Is Intercon Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Intercon Furniture Good Quality

Intercon is a family-owned furniture delivery brand that has been in the market for more than 30 years.

It is an importer, designer, and supplier of furniture claiming to have sold over a million tables, cabinets, and chairs. 

But are they of good quality? 

Intercon has been delivering solid wood but affordable furniture since it was established. They clearly state on their site that they source their wood for bedroom, dining room, and home theater furniture from high-quality and high-integrity factories that help them provide the best value in the industry. 

We offer a detailed rundown on how good this furniture is. Just read on and learn. 

Is Intercon Furniture Durable?

As mentioned before, Intercon is not just dealing with any other factory to source their furniture pieces. They deal with high integrity factories that have been proven to be reliable sources of high quality and durable furniture. 

Their main focus has been tables, chairs, and cabinets. Most of these products are made from Oak or high-pressure laminate. Oak is one of the strongest wood you will find for furniture and it guarantees durability. 

On their site, they offer an interesting video where the track runs over their chair but the chair doesn’t break. This is just to prove how strong and durable their chairs are. You can watch the video here

Well, these are their own proof of how strong their furniture products are. Whether this is true will depend on your experience with the furniture. Based on my experience, I can say they are equally durable as furniture from other brands within their pricing category. 

Is Intercon Furniture Expensive?

Intercon is one of the cheapest furniture brands I have come across. Their dining collections are shockingly cheap with prices ranging between $800 and $1,600 on various sites. 

The cabinets come in different styles, qualities, and sizes and therefore, have a wide range of prices. But in general, the cabinets are affordable as well. 

While cheap products are known for low quality, Intercon compares well with the furniture from other brands within its price range when it comes to quality. 

How long Does Intercon Furniture Hold its Value?

As long as intercom furniture still looks new and is in perfect condition, it will keep its value. You can still sell such furniture at a great price as second-hand products.

However, given that this brand generally offers furniture at a low price, don’t expect a great resale value. 

Traditional Intercon furniture tends to hold more value than modern furniture. Several retail stores sell used traditional Intercon furniture. If you can get their 1990s furniture the better. 

But be sure you test used furniture really well before you purchase it. Intercon is an average furniture brand in terms of quality and you have to be so sure when purchasing a used one. 

Does Intercon Offer a Warranty?

Intercon offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty that covers defects in workmanship. Their counting starts from the time of purchase until one year elapses.

However, the warranty doesn’t cover characteristics that are considered normal such as fading of the fabric, flagging, pilling among others are not covered in this warranty.

If you detect a problem with your furniture that you are not sure whether it is covered in the warranty or not, feel free to contact the retail shop where you purchase your furniture.

The good thing with family-owned furniture brands like Intercon is, their customer support team is very reliable. 

Is Intercons Furniture a Good Investment?

Generally speaking, Intercon is an average furniture brand.

I may say it is a good investment considering their pricing that balances well with the quality. But if you are looking for a long-term furniture investment, there are other more quality brands out there. 

Compared to other furniture brands within its pricing category, I would go for Intercon. Their furniture looks stronger and the brand strongly stands behind their furniture products. 

What Do Customers Say About Intercon Furniture?

Intercon furniture doesn’t have a lot of reviews online. But we managed to come across a few feedbacks that exist on sites such as Amazon and Pissed Consumer. 

On Amazon, the feedback was about a particular set of barstools. Somehow, most consumers were impressed with these chairs. Here is what most reviews look like:

Beautiful chairs – very well made. The chairs were difficult to assemble. In 3 out of 4 chairs the holes didn’t quite align and I had to ream out the holes in order to get the bolts put in. 

Marvin K.

However, this brand does not enjoy great feedback on Pissed Consumer. There was a serious complaint about off-gassing from their furniture that most consumers are not happy about. Here is feedback for one user:

I am concerned as well with off-gassing from the Wolfcreek bedroom set. I had to move the headboard and two nightstands to the garage.

I also traded my new nightstands for two-floor models hoping that the off-gassing might be less on the floor models. I’m concerned that I may never be able to use any of the pieces. I have asthma and the furniture finish makes it unbearable to have in the bedroom.

Does Intercon Furniture offer a Satisfactory Guarantee?

Satisfaction guarantee is mostly common with online-only furniture brands without physical stores.

Since these brands don’t offer you a chance to physically test their furniture before you purchase, they offer you some days to test their furniture after purchase. If not satisfied, you can go for a refund or have the furniture exchanged. 

For Intercon and many other brands with physical stores, you can visit their authorized stores, assess their furniture before you purchase.

For that reason, they rarely offer a refund if you are dissatisfied. What they mostly offer is a warranty cover, where they may either repair or replace your furniture. 


If you are tight on budget, Intercon furniture may be a good option.

The brand balances quality and pricing and will give you a good start. Give them a try and share with us your experience. 


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