Is Jordan Furniture Good Quality? (Buy or Avoid?)

Jordan Furniture Good Quality

Michael Jordan and Michael B.Jordan are two Jordans widely renowned in the United States – and arguably globally. But there is another Jordan you may not know much of unless you are in New England. This is Jordan Furniture. Yes, who are they? And should you buy their furniture or avoid them?

Jordan Furniture is a dominant player in the New England home interior space. Priding itself as “not just a store”, this gigantic furniture chain offers a broad range of products, from recliners, mattresses, sofas, and sectionals, to outdoor patio umbrellas and fire pits. Their pricings are a bit above average, and customers have complained about deliveries taking too long and prices jumping up more than anticipated.

There is so much to know about Jordan Furniture, nonetheless. Are they made in the United States? Are they comfortable and safe? Also, are they covered by a warranty policy? Let us find out.

Who produces Jordan furniture and where?

Jordan Furniture was founded initially in Waltham in 1918 by Samuel Tatelman. Since then, it has passed through many owners, even getting sold to Berkshire Hathaway.

Over this interval, this company has grown steadily into over seven store locations, with annual sales approaching $250 million.

These stores spread through areas like Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine. Jordan Furniture stores are commonly flanked by IMAX theaters trying to accentuate your shopping experience.

While their stores also sell furniture from other brands, Jordan furniture pieces are exclusively made in the United States.

What furniture styles and selections does Jordan furniture have?

Versatility is one virtue Jordan Furniture has demonstrated abundantly. This furniture chain offers a broad range of furniture type, styles, and sizes, ensuring just every homeowner have something beautiful to take home.

Jordan Furniture Mattresses

It is easy to be overwhelmed when you step into a Jordan furniture store looking for mattresses. Jordan furniture boasts more than 90 mattress models.

This includes fascinating collections from reputed mattress manufacturers like Beautyrest, Serta, and Sealy.

That said, this brand has its indigenous mattress brand called the Jordan’s Mattress Factory. 

An ample supply of recliners

With more than 130 unique recliner models, Jordan Furniture ensures you have zero excuses to postpone your recliner purchase. 

We admire the diversity in design and stylishness of these recliners. Some are further decked with heating features, while we found others fortified with body massage functionalities.

More Sectionals than you can handle

Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. Jordan Furniture has, across the decades, cemented itself as the go-to destination for sectionals in New England.

Jordan Furniture offers homeowners more than 298 sectional models. There is further room for personalization. 

Jordan allows you (for a stipend) to further adapt the color of your sectional fabrics to your specific taste.

Jordan has beautiful bedroom sets

Your bedroom is one place you never want to economize on your comfort. Jordan furniture understands this, presenting more than 500 bedroom set models for you to choose from. 

This cuts across deluxe completely upholstered sleigh beds to ready headboards.

Solid wood, steel, and wood veneer were the commonest materials Jordan bedroom sets were made from.

We loved Jordan’s outdoor furniture 

Jordan Furniture’s outdoor collection is dominated by patio umbrellas and fire pits. The patio umbrella came in different sizes, colors, and styles.

We admired some of these umbrellas for how sizable they are. Some were accommodating enough to shed an area equivalent to your traditional room size.

This meant you had more shed to enjoy the summers on your patio, chilling outdoors. It is also worth noting some of the patio umbrellas on Jordan Furniture’s catalog were fitted with Bluetooth-enabled speakers and LED lights.

This meant you could stay as long as possible outside without missing lamination or entertainment.

Is Jordan Furniture durable?

Durability is a critical determinant of how much value you derive from your furniture purchase. Across our investigation, we came across Jordan furniture buyers who voiced their dissatisfaction regarding how fragile their purchases were.

While we didn’t specifically test the products we saw complaints on, the Jordan Furniture’s Canopy Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella and Quartz rug were notably impressive in our durability test.

The Canopy Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella features a built-to-last navy blue canopy. Its material design reveals a strong emphasis on withstanding outdoor atmospheric elements.

Worth mentioning is the anthracite powder-coated aluminum build of this umbrella’s pole. This contributes to its longevity and sturdiness.

Such powder-coating design ensures that the umbrella delivers superior performance in withstanding impact and damage.

The pole also holds its own against moisture and consequent corrosion. This is not a pole that is rusting anytime soon, even with minimal maintenance. 

Jordan Furniture’s Quartz rug got us drooling. Specifically, it was produced from soft synthetic yarns.

This goes a long way in improving how elastic the rug is. This means that even despite heavy usage, it doesn’t readily wrinkle. 

Are Jordan furniture pieces eco-friendly?

Society is becoming so climate-conscious that environmentally friendliness is being demanded from manufacturers.

Jordan Furniture doesn’t disappoint in this regard. This manufacturer demonstrated how ecologically conscious it was in its mattress design.

Most Jordan Furniture mattresses come with the renowned CertiPUR-US certification. This indicates that this mattress produces minimally ecologically disruptive materials like emissions.

Furthermore, such CertiPUR-US shows that these mattresses are totally rid of TCEP, PBDEs, or general flame retardants.

Are Jordan furniture pieces comfortable?

Only beauty wouldn’t do for your furniture. You want a furniture piece that adds glamor to your home and comfort to the user.

We felt really relaxed in the Jordan Furniture pieces we tried out. Two stood out for how comfy they felt and their overall swagger.

These are the Pista Leather Sofa and the Lombardy Accent Swivel Chair. 

Starting with the Pista Leather sofa, this Soft Line America sofa was fitted with plush backs and sufficiently cushioned box seats.

This implied it soaked us in, giving us a distinctly cozy feel when we sat. And to ensure the comfort is complete, this sofa was further enhanced with track arms. 

This ensured that our elbows had somewhere comfortable to rest while we sat.

We also admired the Lombardy Accent Swivel Chair, particularly its soft upholstery. Its round shape boosted the ergonomics, enabling the chair to contour properly to us.

The inbuilt swivel mechanism also contributed to how homely this accent chair felt.

How much does Jordan furniture cost?

As we previously established, Jordan furniture comes a bit above average. Nonetheless, we appreciated how this manufacturer graded its product, from really affordable models to premium models.

For example, a recliner at Jordan Furniture can come in as cheap as $390. But some models cost north of $5,500.

For mattresses, you can expect to spend anywhere from $120 to $8,500 if you plan to get them from Jordan Furniture.

There is further flexibility in the prices of their living room sets. A dining set with eight chairs and a table from Jordan Furniture can cost you as much as $5,500.

But there are 3-piece dining sets from the same furniture chain as cheap as $330. 

The cheapest sofas and sectionals in Jordan Furniture cost around $650. These tend to be more traditional models. 

If you want something deluxe, you should anticipate spending over $5800.

Lastly, bedroom sets come at varying prices. A wholly upholstered sleigh bed from Jordan Furniture can cost you $2950, while simple headboards can be gotten for as cheap as $110.

Does Jordan Furniture offer warranty packages?

Yes, Jordan Furniture has a unique Peace of Mind Warranty package. This warranty policy gives you a 5-year cover on furniture pieces you get from Jordan Furniture.

Buyers who also bought in Jordan Furniture’s Protection Program must not contact Jordan’s ProtectAll department to file a claim later than 30 days after discovering the defect.


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