Is JCPenney Furniture Good Quality (Explained)

JCPenney Furniture Good Quality

On February 28th, 2019, JCPenney discontinued the sales of its furniture lines in stores but continued them online.

For decades they have been a go-to option for people looking to purchase sofas, mattresses, coffee tables, and other furniture items.

Yet, even though many swear by JCPenney furniture, are you getting what you’re paying for? 

In recent years this brand has gotten a reputation for having a few issues on their furniture and customer service fronts. This has caused many new and returning customers to ask if they are actually getting quality pieces?

Usually, the quality of JCPenney furniture is good. Although the products have received some less than stellar reviews over the years, most have been happy with the furniture they have bought. Generally, JCPenney furniture will last as long as comparable furniture brands in the same price brackets. 

In our article, we will look into what you should expect from JCPenney furniture. By learning more about this brand’s furniture line, you can spend your hard-earned money with no regrets. 

4 Common Problems With JCPenney Furniture

It’s no secret that often, the best way to know for sure if JCPenney furniture is the perfect brand for you is to learn more about a few of the common problems other people have with it. 

Yet, you need to also remember that other people’s experiences with the brand will likely be different, and what they experience won’t necessarily be what you experience. Have a look below to uncover four of the most common problems seen with JCPenney furniture. 

The Cushioning Breaks Down

One of the biggest complaints customers have with JCPenney furniture is that the cushioning on their furniture breaks down easily shortly after purchase. There are different reasons why this happens to a few customers. 

Firstly, not all JCPenney furniture lines are the same, with some being more affordable than others.

The brand’s sofas that belong to cheaper furniture lines tend to experience quality issues the most because the materials used are cheaper.

Yet it’s important to note that this is not always the case as some people have had no issues with their cheaper sofas. 

Another reason why JCPenney furniture cushioning breaks down is because of inferior couch cushioning material being used.

Expensive furniture lines from the brand have been known to feature cushioning that differs from what was displayed in stores. 

Since the brand no longer sells its furniture in stores except for a select few, there is no way to know the quality you’re receiving because you cannot physically try the sofa out before buying it. 

Damaged And Defective Items

Another common problem with JCPenney furniture is damaged or defective items. Often consumers will receive products that are delivered in poor condition. Others have noted receiving products that have chipped or broken pieces on their furniture items. 

For example, some of the patio sets have chipped corners that must be welded back together. Others have received couches that have defective frames and break after a few months.

The best thing you can do if you have received broken products is to take pictures of the items and get in contact with the store’s furniture department’s customer service team. 

Issues With Furniture Deliveries And Customer Service 

Arguably, one of the most significant issues many JCPenney furniture customers experience is problems with deliveries and poor customer service.

Across the many forums and according to many consumers, JCPenney often experiences countless issues with furniture deliveries.

Consumers will place orders online and have their delivery never show up at their home or office. 

Others will be alerted to constant delays in their furniture deliveries and get the items they ordered months from when they placed their initial furniture order. This is most often seen with mattress deliveries.  

Additionally, some have also stated that they have never received the items they ordered and received no communication about their deliveries being canceled or postponed. 

Moreover, a prevailing problem with the JCPenney furniture department is poor customer service.

Many consumers have complained of rude communication, unhelpful sales attendants, and poor resolution of issues with furniture items.

Many have also failed to get refunds on damaged items and have had issues getting customer service staff to help them get refund issues resolved. 

Mattress Problems

In recent years, JCPenney has experienced countless issues with its mattresses. According to many, this brand’s mattresses experience sagging early on, within only a few short months of being purchased.

Many of their mattresses have also shown dents in their construction, and some have had mattresses delivered that are frayed with holes in the fabric. 

Even though these mattresses are still under warranty, when these issues have presented themselves, most customers have had to give money to have the mattress fetched, and this fee averages around $130.

Additionally, customers also have had to pay a restocking fee which is around 15% of the mattress bought price. 

These fees are a major issue because many feel they should not have to pay for a mattress that has been damaged while under warranty or that is failing when it should not be. 

What Are The Tips You Need To Know When Buying JCPenney Furniture 

Now we know it might seem like there are countless issues with JCPenney furniture, but this brand is still known for producing quality furniture items for many satisfied consumers over the years. 

JCPenney is a large company that doesn’t specialize in furniture because their main market is clothing.

Yet, this does not mean you will get bad quality items; instead, it simply means you need to know a few things about buying JCPenney furniture beforehand. 

Finding the best furniture items that JCPenney has to offer might seem like a daunting task, especially considering their furniture lines are only available online now.

Fortunately, you can follow a few tips to ensure you choose a good quality JCPenney furniture item, and we have briefly listed these tips below. 

  • You need to make sure you always do your research and look into the reviews of the item you are interested in purchasing. Chances are, if others have liked the item and have said it is good quality, you will enjoy it. 
  • Many furniture companies will recall items, and JCPenney is no different. Before buying a JCPenney furniture item, new or second-hand, you should look at if it has been recalled. Furniture items that are recalled are usually not up to standard and feature inferior quality. 
  • Before buying a furniture item from JCPenney, make sure to check the materials it is made of. Some furniture materials are stronger than others and more durable. So do your research when you don’t recognize a name and stay away from furniture items that feature chipboard or other cheap wood materials. 

The Wrap-Up!

It’s important to remember that no company is perfect.

JCPenney has good quality furniture, but their items might not suit you or your lifestyle.

Although this brand has experienced its fair share of negative furniture reviews, you need to make your own decisions based on your needs, wants, and preferences. 

We know that shopping at JCPenney for furniture online can be a stressful experience. Still, as long as you remember the tips we provided, you shouldn’t experience any problems finding good-quality furniture items. 


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