How Much Do Crib Sheets Cost? (6 Brands Included)

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When I say “crib sheets” here, I’m not talking about finding the answers to your next math test hidden in the teacher’s test draw. Indeed, there are absolutely no cheat sheets when it comes to proper care and bedding for your infant child. 

Nothing is more important than a comfortable bed for your baby. Cots and cribs are essential for a good night’s sleep for both you and your child – so understanding exactly how much good crib sheets cost is essential for any good parent to know. 

Thankfully, I’ve got an article here for you. I will be breaking down a huge range of different, popular crib sheets in terms of their price, while also considering what you should be looking for in good crib sheets.

This article will also break down how often you will need to change your baby’s crib sheets, which is another important aspect to take into consideration when looking at your crib sheet price. A more expensive sheet is going to be even more expensive the more often you must replace it!

How much do crib sheets cost?

In short, you will probably be looking at a minimum of ten dollars for a simple crib sheet, up to around 60 dollars for the most premium options. 

This obviously depends on the type of crib sheet you want (its various functions) and how premium a product you want to or can afford to buy. Generally, multifunction sheets (like mattress pads or swaddle wraps) will cost you a fair bit more than the more basic types of crib blanket. 

Here the best crib sheets brand you can get for a good price:

BabiesRUs Moses Basket/Pram 4 Piece Bedding Set

A good, multi-purpose option for first-time baby bedding purchasers, this offering from ToysRUs’s baby section contains two fitted jersey sheets and two quilts you can use in your pram as well! 

Available for 26 dollars, this is a great solution for your child’s bedding issues. For this price, you get two different swaddling blankets alongside the two sheets. Made from jersey cotton, you can be sure that your babies will be comfortable in this entry-level offering from BabiesRUs.

Summer Infant Ultimate Organic Crib Sheet

In 1985, the baby bouncer seat was invented by the founder of the Summer Infant range. Today, the company has amassed a veritable empire of childcare products ranging from seats to crib sheets.

The summer infant ultimate organic crib sheet will set you back around $60. While expensive, Summer Infant products are extremely high quality, with this sheet being a 100% cotton product.

It is fitted for most 8 by 52 crib mattresses, with a solid pink color and the use of elastic for a snug grip. The material is machine washable and is durable over multiple washes and keeps its soft and breathable nature. 

Aden + Anais Muslin Square – 100% Muslin Cotton 5 Pack

For 35 dollars, you can get a five pack of Aden + Anais Muslin squares for your infant. The great thing about these squares is the multipurpose capabilities they have. A lot of baby bedding products either go for swaddling comfort capabilities or absorbent qualities.

Aden + Anais Muslin Squares go for both. These are also multifaceted regarding shape and placement, working as a soft alternative to a full crib sheet. You can arrange your five muslin squares however you want, fitting it in to cover the bottom of a crib – while also having use as a swaddling cloth or play mat. 

There are multiple available print designs (including some fun Disney images), all made from a machine washable and dryable fabric. The square is 60cm by 60cm, which can be adapted as a sheet, makeshift bib, blanket, and a burp cloth. The only thing sacrificed here is the fitted sheet element – which is made up by the other elements.

BabyPrem Fitted Cotton Moses Basket Sheets (2 Pack)

For just over 10 dollars, you can get two of BabyPrem’s fitted cotton Moses basket sheets. These are extra padded and absorbent, having the added benefit of fitting most larger carrycots and some baby chairs. 

With over 3000 positive customer testimonials, these 100% cotton, machine washable padded sheets are 76 cm by 30 cm, which means they will fit most modern cots and cradle baskets. 

Despite the low price point, these are super durable and absorbent, working well for cots of all different shapes and sizes. 

HALO BassiNest and Fitted Sheets (100% organic cotton)

On the more expensive side of things, company HALO has its own bassinet crib solution called the BassiNest, which comes with accompanying fitted sheets that nicely cushion this product. 

The founders’ baby fell victim to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – a trauma that drove the company to provide the safest bassinet alternatives out there. Alongside that, HALO’s BassiNest product routes its profits towards fundraising for SIDS charities. 

These BassiNests are allegedly also utilized in hospitals nationwide, so as a way of dealing with bedding issues for your baby, it may be the safest option out there. 

Now, when I say more expensive – I mean much more expensive. These start at 169.99 dollars and go up in price to the upper 300s. The crib sheets themselves are not quite as gut-wrenchingly expensive, starting at around $18.99. 

It is certainly an interesting alternative to a full bassinet crib that can be more affordable than larger cribs, cradles, or cots – along with helping charity and being within medical standards!

Bear’s Little Fish 3 Pack of Moses Hypoallergenic Cotton Sheets

This is another mid-level entry on this list, but an exceptionally good value offering. Made from 100% Jersey cotton, which is also naturally unbleached and machine washable. The company understands that you need these sheets to be hypoallergenic due to sensitive baby skin – and they certainly provide.

Clocking in at just over $26, these three packs will fit all standard bassinet or crib rectangle, oval, or hourglass mattresses. This also applies to the aforementioned HALO mattresses featured earlier in this list. The three-pack also works absolutely great in terms of needing to change your kid’s bedding – the three sheets should perfectly cover you!

How often should you change a baby’s crib sheet?

As gorgeous and wonderful as your baby might be – there is no denying that they can be gross. I know it, you know it, we all know it. It is not a problem, but only if you remember to properly change its sheets. 

Crib sheets are the most common points of dirt or grime collecting for your baby, unsurprisingly. Unfortunately, there are always more trips to the laundry room to be undertaken when you have a baby. Do not worry – your love for that little tyke will always be larger than the laundry bill. 

According to leading research, our beds are a breeding ground for germs. So, to make sure your baby is not under attack by all the latest germs and bacteria, changing those sheets at least three times a week is entirely necessary. 

How many crib sheets should you get?

Because of this constant need to change bed sheets, it is worth having at least as many as you will need in a week. That is to say: at least three

Thankfully, a lot of the options on this list come in multipacks. If you are getting individual sheets, such as the Summer Island offering in this article, the price will steadily get higher and higher as you rack up the price of each of the extra sheets.

However, if you go for one of the better value multipack options that still cater to hypoallergenic and absorbency concerns, you should be well suited with your purchase.

What are the best types of crib sheets?

Generally, you want to be looking for 100% cotton sheets that use jersey cotton. This type of cotton is particularly absorbent, soft, and absorbent, and is generally considered the industry standard. 

It is also recommended to look for sheets that are fitted. There can be lots of issues with leaving a baby with sheets that are not fitted. It is generally advised to look for fitted sheets because babies have been known to get wrapped and restrained in sheets that are too loose and thick. 

So, when you look in your 10-to-60-dollar price range for the different crib sheets out there, you need to look out for a few things. Firstly, jersey cotton sheets that have a high cotton purity are great. You will also be aiming for a nice set of fitted sheets that will ensure your baby’s safety. 

Looking out for hypoallergenic functions is a great idea too. Neutral colors are desirable (so you can see any visible signs of soiling) and are generally more relaxing for young kids. Finally, look for those sweet, sweet multipack deals. Anything that can save you a bit of cash is desirable, especially in the expensive world of baby care.