How Much Do Hammocks Cost? {4 Examples}


Do you want to escape the rigors of civilization for a moment or two? A hammock is a ready haven you need. Few things are as relaxing as being rocked in a hammock. Yes, I am talking about that luscious feel of being weightless and cradled in your hammock bed. But then, how much does a hammock cost?

Depending on which features and accessories you want, you can get hammocks on the low end for around $25 and on the high end for $400. That said, special edition luxury editions can cost tens of thousands of dollars, with Hammacher’s Petiole Hammock famously costing a whopping $35,000. The size, hammock fabric, accessories, suspension systems, and special features are major determinants of the cost of the hammock you get. 

Aside from extensively educating you on the core parameters influencing the cost of a hammock, this article will dig deep into some of the best affordable and premium hammocks. 

What makes hammocks expensive?

As said, fabric makeup, size, and accessories are some of the principal factors influencing the cost of a hammock. Let us look into these.

What is the size?

The bigger a hammock, the costlier it naturally is. The size here is connected to the weight capacity of the hammock.

Single hammocks typically cost less than double hammocks. The former has a moderate weight of 4-5 feet and can accommodate up to a load of 400lbs. Double hammocks justify their relatively steeper cost by holding as much as 500lbs and can be up to 6 feet wide.

What fabric is your hammock made of?

Aside from the size, the hammock fabric is another critical determinant of the cost a hammock goes at. The material here essentially determines how comfortable, durable, and breathable your hammock is.

The longevity of your hammock fabric is conventionally linked to its denier rating. Denier refers to the thread size which was integrated into the hammock fabric. 

Hammock fabrics with higher denier numbers cost more. For context, a hammock with a 70 denier rating would cost significantly more than one with a 30 denier rating. 

This explains why hammocks with heavy-duty fabrics cost almost twice as lightweight regions with lower denier ratings.

What accessories come with it?

The good things of life are free…but they appear not to include hammocks. The gamut of accessories a hammock has largely influenced the quality of the user experience.

Hammocks with a broad range of accessories like underquilts, rain tarps, bug nets, and hammock tents normally come at a premium. 

But does this mean cheap hammocks are trash and don’t promise a pleasurable experience? Well, let us answer this.

Are Cheap Camping Hammocks Any Good?

Cheap hammocks are yet an excellent bargain if they can assuage your specific needs. Not every user needs the extensive array of special features high-end hammocks offer.

Also, some financially conservative buyers fancy getting their hammocks on the low side and making supplementary upgrades depending on emerging needs. This is not a terrible approach, either, as it saves them a pretty hefty bunch of dollars.

If you can do your investigation diligently, you can find cheap hammocks that offer close to the experience you get from premium ones. But you have to know what you are getting and the compromise you have to make (quality-wise).

For example, you can spend really low on a polyester camping hammock. The material is cheap compared to nylon hammocks. But the drawdown is that while polyester is cheap, it doesn’t boast the durability of high-denier nylon hammocks. 

But then, you may be just fine with a polyester hammock if you are not doing some intense camping. More specifically, if you would be using your hammock indoors sparingly, you don’t need to spend as much as $300 on a hammock.

Best Cheap Hammocks

As said, if you can do your due diligence, you can get really affordable hammocks that reasonably mirror the experience of exotic ones. 

We did some thorough investigations and found two hammocks on the low side whose performance and experience are not so terrible – if not impressive.   

Wise Owl DoubleOwl

Coming around $35-$40, there is no argument that this hammock is a beautiful bargain. First, this hammock is supplied with double straps. When you consider that on their own, these straps sell as high as $20, you better appreciate the deal you are getting from Wise Owl Outfitters in this hammock.

For comfort, this hammock is furnished with 210T Parachute Nylon. For a hammock of its affordability, we honestly were not expecting more. Boasting a weight capacity of 500lbs, a hammock this cheap was almost a steal.

The user-friendliness of this hammock is worth commending. Hanging it was a hassle-free experience, thanks to its straps decked with daisy loops. 

Such a daisy loop facility meant we could seamlessly adjust the hammock’s sag. This eliminated the rigors of having to alter the position where the strap was wrapped around the tree. We didn’t have to toil to take it down either.  

The hammock is pre-attached with double steel carabiners. However, we admit this wasn’t the lightest we have seen.


Impressive weight capacity 

Girded with straps


Steel carabiners were just too heavy

Overmont Hammock for Two Double Layers

Still, on best bargain hammocks, we couldn’t overlook this Overmont hammock. Available at a meager $26, this guy gives the premium likes of Hennessy and ENO a heavy run for their money.

This hammock struts a double-layer design, coming with a 210T nylon hammock fabric. Wouldn’t you be amazed that a hammock this cheap can hold as much load as 880lbs?

Compared to the weight capacity of an average hammock in this price category, this Overmont triples the standard.

This is a pretty sizable hammock at that. With a 9.2 x 6 feet dimension, this Overmont can tuck in two adults without a fuss. 

What is more, this hammock is fitted with double webbing straps, with 18 loops on either of them. For the carabiner, this Overmont presents two high-tensile clips, with the load peaking at 2204lbs. 


Remarkable weight capacity 

Incredibly cheap double hammock


It doesn’t allow for a sleeping pad tucked between layers

Quite heavy

Best high-end hammocks

If you have the dollars to spare for a luxurious experience using hammocks, we have got you covered too. In this section, we will identify the best premium hammocks we have tried out.

Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Hammock 

This is our top pick for a deep feeling of luxury. This hammock comes in an encompassing design, featuring a frame, a full setup, and an impressive array of accessories. 

Talking accessories, this $169 hammock is spoiled with a pillow integrated into it, a polyester sleeping pad, and 12 feet stand frame. With such a frame, there is no doubt that this is the hammock for strikingly tall campers.

This hammock further justifies its steep pricing with a resilient hammock design. This is seen in its inner poly quilting and dyed acrylic fabric (boasting impressive weather resistance).

For the setup, we wouldn’t say the Sunnydaze is the easiest we have seen. This hammock is equipped with two hefty metallic O-rings and double hanging chains.

We were not impressed with this chain connection configuration as we needed to pull really hard at the chain to get it on the stand. 


Lavished with accessories 

Made of top-grade materials 

Resistant to rust and weather elements


Costs a fortune

Setup needs to be less physically exerting

Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Classic 

Once you hear about Hennessy hammocks, you should know we are talking about heavy money. The Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Classic gives you all an all-in-one hammock design, almost a home away from home.

First, we must mention its asymmetric design. This hammock overwhelms you with comfort, with its shape adapting to your body contours.  

This is especially when you take a diagonal lying posture on it. With the structural ridgelines, you can be confident of a relaxing bedtime experience.

Few hammocks can stand up against this Hennessy’s full shelter set up. This hammock offers you a 20d No-See-Um mosquito mesh, following that up with a luxurious 70d high-density nylon bottom.

Oh no, it doesn’t end there. The Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker is further decked with 1200 lb / 545 kg support ropes (spectra), a 30d silnylon 66 ripstop rainfly, and some more enhancing webbing straps. 

We can get jailed if we forget to acknowledge the innovative hatch entrance design of this hammock. Indeed, this hammock is provided with a bottom entry via bottom snaps. This autonomously closes up once you enter the hammock. 

This is why we expect you to happily dish out the $220 this hammock costs. We were amazed at how Hennessy managed to fuse robustness and durability into a hammock made of such lightweight materials.


Striking asymmetric design

Lots of accessories


The tarps could have been bigger

The bug net cannot be detached

Are expensive hammocks worth it?

We would rather say this question has a very personal answer. It all depends on what experience you are looking for, hammock use, what features you are unwilling to let go of, what time frame you expect your hammock to last, and your body anatomy.

For example, if you are really tall, say you are up to 6′, you would be more suited to longer hammocks. Befitting hammocks north of 11′ for such individuals wouldn’t always come cheap.  

The material designs of premium hammocks are also worth paying for. The bulk of high-end hammocks are made with heavy-duty fabric with high denier ratings. Commonly top-grade nylon, you would be sure you are paying a steep price for something that would last many years. 

The bulk of hammocks on the low end don’t have quality knots. In a budget range of $30, I have seen some ridiculously designed hammocks with low-grade nylon cord knotted at their ends.

Many low-end hammocks come with aluminum carabiners. This cannot withstand rough usage like the stainless steel equivalents you see in pricey hammocks. 

High-end brands like Hennessy or ENO prioritize their carabiners, making them robust yet lightweight, often enhanced with top-class springs.

Also, it may be worth paying a premium for a hammock if you want a sizable wealth of accessories. If you want a solid hammock that comes with a bug net, rain tarp, and hammock tents, you shouldn’t expect to get it cheap.