Is Apple Tree Wood Good for Anything? (10 Quick Facts)

Apple tree wood

Apple trees are beautiful, especially in the fall, with multiple fruits hanging from them. It can grow up to 40 feet.

However, most people prune them to 10 feet to make it easier to pick the fruit. The apple tree blossoms are delicate and white, with a hint of pink around the tips.

There are over 7,500 species of apple trees worldwide. Their fruits are versatile and vary in color and taste according to the tree species. If you thought that America is the highest apple producer in the world. You’re mistaken.

China grows about 30% of all apples in the world. Apple trees are also popular in Italy, Iran, Turkey, India, and Russia. Those are fun apple tree facts. What about apple tree wood?

Is apple tree wood good for anything?

Apple tree wood is popular for making fine furniture, tool handles, mallet heads, and turned items. Woodworkers also use apple tree wood for carving intricate pieces. A good example is inlay work and musical instruments.

Woodworkers love to work with apple tree wood. The grain is irregular and tight, with a very fine uniform texture. Apple wood resembles cherry wood. It takes well to hand and machine tools. However, it is not easy to work using a whittling tool.

How about I tell you some nine fascinating facts about apple tree wood?

Is Apple Tree Wood Softwood or Hardwood?

Like all other fruit trees, apple tree wood is hardwood. Apple trees thrive in zones 3 to 5 when they are called hardy. If the apple tree is termed long-season, it does well in zones 5 to 8 in the U.S Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

When looking at apple tree wood density, it is more of a medium to high-density wood. Apple trees range between 657 kilograms per cubic meter and about 833 kilograms per cubic meter. It all depends on the apple tree species we’re talking about.

The wood is heavier and harder than cherry wood. Without a doubt, it falls under hardwoods.

What Grain and Color are Apple Tree Wood?

The bark of the apple tree is typically gray. Apple tree wood ranges in color from yellow to pink-orange. The heartwood is reddish-brown to brown.

The sapwood is thick and exhibits a reddish-white to a light reddish-brown color. When steamed fresh, the apple tree wood assumes a warmer red.

The apple tree is a precious decorative wood. I love how it looks because it forms a color kernel and belongs to the heartwood tree family.

The wood is smooth-grained. I cannot forget to mention the very fine texture. The end grain is diffuse-porous with tiny pores, denser in the earlywood.

Is Apple Tree Wood Good for Smoking?

Apple tree wood is excellent for smoking food. I have first-hand experience. Honestly, apple tree wood is one of my top favorite woods for smoking. Apple wood gives an exquisite sweet flavor. Although it gives food a sweet flavor, it is nicely subtle.

The sweetness does not overpower the natural taste of vegetables or meats. This subtle sweetness makes apple tree wood the go-to for delicate meats such as pork and fish. However, you can still use it on lamb and certain seafood.

While you can use it on poultry too, pay extra attention to the smoking process. The total cooking time matters in this case. The fruity and mild flavor overwhelms poultry if you have it there for too long.

Let me give you a secret, apple wood compliments pork, especially ham. You’ll have your guests coming for second servings if you’re serving them apple-smoked ham.

How Workable is Apple Tree Wood?

Apple tree wood is dense, and the tight grain makes it perfect for carving. Moreover, it is very strong, and you can polish it to a high luster.

Worried about how it turns out? Appletree wood turns beautifully. You can easily transform apple tree wood into bowls, boxes, tool handles, and intricate carvings such as wooden toys. The best thing is that apple tree wood products last a lifetime.

I have made an apple tree wood shelf before, and it looks beautiful on shelf brackets. You can use hand and machine tools to work on it. Remember to avoid whittling tools if possible.

Apple tree wood can also be too dry or too wet, depending on where you store it. Paint the ends to keep the moisture loss even. Uneven drying leads to cracking and warping. So be careful about that.  

Does Apple Tree Wood Have a Smell?

Many people ask if apple tree wood smells like apples. Well, we would all love that. The smell of apple wood is pleasant. It is sweet and fruity.

Some people equate the scent to good whiskey, especially when turning the wood. When it burns, apple tree wood becomes very fragrant. It releases a sweet, smoky scent, making it perfect for use indoors.

Can Apple Tree Wood Make Good Firewood?

Woodworkers value apple tree wood for its quality. For this reason, apple wood is not readily available as general firewood.

Apple tree wood burns slowly, although it burns hot. Fortunately, it produces very little smoke. You can comfortably use the wood for wood-fire cooking and grilling.

The wood, just like any other wood, requires proper seasoning and drying. The heat per cord value of apple tree wood is about 27 million BTUs. 

If you’re thinking of burning this wood in a fireplace, I will encourage you to do it. The wood has very few sparks and smells incredible. The coaling quality is also perfect.

How Does Apple Tree Wood Dry?

According to the rule of thumb, air dry one inch of thickness for a year. Air drying is the best, with 1”x1” stickers every 16”. After air drying, send the apple wood to a kiln.

It’ll definitely cost you a good amount of money, but apple tree wood is precious and sells like hot cake on specialty markets. Therefore, you should dry it as best you can.

Is Apple Tree Wood Toxic?

Like the apple fruit, apple wood is not particularly toxic to humans. Research states that overeating apple seeds can lead to cyanide poisoning, though.

That aside, it is perfectly safe to work on apple tree wood. However, do not forget to wear the usual mask, gloves, and goggles. Wood dust is not the best if it gets into your eyes or nose.

What is Apple Tree Wood Worth?

Undisputedly, apple tree wood is valuable. It is not just beautiful. Woodworkers can use the wood for multiple brilliant purposes.

Unless you cut down a tree in your backyard, it is not easy to find apple tree wood randomly on sale. Moreover, the price indicates how precious this wood is.

In some stores, an 18-kilogram bag costs $25. You can sell the wood for much more if it is entirely organic. Moreover, the cord of any hardwood costs between $120 and $180 after splitting and seasoning.   


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