Is Article Furniture Good Quality? (Explained for Beginners)

Article Furniture Good Quality

Article furniture is an ‘online only’ direct to consumer brand. The brand doesn’t have any showroom, traditional sales associates, or other middlemen.

So, it is kind of a gamble when you can’t test it by yourself. This has left consumers constantly inquiring about their quality from those who may be familiar with the brand.

Article Furniture offers high-quality and beautiful modern furniture for the dining room, living room, bedroom, outdoor furniture, and beyond. Most of their items come in a variety of colors, fabric, texture, leather, and velvet but at affordable prices.

Apart from their quality, there are several other questions that people ask about this brand. We tried to source some of the most commonly asked questions on this furniture brand and give detailed responses. Just read on and find out if your issue is addressed. 

Is Article a Good Sofa Brand?

I just bought my Article sofas three years ago to replace my old furniture that was from a different brand. But with my three playful kids, I have to say these sofas have already had their fair share of chocolate stains and other spills. 

But Article sofas are very easy to clean and maintain. You can rub off all the stains without leaving a mark on their fabric or leather sofas. The sofas hold up well and don’t look like fading anytime soon even when subjected to everyday cleaning. 

I already feel like this sofa will have a long life. I haven’t had any warranty issues since I bought them.

In addition to their affordable prices, I was impressed by their customer service team. The furniture was shipped to my room and assembled just like they promised. 

That said, Article is a good furniture brand that I can recommend to anyone. 

Is Article Sofa Comfortable?

Fabric Article couches are soft which gives them a luxurious feeling. The cushions are designed such that they are firm at the bottom but have a soft layer at the top making them very lovely to sit or sleep on. 

I like the firm bottom because it makes the cushions feel very supportive and makes the cushion hold up better over time.

Article furniture also strives to keep their leather furniture real. They use full and semi-aniline leather across all their products. Aniline is simply a dying process the leather is subjected once it has been tanned.

Their leathered furniture ages beautifully and comfortably. Over time the color darkens and the leather gets smoother, making them even more comfortable.

Is the Article Affordable?

For modern furniture that is affordable, I would advise you to head straight to Article furniture. This online-only brand offers great furniture for those looking for affordable simple furniture with modern feels.

Most people are skeptical about online-only products because the adverts are sometimes deceiving, but that is not the case with Article furniture. I was very surprised that their furniture looks even better than what online photos lead you to. 

Article sofas leather quality surpasses other sofas from other brands that are two times their prices. They carefully select their natural material to build quality pieces that last. That is why they use real leather that is strong and can hold around for years.

Their shipping services come in three pricing categories such that you only choose what you can afford. These categories include contactless delivery which is the cheapest, in-room delivery, and in-room + assembly delivery which is the most expensive.

But in general, their shipping charges are very generous compared to what other online delivery services charge. 

Article Furniture also promises to throw your furniture to where you will show them for free should you make a purchase of $999 or more. 

Do you Tip Article Furniture Delivery?

Tipping is not a mandatory requirement by the Article Furniture customer service team but I feel it is a good way to say thanks for a great service. Article Furniture shipping services are exceptional. 

The shipping team delivers furniture in time and the crew is very careful when unpackaging the items. Mine had no damages on delivery and after assembly. And given that it was a difficult and demanding job, I felt tipping was necessary.

When a professional goes above and beyond to offer a high-level service, tipping is a good way to reward them.

Particularly when they assemble your furniture for you. Depending on how long the job is going to take, giving a little amount as a tip will be a good move.

Does Article Furniture Come Assembled?

Article furniture doesn’t come assembled. The furniture is easy to assemble though and doesn’t require a lot of carpentry skills.  

But if you don’t want to go through all that process of putting together Article furniture by yourself, select the brand In-Room + Assembly delivery service. This shipping category ensures your furniture is delivered and assembled. 

On their website, they clearly state that “if you choose our $169 In-Room + Assembly service we’ll deliver your shipment into whatever room you show us, we’ll assemble and leave you to admire your excellent taste.”

Does Article Furniture have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Though online-only services have the disadvantages of not allowing you to physically test their products before you purchase, most of them compensate for this by offering a satisfaction guarantee.

Meaning, if you are not satisfied with their products within specified days from the day of purchase you are free to return and have it exchanged or get refunded.

Article furniture offers a 30-days return policy on all their orders. If you feel your pieces are not quite right, or you just changed your mind, contact the customer support team to get help – terms, and conditions apply.

The exchange must be made with the original Article Furniture packaging. If you don’t have the original packaging in hand, there is a fee you will have to incur. 

For more information on how this service works, please contact Article Furniture. We have offered a link to their contact.

Do They Offer a Warranty?

Article Furniture offers a manufacturer warranty that covers the defective material in workmanship for 1-year from the product date of delivery. They do repairs, replacement of parts, and complete replacement of the item if necessary.

If you experience any issue with your article pieces, get in touch with the team now. They will inform you to send a photo of the product from various angles and distances.   


Hopefully, this information is enough to help you decide whether Article Furniture is the right brand for you.

This brand balances quality and cost and still backs its products with a 1-year warranty cover. Take advantage of their satisfaction warranty and give it a try. 


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