Is Hughes Furniture Good Quality? (Explained for Beginners)

Hughes Furniture Good Quality

Hughes Furniture is among the best furniture company to buy household furniture from. Their furniture items are ideal for mid-income earners looking for stylish and quality furnishings.

Their furniture pieces are also eco-friendly, thus perfect for people looking to conserve the environment.

Hughes Furniture is a family business that started its operations in 1963 as the Mid-State Framing Company. The company has grown over the years, and currently, it has eight outlets located in Randolph County and Randleman.

Their furniture is made of hardwood and recycled material to reduce its carbon footprint. Thus, you may ask, ask is Hughes Furniture good quality?

Hughes Furniture Reviews

Hughes Furniture has been around for several generations, and that it has grown in size is a testament that they provide quality products and services to their clients.

The company is environmentally conscious as they utilize recycled materials when making some of the furniture pieces to conserve the environment.

And the cushions are made using Cert-PUR foam, meaning that you will get safe and non-toxic sofas. To top it, they use hardwood frames on their seat, so you are assured that they are sturdy and highly durable.

Their team of designers ensures that the company keeps up with the changing furniture trends.

Like every other company, Hughes Furniture is not exempt from complaints about lousy quality, poor customer service, or delayed delivery.

So always do your own research when buying furniture. There are tons of reviews on the review sites, and Hughes Furniture seems to have more complaints than you’d have imagined. Let’s look at what their customers have to say.

Common Complaints About Hughes Furniture

In every business providing customers with goods and services, you should expect some customers to complain and others to applaud your work.

But always ensure that those who compliment your work are more than the complaints. 

Hughes Furniture seems to be in a bit of crisis as more people are complaining about the quality of their furniture items, customer service, and deliveries.

They should take their client’s feedback seriously and act on it. Most of the customers have the following challenges.

Poor Quality

A company should always focus on customer satisfaction and support. In this case, Hughes Furniture should focus on manufacturing high-quality furniture items to eliminate customer complaints.

They should also issue a recall of all the furniture pieces that have garnered similar problems from various clients.

For instance, their couch seems to be made of poor quality as the fabric thins out quickly, and the foam seems to be seeping through.

Yes, we understand that they are recycling, but let it not be at the expense of the customer, such that within a year, you’d have to replace a seat which you bought for thousands of dollars. 

However, before investing in Hughes Furniture, keep in mind that it’s a lower-end brand catering to be people with a tight budget.

So if you want high-quality items, try other brands such as Hekman Furniture.

They Don’t Adhere to Warranty

Companies selling products offer their customers a warranty to assure that if it gets damaged naturally, they can get it replaced or fixed by the company. Hughes Furniture provides a warranty on their furniture items. 

Still, the company does not adhere as several people have complained of lodging complaints only to be told they are not qualified for one reason or another.

Therefore, before buying furniture from Hughes, get acquainted with their warranty contract, as most expire after the first year of purchase. But they have several stipulations you must meet.

Poor Customer Service

A customer service team can make or break a business. This is because they are the first point of contact with the client, and if the client does not feel that they will be of value for a business, they just leave. 

Although Hughes Furniture prides itself on being the best, their customer service is lacking as their sales staff can sit or keep talking with their colleagues, leaving you to tend to yourself.

In other instances, a client complained of the company’s customer service taking her for a goose chase when she requested to pay for new seat covers out of pocket as the ones she had were fraying.

This left her frustrated since she called several times and never to buy from them again.

Tips to Use When Buying Hughes Furniture

Furniture items enhance your home’s overall design. Therefore, you must always be keen when buying by ensuring that the design, style, fabric, and color blend in to give your home a comfortable and homely feel. 

As such, you must always do your research. However, don’t always trust what you hear as people’s experiences are not the same, so it doesn’t mean that you won’t have a good outcome since others did not.

Please keep an open mind, but above all, use the tips below when buying furniture from Hughes Furniture.

Do your Research

Whether buying furniture online or offline, you must research the company and its products. Ensure that the materials they use are fit for you and safe.

You can get this information by looking at previous customers reviews from the company’s website and social media. 

Other than review sites such as Google, Birdeye, and Sitejabber, you can also check other social media channels owned by bloggers who post content on furniture.

You might be lucky enough to see another furniture item that is ideal for your living room. 

Check Quality

Before buying any piece of item, check to see the quality. Since Hughes Furniture also uses recycled material, it would be best to specify what you are comfortable with. This will ensure that the company provides you with quality items. 

Since many people complained of the seats fabrics and cushions having issues, it would be wise to steer clear of these until they have fixed the problem.

And if you want a long-lasting seat, Hughes is not your ideal furniture company as most of their seats start developing issues after one year.

Customer Service

A company’s customer service should be prompt in addressing their client’s needs and questions.

Therefore, ensure that Hughes Furniture’s customer service team is readily available to incase your items develop an issue once you are home.


When purchasing furniture, many of us want to use it immediately.

But what happens when you are told it will be delivered after a week only for it to take several weeks to months. This may be due to a backlog of orders or has not arrived at the store.

You become frustrated and start making calls after calls. And if their customer service is unreliable, you will be more frustrated. 

Avoid delivery delays by arranging your own pickup. This will save you lots of headaches as you can confirm your order and check on quality before being packaged and loaded. 


Please familiarise yourself with their warranty terms to avoid the headache of making claims only to be rejected.

Final Thoughts

As a customer, your goal is to get a deal for your money. Therefore, when buying furniture, do not be too tight on finances as you might get yourself a seat or a table that you’ll need to replace in a year, which will be more expensive. 

Yes, you can get good quality products from Hughes Furniture on a lower budget but make sure to check and countercheck to avoid issues down the line.


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