Is JYSK Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

JYSK Furniture Good Quality

JYSK is the largest international Danish furniture manufacturer with a favorable reputation that they have garnered in the many decades they have been in business.

Since 1974 JYSK has been making indoor and outdoor furniture that their customer base has well received.

Even though this company is a favorite for many, are you guaranteed to obtain quality goods when purchasing furniture from them? 

Over the last few years, JYSK has gained a reputation for enacting poor customer service practices and selling poorly crafted furniture occasionally.

This has made many loyal customers, and new customers question if JYSK is worth buying from when they need new furniture for their home or patio. 

With roots in Scandinavian design, JYSK usually designs, engineers, manufactures and sells quality furniture items no matter which store you visit.

However, this company’s furniture has received a few bad reviews, but most are satisfied with their furniture purchases.

On average, JYSK furniture lasts as long as other comparable brands, so often, their furniture is value for money. 

Without further ado, we will discuss what you can expect from the JYSK furniture brand. If you learn more about this Danish brand’s furniture, you will be able to determine if you should spend your money on their items. 

4 Common Problems Seen With JYSK Furniture

When you want to learn if a furniture company delivers on its promise of selling consumers premium quality furniture that lasts, you need to know more about the problems people have had. 

However, you should remember that other consumer experiences won’t always match your own, which is why you need to make up your own mind when purchasing goods from JYSK.

Let’s look below at a few of the most common problems seen with JYSK furniture. 

Unstable And Flimsy Furniture Items

There is perhaps nothing worse than buying unstable or flimsy furniture, and on many occasions, customers have complained of both when it comes to JYSK furniture.

Some customers have received dressers and cabinets that, once assembled, have been unstable and shaky when anything is placed in them. Others have bought sofas with wood trips that have had the wood fall off shortly after the furniture was built.

For example, one client stated that the wood trim on their sofa looked to be recently glued, which is why it fell off. Others have had flimsy garden furniture delivered that has not met their standards.

Unfortunately, when many customers have tried to take these items back or get them fetched by the store, they have experienced issues getting refunds. 

Missing Furniture Parts

When you buy furniture from a company, the last thing you expect is to receive your order with parts missing.

It can be endlessly frustrating trying to put together a furniture item only to realize there is no way for you to complete the job without the necessary parts from the store. 

Unfortunately, many JYSK customers have experienced this. They have bought furniture items only to discover that various parts have been missing. In particular, many customers have ordered sofas that have arrived with missing parts. 

When customers try to rectify the situation, they have to wait months for the missing parts to be delivered, and some never get the parts sent to them because of the poor customer service. 

Issues With Timely Furniture Deliveries And Incorrect Orders

The excitement of ordering a new set of furniture can quickly turn to dread when you have to wait months for your furniture to be delivered. 

Additionally, spending countless hours on the phone or over email trying to resolve incorrect furniture orders can lead to frustration and stress, which is not something you want to experience when you should be enjoying your new furniture items. 

At JYSK, many loyal customers have dealt with timely delivery issues and incorrect orders.

For example, many customers have ordered furniture items totaling significant sums that have been delivered late. 

Lately, no matter which country you buy JYSK furniture from or what you buy, whether it’s shelving or complete furniture sets, many receive their orders between one to three months late.

Often when customers call the respective JYSK stores, they are told their order will be delivered within the week, but this has proven to not be true on many occasions. 

Moreover, customers have received incorrect orders that they have had to return while waiting for their order because of misplaced orders at JYSK depots.

This often takes weeks to months to rectify because of the unhelpful customer service personnel in the furniture departments. 

Broken Furniture Parts

What’s worse than receiving your furniture order late or with missing parts? Receiving the furniture broken.

In many instances, JYSK furniture has been delivered to consumers broken. Either the goods get broken during the delivery process or arrive broken from the depot. 

A few customers have ordered beds that have been delivered with broken parts. They have had to wait months for the broken parts to be delivered. Others have received entirely broken beds that they have not been able to use properly. 

Additionally, a customer can be noted as saying that he received a chair with a broken caster. When he complained to the store, they implied that it was his fault the caster was broken even though it was delivered that way. 

3 Top Tips You Need To Know When Buying JYSK Furniture

We understand that it might seem like the JYSK furniture brand experiences many issues, but despite them, they are still reputable and respected by many for making good quality furniture.

Many of their furniture items are considered premium-quality, which is likely why they are still manufacturing furniture. 

If you want to ensure that the furniture you buy from a JYSK brand is quality, you need to keep a few furniture tips in mind. Have a look below to learn more about these tips. 

Consider the construction

Before you buy anything, including furniture, you need to consider its construction. Some furniture items are not made to be as sturdy as others or are built to be easily breakable.

You need to make sure that the craftsmanship of your JYSK furniture item is on par with other brands before purchasing it if you want to guarantee you will be satisfied. 

Check store reviews

Often, the biggest mistake you can make when buying furniture is forgetting to or choosing not to check consumer reviews on the furniture items you’re interested in.

Many JYSK stores feature customer reviews on certain products that you can use to determine if an item is of good quality.

There are also many forums where consumers have commented on their experience with the furniture items they have bought. 

Identify the materials used

Another tip you should consider following is checking the materials used in the construction of your furniture.

Although the structure itself is important, the materials a company uses to make the furniture almost matter more.

If good quality materials are used, your furniture will last you much longer. 

The Wrap-Up!

Like any furniture company, JYSK is not perfect. They have customer service issues, quality issues, and delivery issues.

However, these issues are not a constant that happens on every single order the company completes. 

Even though they have experienced many negative reviews in recent years, they are still one of the leading Scandinavian-inspired furniture companies globally.

Additionally, although these reviews are helpful, they should not be the only deciding factor when purchasing a furniture item from this brand. 

If you keep in mind the furniture tips we spoke about, you should have no problem finding good quality JYSK furniture. 


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