Are Karrimor Running Shoes Good? (6 Hacks To Know)

Karrimor Running Shoes Good

Everyone’s shoe rack should have a good pair of running shoes. Why? Exercise is an important part of our lives, and as such, we need the best cushioning while on the running track. Moreover, we need to look stylish and be comfortable while going on a morning jog.

Think about it. Life without running shoes means running in uncomfortable shoes. That’s dangerous and unnecessary. Having at least three pairs of running shoes to add to your shoe collection means more kilometers run and calories lost. 

Are Karrimor Running Shoes Any Good?

Initially, I thought any running shoes were good running shoes. I didn’t realize how much I was straining and hurting my feet until I visited the doctor about some sores I had on my feet. I didn’t notice how ordinary ‘running shoes’ felt on my feet. I just thought my feet needed covering.

My doctor was appalled when I showed him my running shoes (I had only one pair). He immediately recommended that I try a better brand, specifically designed for running and walking.

He then showed me a pair he wears around the hospital because, being a doctor, he has to be on his feet all day. That’s when I realized my doctor was wearing Karrimor running shoes.

So, are Karrimor running shoes any good?

The answer to that is a huge YES! Karrimor running shoes are among the best in the game. They are specially designed with the typical runner in mind. Karrimor running shoes accommodate different running styles and types of runners. Whether you’re a professional or beginner, the brand has suitable options. There are options for men, women, and children alike.

Choosing the best running shoes can be a pain because there are several brands. However, with Karrimor running shoes, every pair is perfect, and the variety is amazing. You can get all you need and more at their online store.

Here’s a bit of background information about the brand so you learn how they got where they are today.

Karrimor Running Shoes: The Brand’s History

Karrimor has a humble beginning. It began in 1946 with Mary and Charles Parsons and Grace Davies sowing pannier bags by hand. That was the beginning of some of the best pieces coming from the Karrimor brand.

The 70s and 80s saw releases like the Haston Alpiniste rucksack and Karrimor Sports Boots, which were a banger among Karrimor fans. Today, Karrimor still upholds high standards and impeccable designs. The once small company is now a world-renowned brand with a long list of desirable products.

The Karrimor brand has 60 years of experience and a wonderful reputation to back it. That’s what makes it a leading brand among so many worldwide.

What are the Benefits of Karrimor Running Shoes?

I’m certain you’re ready to grab a pair of Karrimor running shoes. However, before placing your order, here are a few more reasons you should look the Karrimor way.

Unique Technology

I have the perfect answer if you wonder how technology comes into play in Karrimor running shoes.

Some Karrimor shoes, especially the Karrimor D30, have a patented technology, which makes a flexible and soft material.

High Shock Absorption

When running or jumping up and down, you need the shoes you’re in to have high shock-absorbing properties.

The shock absorption feature reduces the impact from the ground when you land on it. The chances of spraining your ankle and hurting your heel are completely eliminated.

Flexible Material

Running shoes need to be flexible, bending the right way as you run. In their natural state, Karrimor running shoes remain flexible and soft.

This flexibility is thanks to the free-flowing molecules. Other shoes are hard and press on the heels, causing injury.

Are There Different Types of Karrimor Running Shoes?

There are several Karrimor running shoes on their website. Firstly, the options cater to men, women, and kids. We might spend too much time going through everything, so here are the three common running shoe types at Karrimor.

Karrimor Tempo Men’s Running Shoes

These running shoes have a lightweight and breathable mesh installed throughout the exterior of the shoe.

There’s also additional support to connect the midsole and laces. The added support provides improved fit and grounding.

Karrimor Duma Ladies Running Shoes

These shoes feature a mesh upper to increase breathability while running. Also, there’s a waffle grip (outsole) for increased flexibility.

That’s not all, as these shoes also have an Ortholite insole. The insole provides cushioning and support underfoot.

Karrimor Caracal Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Runners love these shoes for their waterproof features. The Caracal waterproof Karrimor shoes are an excellent companion in rough terrains and rainy weather.

Moreover, the breathable mesh, lace-up fastening, and ankled collar make them perfect for the outdoors.

How to Choose a Good Pair of Karrimor Running Shoes?

There are plenty of shoes to choose from. So, how do you go about the selection to ensure you land a suitable pair?

Size and Fit

Inarguably, all Karrimor running shoes are the perfect fit. They cushion your feet against the rough terrains and muddy puddles. If you don’t get the perfect shoe size, it’ll be too big or small. You can’t run while wearing the wrong shoe size.

The Cost 

Karrimor shoes are affordable, especially considering the high quality and functionality. You’ll have to pay more than you would for ordinary running shoes, but it’s worth it.

Some types cost more, depending on their use and type of material. Also, technologies like the D30 need a bit more investment.

Desirable Features

Karrimor running shoes have tremendous wonderful features. If there’s one thing the brand packs, it’s wonderful features. From the soft and flexible material to ankle cushioning and shock absorbers, Karrimor is a dream come true.

How Much Do Karrimor Running Shoes Cost?

Karrimor shoes are perfectly priced. For men’s and women’s running shoes, the range is between $60 and $100.

Besides, the brand has a good return policy, catering to customers who have an issue with their shoes (very unlikely). Prizes vary depending on:

  • The type of shoe
  • Material on the shoe
  • Available features

The price might seem higher than expected at first, but once you experience the Karrimor comfort and style, you’re sold.

The Bottom Line

At the start, you were wondering if Karrimor running shoes are good. The features are unique and make the shoes a good option for beginner and professional runners.

Karrimor shoes look as good as they are. They perform perfectly in the outdoors, which is yet another perfect feature of Karrimor running shoes.


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