Are IKEA Persian Rugs Good? (Buy or Avoid?)

IKEA Persian Rugs Good

Every time I need a new rug, or an extra one for that matter, I turn to IKEA. I am incredibly excited to share my experiences with you.

Truthfully, I have bought IKEA Persian rugs several times. A friend introduced me to the store’s rug selection, and since then, I have been hooked.

The Quality of IKEA Persian Rugs

IKEA is known for many things. Now, you can add exquisite rug sellers to the list. Their Persian rugs are among the most highly-rated worldwide. The rugs are uniquely designed, with natural materials like silk and wool to give them a soft feel.

IKEA rugs are also hand-woven by skilled artisans who have been making these rugs for generations. That’s why these rugs last for generations. A lot of care goes into making them.

How Much Do IKEA Persian Rugs Cost?

IKEA has always been known to offer quality products at reasonable prices. However, their Persian rugs cost a bit more than the usual rug.

It’s understandable because these rugs are durable, unique, and of very high quality. Expect to spend a bit more money when purchasing IKEA Persian rugs.

The price of IKEA Persian rugs varies depending on the size and style you choose. The prices range from £99 for a 55 x 200 cm rug up to £1200 for a 200 x 300 cm rug.

The rugs might sound exorbitantly priced, but it’s worth your buck when you think about the personal touch that goes into making them.

How Hard or Easy are IKEA Persian Rugs to Clean?

IKEA Persian rugs need a lot more attention than standard rugs. It’s very easy to destroy your rug if you take this route. Moreover, cleaning depends on the material of the rug and the type of stain or dirt you need to remove.

Let me explain.

The natural fibers on these rugs do not permit machine wash. When the rug is new, you might want to be rid of the new smell. Aerate the rug for a few hours and then vacuum it. Since most are made of wool, they shed lint. Be wary of that.

Vacuum the rug and shake it out often to prevent dust accumulation among the fibers.

If you want to do a deep clean, add water and soap to a cloth. After wringing it out, use it on the rug. Proceed to dry the rug using a dry paper towel or hand it out to air dry. (That’s why IKEA Persian rugs are expensive, they are highly delicate).

However, despite the intricacies that come with cleaning IKEA Persian rugs, they are beautiful when clean and stain-free.

Are IKEA Persian Rugs Good Anywhere in the House?

These rugs come in different beautiful designs. They are perfect for use in any part of the house.

The detailed patterns create an oriental look and bring some freshness to your space. You can place the rugs under the sofa, dining table, or at the foot of your bed.

I have an IKEA Persian rug right by my bed. It works just fine because it is soft to step on and colorful enough to bring a pop of color to my bedroom.   

IKEA Persian rugs bring the room together with their alluring colors and patterns. That’s why they can fit anywhere. Measure the size of the space before purchasing the rug. This helps to ensure the rug sits in place comfortably.

How Long do IKEA Persian Rugs Last?

IKEA Persian rugs will last up to 100 years.

You can find Persian rugs in homes 60 years after purchase. They will still look as vibrant as ever. This is only possible if you take good care of them. An IKEA Persian rug will be passed down in generations unless you machine wash it, which destroys the fibers.

The rugs do well even in high-traffic areas of your house. The secret to durability is the materials used. IKEA Persian rugs are made from wool, making them hard-wearing. Besides, the oriental knots make the rugs nice and strong.

Regular and proper cleaning leaves these rugs in tip-top shape.

How Long is the Warranty on IKEA Persian Rugs?

While IKEA is known to offer some of the longest warranties among big retailers, including a 25-year warranty on SENIOR pots and pans, they don’t provide a warranty for any of their rugs.

Fortunately, you can return almost any product purchased at IKEA for a full refund within 365 days of the date of purchase. Any product that you return must be in the best shape.

If you choose to return a rug, it should be in the same condition as when you purchased it. Return it with the initial packaging and everything intact.

In order to return a product, bring it to your local IKEA store along with your receipt or packing slip. Keep in mind that you may be charged a 10% restocking fee if you return a rug that was shipped to you.

How Well Do IKEA Persian Rugs Hold Their Value?

These rugs are very expensive. If you got the chance to resell the rug after a few years of wear, you would jump at the opportunity.

Many people would be willing to purchase used Persian rugs. However, it is important to check for authenticity before purchasing a Persian rug from someone. There are several knockoffs in the market today.

You can easily end up with a knockoff IKEA Persian rug if you don’t inspect the rug thoroughly.

What Do the Reviews Say about IKEA Persian Rugs?

We checked for reviews on IKEA Persian rugs online. These platforms had a bit to say about IKEA Persian rugs.

  • (6 reviews)

Honestly, there are minimal reviews on other platforms, except the IKEA website. We found six reviews on the store’s official website. Customers there gave the product 4.8/5 stars.

This was not a surprise because IKEA is a popular store. Moreover, Persian and oriental rugs are a favorite of many people.

Rug Variety

You can find a Persian rug to fit any room in your house at IKEA, from small throw rugs to large area rugs.

These rugs come in many different colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your decor scheme or have fun choosing something completely new.


In general, IKEA tends to be cheaper than other stores selling Persian rugs.

This is because they sell so many items overall that they are able to offer lower prices across the board due to economies of scale.


IKEA Persian rugs are hand-knotted by skilled craftspeople. Every rug is individually designed. Therefore, it is impossible to find two rugs that look similar.

Their hard-wearing feature and high resistance to dust and dirt make them excellent for use even in high-traffic areas. Although they tend to be on the higher side price-wise, they are worth breaking the bank for.


IKEA Persian rugs last a very long time, you can pass them on to the next generation.

However, ensure you clean and dry your Persian carpets properly, so they become family heirlooms.


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