Are JCB Power Tools Any Good? (8 Helpful Tips)


JC Bamford Excavators Ltd., commonly known as JCB, is a British manufacturing giant specializing in construction, demolition, agriculture, power, and waste management equipment. 

You might have heard the phrase that a JCB heavy machinery rarely breaks down. 

It is true, but what about their power tools? Are they any good? Or are they joy riding on the popularity of their heavy construction vehicles? 

Read on to find out.  

Are JCB Power Tools Any Good?

JCB power tools are a good mid-range line of tools. You’re guaranteed to use your JCB power tools for a lifetime if you take care of them. 

JCB is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of loaders and excavators. With over 70 years of experience, the company now produces power tools that are very durable, strong, can withstand daily work abuse, and have excellent warranties.  

A stronghold in their power tool category is their batteries. JCB cordless power tools use single 2.0Ah to 5.0Ah Li-Ion batteries that are 25% lighter than the standard power tool battery in the same charge range. 

The battery pack is also well crafted to ensure that the tool is balanced when being used. 

If you’ve been having trouble replacing your battery, then you should think of JCB power tools. The battery pack is rigid enough to hold the battery in place when working and very easy to remove when replacing.

Another technology that comes with JCB power tools is that they support a relatively faster charging through fast charge technology.

In case you’re wondering about their ergonomic efficiency, JCB power tools are very comfortable, easy to use, and easy to maintain tools. They’re lightweight to ensure that you do not strain too much when using tools such as their combination drills.

The downside is that their drill bits and saw blades fall short compared to high-end competitors in the market. 

As most of their power tools are in the mid-range price category, this brand outperforms itself. It is a good value for money option that won’t disappoint when used for light to medium everyday tasks.

Is JCB A Good Brand?

Absolutely. Overall, all JCB power tools and machinery are made to the highest standard. 

They are durable, compact, comfortable to use, and reliable. As a brand, the company has continued offering excellent products and has excellent supportive technical support

The phrase that a JCB backhoe never breaks down is not entirely accurate but shows the standards that come with JCB. 

In the UK, the term JCB is informally used on almost all backhoe loaders regardless of whether they’re JCB or not. That’s how popular the JCB brand is in the UK.

What Power Tools Does JCB Make?

JCB focuses primarily on two sets of power tools: corded and cordless power tools. 

They also manufacture batteries and chargers that are used with the power tools.

JCB cordless tool types use brushed and brushless motor technologies and fall into seven categories by type. These categories are the drills, fasteners, grinders, hammer drills, sanders, routers, and saws.   

JCB doesn’t have a wide range of corded tools. Corded grinders, hammers, breakers, and saws are the only ones available. 

What’s The Quality Of JCB Power Tools?

JCB power tools are a good quality line of power tools. 

In addition to their high-quality metal, rubber, and plastic parts, JCB power tools consume less power. They also have a longer battery run time, are more compact, and have higher revolutions per minute (RPMs) than most mid-range power tools. 

The company is focused on adopting brushless motors over brush motors to transform itself into a power tool manufacturing giant. JCB brushless motor power tools are durable and produce little heat when compared to brush motor power tools. 

The reason is that less energy is lost in brushless motors. As such, the absence of brushes improves the power tool’s efficiency. 

What’s The Warranty On JCB Power Tools?

JCB has a warranty period of up to 3 years from the date of purchase. 

The warranty is valid only for purchases that are registered online within 30 days of purchase. Another condition is registering each power tool individually, even if you bought power tools in a kit. 

You must present the warranty certificate and the purchase receipts to make a warranty claim. JCB has an excellent customer desk that sorts you out in hours or days. 

The warranty is active for equipment repair or replacing on the condition that it has been used correctly. 

Modification, storing tools in harsh environments, misuse, overload, accidental damage, poor maintenance, and tools having non-JCB parts are not covered.   

How Do JCB Power Tools Compare Against Those Of Competitors?

JCB tools rival most mid-range power tools from competitors in terms of the quality of service they offer. 

JCB’s power tools rival power tools from Bosch, DeWalt, Kobalt, Makita, Hitachi Koki, KPT, Stanley Becker & Decker, and Craftsman.

If you need a tool for home use, I’d recommend that you go for ones that are reasonably priced and worth every penny. JCB won’t disappoint, and if it does, you’re assured that they’ll sort you out quickly.

Apart from its less-than-ideal drill bits and saw blades, the core of JCB power tools is rock-solid and durable. Your choice of tool boils down to your personal preferences when you contrast JCB with any mid-range brand. 

JCB Power Tools Review

JCB power tools are highly rated in the UK market, with a customer satisfaction rating of 4.6/5 on

Most reviews praise the company’s excellent customer support. They’re very straightforward and will do all in their power to get you sorted out. So if you needed a tool repair or replacement, then as a client, you’re given priority. 

JCB tools are also rated as a good value for money by most reviewers who claim so from personal experience. The tools last long, are light to use, and have a terrific aesthetic touch to them. 

JCB power tools are rated a good-but-not-excellent brand on, with most of their power tools and related accessories having a 4/5 to 4.5/5-star rating. 

One customer rated the company’s impact driver a 4-star because JCB’s illumination of the working bit comes on simultaneously as the rotation of the motor and not before the motor starts. 

Another reviewer complained that the impact driver couldn’t lock the drilling bit in place and rated the impact driver a 1-star.

3 Problems With JCB Power Tools

  • JCB drill bits are always blunt and not anywhere near the best drill bits in the market. Make sure to change the JCB drill bits before drilling, as you might burn out your drill if you drill forcefully with it.
  • Some JCB products have questionable qualities straight from the box. Some owners on claim that they realized some JCB tools were malfunctioning even before single-use.
  • The impact driver chuck loosens up rather quickly and doesn’t hold the bit after repeated use.   

My Take On JCB Power Tools

JCB is an excellent brand that I would recommend at any time. Don’t let the fair rating mislead you into thinking that it is a weak brand. 

Remember that JCB is a British company, and JCB has a considerable following in the UK. And their power tools are highly rated there. 

A reason for its fairly average rating on comes a lot from the American market’s perceptions of the brand. JCB indeed lacks a strong base in the US. But after reading through this article, I hope that that perception might change. 

JCB is a good brand that rivals most mid-range American power tool companies.


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