Is Legacy Classic Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Legacy Classic Furniture Good Quality

Legacy Classic Furniture offers a variety of beautiful traditional and modern furniture to choose from. But are they good quality? 

Yes. They offer high-quality furniture that competes well with other furniture from top brands. Their furniture is affordable but comes in smart designs with unique tastes

Legal Classic furniture is still among the dominant furniture in the market for more than 20 years since it first hit the market. 

What makes Legal Classic Furniture remain popular for so many years? 

1. Quality Workmanship

The main focus of Legacy Classic Furniture is to maintain the originality of its furniture. The brand sets standards when it comes to workmanship since it was introduced in the market in 1999. 

Their furniture is handcrafted with a lot of details that are hard to find in many modern brands out there. The brand values integrity and maintains its skill in workmanship.

Their traditional taste is still clearly visible even on their modern furniture. So, if you are looking for a furniture brand that will offer traditional feels for your home decor, Legacy Classic Furniture is a great option. 

2. An array of Beautiful Furniture

Legacy Classic Furniture offers an incredible array of beautiful furniture products that can’t go without being mentioned. Furniture from this brand has a unique stunning finish that makes them look exceptionally beautiful. 

Their upholstery furniture couches come in different colors to meet every home decor. The brand also offers variety in terms of size to suit every space.

Whether you are looking for dining furniture sets, fabric or leather cushioned seats, dining tables, and benches, lift-top coffee tables, drawers, cabinets, furniture for kids, among many other options, Legacy Classic is a one-stop-shop. 

It is very easy to get Legacy furniture near you. Just Google Legacy classic Furniture and see how they are well distributed in the US and Canada. 

3. Something for Every Budget

 Finding quality furniture that fits your budget is not easy. But with Legacy Classic furniture, this is a possibility. 

As I mentioned before, offering a variety of furniture is one of the Legacy Classic’s main concerns. Though every piece of their furniture guarantees quality, the quality tends to increase with the price. 

Apart from quality, the price also ranges in terms of sizes. Legacy Classic offers furniture in a wide range of sizes that meet everyone’s needs.

Whether you want Children’s furniture or one for a giant in your family, just measure your space and go for what will meet your budget. 

4. Durable Furniture Products

Legacy Classic furniture is made from high-quality wood and the best veneers. Each of their products is completed with extensive finishing that pays a lot of attention to details. 

Most of their furniture is handcrafted with material that has been handpicked and verified to be the best quality and long-lasting.

The brand is recognized for its unique innovative highly durable materials by most customers out there.

That said, all their furniture products can withstand everyday use for several years.  

How Affordable is Legacy Classic Furniture?

I realized Legacy Classic doesn’t mention the prices of their furniture on their site. When I inquired about this, the brand agent that I spoke to explained that the brand deals with authorized and trusted retailers that are well distributed throughout the country. 

Meaning, you cannot purchase Legacy Classic furniture from the main company but from an authorized retail store near you. This move is to make shopping easy and available to everyone.

So, if you want to know the prices of these products, just pay a visit to the store near you.

From my own experience, I can say their furniture products are generally affordable. But given that the brand strives to offer a wide variety of furniture that meets everyone’s budget, expect a wide range of prices. 

Is Legacy Classic Furniture Safe?

Legacy Classic takes its ability to offer safe furniture seriously. Their furniture is thoroughly examined before production and after. This ensures the material used to make their furniture continuously meets and exceeds the safety standards. 

In addition, this brand is an active member of the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and the American Home Furnishings Association (AHFA). These two bodies are involved in expanding industry inactivities.

Legacy Classic is also compliant with US and Canadian safety regulations; Voluntary ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials); California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.

Does Legacy Classic Furniture Offer a Warranty?

Just like most brands out there, Legacy Classic Furniture warrants its furniture to be free of manufacturing defects for 1 year from the date of shipment. 

Should you have any problem with your furniture or you want complete warranty information, please contact your selling retailer. They will help you understand what their warranty covers. 

Legacy Classic will either replace the defective part, repair it or replace the furniture as a whole. The brand retailers are authorized to handle all the services and warranty work.

Even better, they still stand with their products after the 1-year warranty elapses. After the warranty expires, the Legacy Classic team can still conduct a repair to your furniture, though at a cost. Their charges for repair services are very friendly.

Is Legacy Classic Furniture Better than Other Brands?

One thing I liked about Legacy Classic Furniture most is their Kids Furniture collections. I am sure this is one aspect you will like about this brand should you have experience with their furniture.

I have never owned a beautiful but high-quality kids’ bed from other brands like the one I have from Legacy Classic brand.

In general, Legacy Classic offers great furniture that in my opinion is better than what other brands within their price category offer. Their furniture quality compares well with those from top industry brands. 


Legacy Classic Furniture offers great value and it’s a good investment. It is not easy to come across a furniture brand that balances quality and price like this brand.

Besides, it is a one-stop shop with a variety of furniture products for every home and office decor.

Whether you already have their furniture or you are convinced to give their furniture a try, feel free to share with us your experience. 


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