools?

We have found two reasons Katana power tools are not the best choice. However, keep in mind that these reasons don’t apply to everyone. 

1, Affordability 

One of the reasons the Katana tool brand is not a good choice is because of its pricing. Compared to their DIY power tool market competition, Katana’s power tool prices are slightly more expensive. 

2, Manufactured For DIY Market

Unfortunately, Katana power tools are not intended for commercial or trade use. They are marketed towards the DIY market and are generally excellent power tools for small projects such as home improvements. For example, you can’t use Katana power tools to complete a commercial housing project or for specific trade jobs as they are not built for those industries and environments. 

Are Katana Tools Easy To Use?

Since Katana tools are primarily manufactured for DIY projects, they are much easier to use than other professional tool brands. Their product power tool range is specifically designed to be simply plugged in and used. Anyone from beginners to advanced tool users can use Katana tools easily. 

How Long Do Katana Power Tools Last?

Katana tools are not meant to be used for commercial or trade use. If used for these purposes, they don’t last long because they are not engineered for heavy-duty use. They are made with premium quality materials according to industry guidelines for the DIY market, which is why they last for a long time. 

Essentially if you are completing frequent DIY projects or tasks, your Katana power tools will last you a long time. If you are using them for anything, not DIY-related, they will not last long and will succumb to wear and tear at a faster rate.

Are Katana Power Tools Expensive?

Katana tools are a bit more expensive than other brands that manufacture power tools for the DIY market. If you were to compare katana power tools to a brand like Black and Decker, you would notice that the former is more expensive than the latter. 

For example, a Black and Decker cordless drill will cost you on average $100, while a Katana cordless drill will cost $142.00. However, most agree that Katana power tools are worth the more expensive pricing due to their competitive warranties and quality workmanship. 


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