How Much Are Porch Swings? {6 Brands Included}

porch swings are worth the money

Porch swings mean one thing: a really good time at home! Yes, few pleasures come close to that relaxing feeling of a cozy evening spent on your porch rocking chair. But then, do porch swings come at a premium? Specifically, how much are porch swings?

Getting a porch swing can cost you anywhere from $90 to $2500. The variation in the cost of porch swings is influenced by the type of material, the swing design, its means of attachment, and if you would be paying for installation. Also, the consequent maintenance of your porch swing should be factored into the cost. 

Before we dive into the cost of some of the best porch swing brands – in varying categories – in the market, let us look into the principal factors determining the cost of porch swings. 

What material is the swing made from?

Yes, the cost of a porch swing is typically commanded by the type and quality of the material deployed in its design. Fabric, wood, and wicker count are among the most frequently used materials in designing porch swings. And yes, they don’t all cost the same.

Wicker porch swings 

Compared to wooden porch swings, wicker porch swings are cheaper but more expensive than fabric swings. You can get these guys for $200-$250. They are typically accompanied by installation hardware from the manufacturers. 

But for their attractive affordability, wicker porch swings are not the most resilient to weather elements. This is not the type of porch swing to leave exposed for long periods outside. Yes, they are not as rugged as wooden porch swings.

Fabric porch swings

The generality of fabric porch swings is made from a unique material called macramé. This is a combo of knotted and braided fabric. 

They are stylish and arguably the cheapest porch swings in the market today. You can get them for around $75-$130, although some come north of $200.

Similar to wicker porch swings, they are not tolerant to extreme weather elements. If you reside in a wet-weather region, you have to remember that these types of porch swings get damp almost too easily.

Like we said for wicker swings, fabric swings are best brought inside and stored when the weather starts getting cool and wet.

Wooden porch swings

Wooden porch swings come top of the class when it comes to longevity. They are sturdy and durable. They don’t mind you abandoning them to weather the elements all through the year. They are sufficiently treated for the exertion. 

Porch swings made from redwood, pine, cedar, ash, and cypress are the best. Pine is the cheapest in this category. But its downside is its relatively enhanced propensity to warping.

How is the swing made?

Porch swings are commonly mass-produced or handmade. Certainly, a mass-produced porch swing produced in large quantities in a more automated mechanical process costs less than a painstakingly designed handmade porch swing.

On the other hand, mass-produced porch swings don’t have the neat details and personalization of handmade porch swings. They don’t last as long as handmade porch swings, either.

Where are you buying your porch swing from?

The outlet you get your porch swing also matters. If you are getting it from eCommerce platforms, you should expect to pay for shipping and other extraneous duties. 

Specialized stores particular on specific brand names, would charge you more. However, a generic local home improvement store may sell their porch swings for less. 

And then, if you are handy, you could choose to take the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. Assembling the supplies for a premium porch swing could cost you less than $200, factoring in the type of wood you choose. 

What does the installation cost?

Elaborate high-end porch swings may need professional installation. And this would cost more than the standard installation of smaller swings. 

The installation cost basically depends on the wood type of the porch and the consequent level of sophisticated need. A regular installer could charge you anywhere from $50-$250 for a rope swing. 

A prefabricated wood swing may go from about $800-$850. Installers would charge between $300-$600 for a plastic swing.

What will it cost you to maintain your porch swing?

The cost of a porch swing doesn’t necessarily end up at what you spent getting it from the store. Along with the installation cost, money to be spent on maintenance should be included to get a longer-term perspective of what you would totally spend on that porch swing.

For wooden swings, you would be spending on maintenance procedures like painting. This can be done twice in a decade. Wicker and fabric porch swings don’t need as much maintenance as they don’t last that long.

Best porch swings for every budget

This section will identify some of the best performing porch swings that you can get for cheap, the best porch swings that go for moderate cost, and the best premium ones you can go for if you have a refined taste for luxury.

Best low-end porch swings

Jack Post High Back Wood Porch Swing 

This is one of the best hammocks you can get in the “really-affordable” category. Coming at a lowly cost of $130, this porch swing is pleasing to the eyes and built with extensive emphasis on giving you a premium swing experience. 

The standout attraction of the Jack Post High porch swing is the countryside essence it would add to your space, thanks to its rich wood stain. It blends in readily into your backyard or front porch. 

For the material, you get a combination of hardwood and steel. It has a weight capacity of 500lbs with dimensions of 27 x 52 x 24.8 inches.

Effectively, this porch swing can comfortably hold you and a partner. This porch swing is supplied with hanging hardware like chains. 

On the downside, this porch swing is not waterproof. While it would excel during summer, you may need to take it to a shed when the cold months set in. Also, you would need a stand to use it.

Tambora Outdoor Acacia Wood Porch Swing

If you wish to spend low on a quality porch swing well adapted to tropical climes, this is the guy to go for. 

Sleek and a touch of exoticness is what you get from the sturdy acacia wood frame of this porch swing. The backrest is vertically slatted, ensuring a luxurious feel anytime you land on it. 

Furthermore, this porch swing is decked with open slat paneling, meaning more breathability to manage your body temperature on sunny days. Thanks to the acacia wood makeup, this porch swing boasts reasonable resilience to weather elements. 

For all these pleasures, this porch swing goes for around $190. Trust me; this is not a bargain.

Best porch swings in the medium cost category

In this category, we will examine some of the best porch swings in the market that are neither cheap nor expensive. 

Easy Care Resin Wicker Swing

Well, if you have got a few more bucks to spare, consider going for this porch swing from PlowHearth. Coming at dimensions of 54 “W x 27½ “D x 22½ “H, this is a porch swing that can fit a small backyard party.

It is made from hand-woven wicker. For durability, this porch swing boasts a robust powder-coated steel frame plated with all-weather resin. This means less damage from outdoor exposure.

That said, the manufacturer advises that you stow in the shed when the off-season comes. Depending on the outlet you get this porch swing from, you could spend around $230 to $300.

Swanley Porch Swing with Chain

This is another worthy mention in the medium-cost porch swing category. The Swanley porch swing struts a more traditional feel, being made from ash hardwood. 

Thanks to such hardwood, this porch gives you impressive waterproof capacities. This means less work having to shed your porch swing when the cold months set in.

There is a broad spectrum of shades to pick from if you are keen on this swing artistically blending with your porch. Precisely, the Swanley porch swing comes in 26 distinct stains.   

With dimensions of 25 x 48 x 26 inches and a weight capacity of 350lbs, this porch swing can handle a few adults without complaining. For all this and a rust-resistant set of chains accompanying it, this porch swing goes for a fair cost of $380.

Best high-end porch swings

Alright, so we have come to the category for the big ballers who can’t tolerate economizing on their comfort. And if you have got the money, here are some of the best premium porch swings.

Sunnydaze 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Swing

When you hear the word “deluxe” in this porch swing, you should be expecting a porch swing ostentatiously rich with quality. 

This is a 3-seater porch swing that comes with its unique canopy set. Depending on the direction the sun proceeds from, the canopy can be tilted forward or backward.

How big? This porch swing presents a 90 x 44 x 74 inches dimension with a pretty 600lbs in weight capacity. True to its name, three adults and some kids can comfortably swing on it. 

And yes, have you got some edibles for the occasion? Bring it all aboard as each side of this Sunnydaze swing is outfitted with indents and a fold-out side table. This means your drinks are not spilling recklessly over you as you swing.

What is more, this porch swing is decked with back cushions and a brown striped seat. Its solid steel frame assures you of a sturdy porch swing that can sustainably withstand rough usage and loyally take you through the seasons, rainy or cold.

And for the cost, this porch swing will need you to cough out $655.

Sunday Daybed Swing with Cushion

Alright, here is one of the most luxurious porch swings you will ever come across. This is the ideal porch swing for some enjoyable family time spent with class.

It is fitted with a classic slat-rail bed that is bigger than what you get from conventional porch swings.

For comfort, this classic slat-rail swing bed is made with 100% FSC-certified eucalyptus, effortfully handcrafted! This slat-rail bed is further embellished with a plush twin-sized cushion for an enhanced relaxing feel. 

What of the finish? This Sunday Day bed boasts a fine grey wash finish with the seat covered in cream coloring. 

You were not expecting all this luxury to come for cheap, were you? This porch swing costs a hefty $2,200.